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Celebrating how our lottery helps our state

July 17, 2022 Posted by NC Lottery at 8:00 AM

As you play your favorite lottery games this week, join us in a celebration of National Lottery Week.

Lottery Week begins today for lotteries across the United States and Canada and celebrates the contributions they make to the communities they serve. Since the lottery began in North Carolina, it has raised more than $9 billion.
Lotteries in the U.S. exist to ensure games of chance are operated fairly and responsibly and to raise money for good causes. 
Here in North Carolina, the lottery raises about $2.5 million a day. Those dollars might pay for a four-year-old to go to an academic preschool, or build a new school, or even help pay for someone to go to college. 
A look at the numbers show how popular lotteries are in North America.
In fiscal year 2021, lotteries in North America generated sales of over $105.2 billion, resulting in more than $28.1 billion for their beneficiaries. In North Carolina, lottery sales that same year totaled $3.8 billion, resulting in $936 million for education programs in the state.
Lotteries also team up with responsible gambling groups to educate their retailers and consumers to encourage safe, responsible play.  Your lottery holds the highest certification in the world for responsible gaming and our Play Smart program is here to help you keep your play fun. Along with Play Smart, we also provide $1 million a year to the N.C. Problem Gambling Program that helps anyone with a gambling problem.
The best parts about a lottery are the games and the prizes.
This month, Powerball players can join a promotion where eight North Carolinians will win trips to Times Square on New Year’s Eve. One lucky trip winner will be entered into a drawing to win $1 million and become the first Powerball Millionaire of the Year. Last week, a 67-year-old retired certified nursing assistant from Montgomery County became the first $2 million winner in the lottery’s Bigger $pin Live Event.
Prizes like those added up to $2.46 billion last year, or on average $6.7 million a day.
Now that’s something to celebrate.

Good luck during National Lottery Week!



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7/24/2022 10:05 - Robert F.

As a retired Fire Fighter, 24 years, I got to see a lot of things that many people never saw or will ever see. We always helped people! I still believe in HELPING others and will continue to HELP others. Win the LOTTO or not, we will HELP Others!

7/21/2022 04:46 - Christopher W.

I Thank you NC educational lottery. I play everyday. I want to win for my daughter future in school and everyday life. I am a single father of a 6 year old daughter.

7/20/2022 09:40 - Gregory W.

Keep up the good work. I play online.

7/19/2022 01:59 - Delcy A.

I love lottery ??

7/19/2022 11:08 - Sherry J.

It helps to know that when I play that I am in some way helping the education community. That makes it feel not so bad when I don't win.

7/18/2022 06:21 - Clarence W.

I enjoy reading how our state lottery supports our schools investing in a future for children to change our world for the better. I am a senior now and if I ever win I have decided to give 75% of my winnings to charity to help others for it is hard for many in these days and times.

7/18/2022 02:44 - Debra B.

Playing lottery make my week better.NC Lottery
We love to hear that, Debra! Thanks for being a part of the NC Lottery community!

7/18/2022 11:32 - Robert F.

Once again we get to talk. My lovely wife of 40 years and I enjoy the NC Education Lottery games and programs. Please keep up the great work and keep helping all who have needs and enjoy playing your games!

7/18/2022 12:25 - Teresa G.

It's good to know that my play time contributes to an awesome cause. I look forward to the brochures to see exactly where my donations are applied. I. Celebrate lottery week everyweek.NC Lottery
We love to hear that, Teresa! You can see how lottery funding has impacted education in NC, including a county-specific breakdown of funding, on our website here:

7/17/2022 07:01 - Connie Z.

How does the NC lottery pay for a four-year-old to go to an academic preschool?NC Lottery
Hi, Connie! The N.C. Pre-K program serves four-year-old children who are at risk of falling behind their peers as they prepare for kindergarten. Thanks to lottery funds, 12,299 children across the state received a free, academic pre-school experience last year.

7/17/2022 04:04 - YNETTE S.

Education is key and North Carolina can use this money.

7/17/2022 02:06 - Sharan G.

Could we DIRECTLY give a stipend to all elementary and middle school teachers for supplies?NC Lottery
Hey there, Sharan! Legislators, not lottery officials, decide how to best use the money raised by the lottery. They must weigh all the needs for our schools, from classroom supplies to teacher pay. So far legislators have not opted to use lottery funds for classroom supplies, but the money raised helps meet other important needs!

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