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Your play raised $929.8 million for education last year

August 22, 2022 Posted by NC Lottery at 4:43 PM

As you tried your luck on scratch-offs and draw games in fiscal year 2022, you won the most prizes ever, helping to raise $929.8 million for education programs.

That averages out to about $2.5 million a day for education.

How much in prizes? $2.54 billion. That included 76 prizes of $1 million or more and 228 prizes between $100,000 and $1 million. The largest prizes won were two $5 million wins with the 200X The Cash scratch-off game.

Scratch-off tickets remained the most popular type of lottery game, followed in ranking by Carolina Pick 3, Carolina Pick 4, and Powerball.

All the prizes and earnings for education result from record lottery ticket sales of $3.88 billion for the year.

It’s great to see so many people having fun and winning prizes while raising money for education programs in North Carolina. These monies represent an important investment in education and will create a brighter future for students from pre-k to college.

The additional dollars support education programs in all 100 counties of the state, as determined by legislators in the state budget.

The money last year helped:

  • Build and repair schools.
  • Make college more affordable through scholarships and grants based on financial need.
  • Support school systems with the costs of school staff and transportation.
  • Provide a free, academic preschool to at-risk four-year-olds in the NC Pre-K program.

You can see how the money raised by the lottery benefits your county on our Education page.


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11/28/2022 01:12 - Tammy M.

I'm grateful I can contribute in any way. Life is very hard right now. It is in such a mess. Our children need the school's to be the most upstanding place a child can visit. They need to know they are loved and safe.

11/10/2022 03:01 - Mary R.

I’m glad I could help.

9/09/2022 11:19 - NC Lottery

@Jeanette - Thanks so much for your comment! You will be happy to know that 100% of our earnings benefit education. There are independently audited annual reports on our website that detail where every penny in lottery ticket sales have been used. You can even see a county-specific breakdown of how lottery dollars have been directed to specific education programs in every county in the state here: nclottery.com/education

9/09/2022 10:48 - Jeanette B.

That's so great that our state have that much money. Just wanted to say not all the money is going to education so why not make sure there no homeless people in our state. Or just send out stimulus checks not only for college students and children. Their lot's of people in out state who needs help. Why not help the poor and the older ones. I think who's in charge of the money needs to change their policy and help others than just for college students. And some of them aren't getting any of the money. It's so sad to to call it NC Education lottery when it can be used to help the needed also. You say the money is used to help schools then why some gets money and some children doesn't. Maybe we don't have the correct people in charge of lottery. Good day

9/01/2022 10:14 - Teresa L.

Always stay humble !

9/01/2022 10:06 - Teresa L.

Please help me to be there my dream to help those people who really wants to change and start all over again! Thank you all ..

8/28/2022 01:02 - Jeffrey D.

If the North Carolina lottery raise all this money for the schools why are the school so under coded no books computers understand underpaid they lying

8/26/2022 12:57 - Sharon S.

For people who would take the Annuity payments, if they passed at anytime before full payments were completed, can the winner make family the beneficiary of the remaining winnings?NC Lottery
Great question, Sharon! Yes - if a winner passes away with annuity payments remaining, the remaining payments will be paid to the winner's estate.

8/23/2022 12:30 - Laurence T.

What is the PERCENT used to calculate the gross payout for the lump sum payment of the total lottery prize?NC Lottery
Hey there, Laurence! The difference between annuity and lump sum payments is 40% - this difference accounts for what would be earned on interest over the course of 20 years and used to pay out the prize to the winner.

8/23/2022 08:38 - Jacmelly B.

What spot number was lucky win at Tavern 14 in Wilmington ?NC Lottery
Hey there, Jacmelly! The winner matched 5/5 spots with a 4X multiplier and played $3 per drawing (so the base win for 5/5 would be $420, then multiplier by 12 with the multiplier and $3 per draw!).

8/23/2022 06:08 - Tim F.

Cause they shutdown the skills machines

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