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$10,000 prizes are up for grabs if you enter in time

June 24, 2022 Posted by NC Lottery at 10:51 AM

We’ve got five chances for you to take home $10,000 this month! To win one of these prizes and more, be sure to enter into these drawings.

Sunday is your deadline to enter into this Wednesday drawing:

  • Pocket Payout. Celebrate summer with some cash! One “lucke” winner will take home $500 in our Pocket Payout drawing.

Thursday is your deadline to enter into this July 6 drawing:

  • Summer Splash. Having a pool party? Enter this monthly drawing to be one of five to win $10,000!

Good luck! Stay cool out there.


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6/29/2022 07:56 - Donna S.

Over 2 million people have accounts with the North Carolina lucke rewards games and the second chance games alone are in North Carolina? Wow....NC Lottery
Hi there, Donna! We have around 400,000 active Lucke-Rewards members, but we can receive millions of entries in our drawings as players will enter multiple times :D

6/29/2022 04:38 - Lemuel G.

Thy will, be Done!

6/28/2022 02:14 - Maria N M.

I redeemed some points all the time Hopefully ?? I win this time. I’ve never won anything with my points although I’ve played every game. Come guys pick me!!!!

6/28/2022 04:48 - Sharon M.

Id love to have ca pool party. I just need a pool!

6/28/2022 02:30 - Daniel K.

Jesus loves us all. I hope he favors me to win sometime. lol

6/28/2022 12:25 - Helen P.

Just wondering how many entries do these winners have that are winning. I’ve never won and had as many as 1300 or more entries. Just waiting my turn.Good luck everyone!!!

6/27/2022 11:34 - james p.

i wish i could be the winner. in jacksonville n.c.

6/27/2022 11:28 - Marshall w.

It’s my time to win!

6/27/2022 11:23 - Latonya B.

I'm praying to win anything my family needs

6/27/2022 10:32 - Sarah C.

10,000 reasons for a good birthday coming up.i never really nice.i could go see my mom

6/27/2022 10:31 - Connie T.

Oh Happy Day

6/27/2022 08:03 - Tracy G.

Thank you for the BIG WIN!!!! $$$$$$$$$

6/27/2022 07:44 - Wendy B.

“Lucke” me!!

6/27/2022 06:13 - Teresa Q.

How many entries do you currently have for the Summer Splash drawing? How many active members are registered in Lucke-Rewards ?NC Lottery
Hi, Teresa! We've received 6,464,067 entries in our Summer Splash drawing as of our most recent report. And we currently have over 400,000 active Lucke-Rewards members!

6/27/2022 06:00 - steve B.

Would be nice!!!

6/27/2022 05:38 - Brendan F.

It would help my 10 year anniversary even better!

6/27/2022 05:00 - Pamela N.

Hope and pray I win something Bigggg

6/27/2022 03:55 - George R.

I would love the money!

6/27/2022 03:47 - Constance M.

Bring home the ????!

6/27/2022 03:13 - Sharon H.

Splash me 10,000 times

6/27/2022 03:04 - Charlene H.

Love to win

6/27/2022 03:01 - David M.

Using the words of a great coach "DON'T GIVE UP, DON'T EVER GIVE UP"

6/27/2022 03:00 - Sharon H.

Simon says splash 10,000 times Marco Polo

6/27/2022 02:05 - Lila M.

Time to win!

6/27/2022 12:47 - ALESIA G.

I'm definitely in it to WIN it!!!

6/27/2022 12:06 - Robin P.

Yes!!!! I could use some of this money, and also donate to a good cause.

6/27/2022 10:12 - Brandy E.


6/27/2022 09:05 - Dana F.

Big bag big bank

6/27/2022 07:53 - Teresa Q.

How many entries are already in for the Summer Splash drawing ? Also how many active members are there in Lucke Rewards ?NC Lottery
Hi Teresa, our last report including entries through 6/26 showed 6,464,067 entries in the Summer Splash drawing. We can't share exactly how many active users there are, but over 2 million people have accounts with us!

6/27/2022 07:30 - Jamie E.

Good luck to everyone

6/27/2022 04:04 - Gerald B.

Just can't wait yeah

6/27/2022 02:32 - Vonda K.

Just Patiently Waiting For My Blessings!Rain Down On Let It Fall On Me! But To Whom Ever Win Congratulations!

6/27/2022 12:33 - Hazel H.

It would definitely be nice to win something. I never win at these things

6/26/2022 11:48 - Tamekia L.

It’s worth a shot

6/26/2022 10:49 - Denise H.

I would love to win. Bills are Due

6/26/2022 10:30 - linda p.

I'm not greedy if I get one 10000 I would be thankful and most definitely give God first and share with those in need, like the homeless, abuse seniors and children a lways. I always keep the faith and believe I will be bless enough to be able to share with the guidance of God. Let us all stay safe and Bless

6/26/2022 09:17 - Anita B.

Well I would love to win but after reading some of these comments I am praying for those of you that are homeless and need a place to call home you just don't know what someone else is going through I am beyond blessed

6/26/2022 05:28 - linda p.

When it's your turn to win it shall be given to you and not before but remember we are all winners. God Bless Us All

6/26/2022 04:36 - Cheryl G.

It would be heaven sent!

6/26/2022 04:06 - Sandra g.

Looking for a win??

6/26/2022 02:28 - MARY M.

What I could do with a big win, the answers are endless Go Lottery! Armylady79

6/26/2022 12:40 - Amy S.

I would get a forever home.

6/26/2022 12:07 - Daniel C.


6/26/2022 10:48 - Carol P.

I believe it will happen to me.

6/26/2022 10:12 - steven j.

need it to pay bills

6/26/2022 09:55 - Johnsie G.

My time to win BIG.

6/26/2022 09:32 - Dwight L.

Show me the money

6/26/2022 09:19 - Louis A.

That would be nice!

6/26/2022 06:20 - Vernard S.

Give me the MONEY ?? SLIM DADDY

6/26/2022 06:19 - Vernard S.

I got to get this ??

6/26/2022 12:31 - yolanda a.

I wish I win....

6/26/2022 12:04 - Denise C.

omg i would love to win my husband and i are in the process of buying our own home it sho would help

6/25/2022 11:47 - Sharon M.

I'm praying I will win. Great opportunity to come out of homelessness. A fresh start and a new beginning. A place to call home.

6/25/2022 11:05 - Tanya H.

My name is going to be drawn all five times.

6/25/2022 11:04 - Geraldine R.

What a dream

6/25/2022 08:36 - Jamie E.

I would love to win so I could take my grandkids to the beach.

6/25/2022 07:21 - Beverly C.

Would be a blessing to win

6/25/2022 02:06 - Ernest B.

Love to win one of these

6/25/2022 07:44 - Roy M.

Damn that a pay for me a place to stay

6/25/2022 06:13 - Sandra T.

I would love to be one of the winners. Need a vacation with my hubby!

6/25/2022 05:48 - shyrone s.

Why don't I ever win

6/25/2022 01:21 - Erica G.

This would be amazing to win

6/25/2022 12:52 - andrew c.

It really would be a blessing to Winners I could help my dad

6/24/2022 11:14 - Carissa W.

Need all the luck I can get!!!

6/24/2022 11:05 - Chrystal Y.

Thank you it would be a blessing to me and my family if i win.

6/24/2022 08:40 - gwen H.

Good luck everyone!

6/24/2022 07:43 - Cecil S.

I want to win.

6/24/2022 07:37 - Amelia D.

Thank you, I look forward to being the 1st Billionaire in mi Familia ??!

6/24/2022 07:22 - Marilyn S.

Hope I am a winner ?? ??

6/24/2022 07:01 - William D.

no problem with me gambling, just enjoy it. Do not spend more than i can afford. Been a gambler all my life and never had a problem with it. Worked hard all my life to have what i have and now i spend it as i enjoy what ever it is i do. But i will not do something and not get what i expect. Good luck to everyone, I'm headed to a casino somewhere. Atlantic City is knocking on my door.

6/24/2022 06:26 - Mary S.

Never win so I'm going to stop entering.

6/24/2022 06:12 - Jamie E.

Congrats to all. Hope I get a win

6/24/2022 05:34 - Donette M.

I would love to be a winner!

6/24/2022 04:11 - Gloria C.

Thanks for this great informations. I would love to be one of the winners.

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