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Yellow Ball drawn for third time this week

August 6, 2022 Posted by NC Lottery at 9:40 AM

The Yellow Ball keeps paying off for Pick 3 players who got two chances to win in Friday evening’s Pick 3 drawing.

Together, the two drawings delivered more than $600,000 in cash prizes.Congratulations to the thousands of winners.

Be sure to check your Pick 3 numbers closely since you have two sets of winning numbers.

Double Draw Results:

  • First chance: 7-5-0. 2,078 tickets won a total of $284,649 in cash prizes.
  • Second chance: The Double Draw: 4-1-6. 2,597 tickets won a total of $361,421 in cash prizes.

Since the Yellow Ball was drawn, the Double Draw machine has been reset. Saturday night’s drawing will have six white balls and one yellow.

The Double Draw is guaranteed to happen at least once a week, but during the first week of the Pick 3 promotion it has occurred three times. Will it happen a fourth time tonight?

Good luck.


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8/08/2022 09:50 - Abraham C.


8/07/2022 07:13 - Glenda H.

Good Luck very excited.

8/07/2022 04:40 - Robert B.

Praying for a bless!!!

8/07/2022 10:20 - Beverly R.

The self serve lottery machine is not working properly at the Walmart Supercenter 1830 Galleria Blvd, Charlotte 28270. Yesterday afternoon, I tried to buy Pick 5 ticket. I wanted to select my own numbers. I spent over 7 minutes pushing the numbers and the numbers would not appear on the line. I finally got the first line to appear but gave up on the second line after pushing buttons and only two numbers appeared. I pushed "Cancel" and after a minute or so was able to get back to the home screen where I was able to select quick pick and got one line with easy play. NC Lottery
Hi Beverly, thanks for letting us know, we'll share this with our service folks and will send someone out there to look at that machine.

8/06/2022 09:58 - Larry H.

Good luck with your winning

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