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Join the Winners Club this First Tuesday

August 2, 2022 Posted by NC Lottery at 8:27 AM

Do you like to win?

First Tuesday comes with a set of scratch-offs that feature some huge cash prizes for your chance to join the Winners Club.

Have you heard yet about the Mega Bucks Limited Edition game? This is an enhancement of the regular Mega Bucks ticket. The new features include a higher multiplier, bigger top prize, and a Mega $50 bonus spot which gives you the chance to win $50 instantly.

Mega Bucks Limited Edition also offers over $11 million in prizes between $50 and $500 and, for the month of August only, you can earn 5X Lucke-Rewards points on your Mega Bucks Limited Edition scratch-offs.

Check out what else is fresh and new with this month’s games. You get:

  • Tic Tac Multiplier: Includes a chance to win up to 10 times the prize.
  • Cashword Multiplier: Offers a chance to win up to 20 times the prize.
  • Platinum: Features $75 million in prizes and the fun of two bonus boxes with a chance to win $100 or $200 instantly.

We’ve got the odds and prize info for you here:




 Top prize

# of top prizes

Overall odds





1 in 3.23


Mega Bucks Limited Edition



1 in 4.48


Cashword Multiplier



1 in 3.91


Tic Tac Multiplier



1 in 4.81


Watch this cool video to learn more about these four new games:

Join the Club with these August scratch-offs. Good luck to all of our players!


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8/04/2022 08:11 - Joseph R.

a dollar and a dream the payoff on the scrath offs are terrible for the amount of monies taken in better off going to the casino

8/04/2022 01:32 - Gregory W.

I'm been playing Lot was playing the 25 and 30 dollar games but the odds got low and stop hitting good so I'm now playing the 5 and 10 dollars ones but Lossing more than I'm winning

8/03/2022 11:58 - Jeanette B.

NCEL I would like to know why can't more people at least around 10, or 15 win one or two million of the lottery when it gets up to 500 millions or 1, Billions. Why give that much to one person, when you have so many players. Or why not let one or two people from each state. Who ever in charge needs to rewrite the policy. Cause it's sucks thank you

8/03/2022 08:42 - Sarah C.

I'm with all of y'all i have entered and play online all the time never nothing.i hit more at the casinos.better chances.good luck to throwing in the towel

8/03/2022 06:52 - Trena N.

I agree with Tim and William. I am spending big money trying to win may get 200 or three hundred here and there only getting back what I have put in. Bring poker machines back won big on those

8/03/2022 06:31 - cary f.

don't you think the odds need to be changed with all the people coming into the US?

8/03/2022 01:48 - William A.

I'm with Tim. I was spending $400-$500 a month but the $20-$30 dollar prizes have gone down and the odds to. Been going to the casino instead. Thanks, NC Lottery I have won a lot more.

8/03/2022 01:43 - Sherry S.

I would love to win big.. been playing lucky rewards and second chance drawing and no luck

8/02/2022 07:37 - Sonya V.


8/02/2022 03:54 - Carol C.

I need to win big to pay off all my debts.

8/02/2022 11:15 - Denver G.

SOOOO glad there is not a 2nd chance ticket in this bunch!! There is already too many. We are all still waiting for the last shoe to drop and have the final 2nd chance drawings for the Bigger Spin and the Colossal Cash.

8/02/2022 09:17 - kenneth v.

playing is alot of fun Still waiting for a big win New games look great!

8/02/2022 09:02 - Timothy C.

Top prizes getting lower and odds getting lower. ??

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