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Durham man needed quarters for laundry, won quarter of a million

August 23, 2022 Posted by NC Lottery at 9:52 AM

Juan Garcia of Durham needed quarters to do laundry, so he stopped at a convenience store, added a $5 scratch-off, and won a $250,000 prize.

“I was in disbelief,” Garcia said. “I kept seeing zeros.”

Garcia, a 22-year-old HVAC installer, said he has a six-month-old baby girl at home and he wants to put his winnings toward a house for his family.

“This is definitely a huge step toward our one-day dream home,” he said.

Garcia bought his lucky Mega Bucks Limited Edition ticket from the University Market on West Chapel Hill Street in Durham. He arrived at lottery headquarters Monday to collect his prize and, after required state and federal tax withholdings, took home $177,526.

Mega Bucks Limited Edition debuted this month with five $250,000 prizes. Two $250,000 prizes remain to be claimed.


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8/27/2022 08:36 - Natalie R.


8/26/2022 12:53 - Sharon S.

Congratulations to a life changing win! This has gotta mean a lot to you and your family!

8/26/2022 12:21 - carlos s.

Nice good things do happen

8/26/2022 12:26 - Zelletta G.

I'm so happy for you! Congrats!

8/25/2022 04:33 - Berry B.


8/24/2022 11:58 - Greg E.

Seems that he can buy a washer and dryer now

8/24/2022 06:58 - Tanya C.

August 12th a winner of this exact scratch off won in Raleigh. August 19th a New Bern win and now this win in Durham…really???

8/24/2022 02:17 - delores s.


8/24/2022 08:07 - Zelda L.


8/24/2022 07:52 - ALAN C.

I am happy for you Juan. Wish it were me.

8/24/2022 01:32 - Daniel J.

Bring back the lifetime win scratch offs!

8/23/2022 11:16 - Falishia D.

Awesome man & Congratulations to you & your family!

8/23/2022 10:33 - Natalie R.

Yessss congratulations ??

8/23/2022 09:38 - Samantha A.


8/23/2022 08:58 - Mary S.

Durham again!

8/23/2022 07:41 - Jennifer F.

That is pretty cool, congratulations.

8/23/2022 05:08 - Mark Z.


8/23/2022 11:39 - Anita A.

Wow - congratulations!

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