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Fayetteville woman wants to help out her family after $150,000 win

September 15, 2022 Posted by NC Lottery at 2:49 PM

Celma Marshall of Fayetteville said she couldn’t believe her luck after a $5 scratch-off turned into a $150,000 top prize.

“I really want to help my family out now,” Marshall said.

Marshall bought her Mystery Prize Cashword ticket from 365 Fast Mart on Bunce Road in Fayetteville.

“I’m just so happy I can’t even believe it,” Marshall said. “I’m trying not to cry.”

Marshall collected her prize at lottery headquarters Thursday and, after required state and federal tax withholdings, took home $106,516.

“I never thought I’d win anything like this in my life,” Marshall said.

Mystery Prize Cashword debuted in September 2021 with six $150,000 prizes. Marshall won the last $150,000 prize in the game.


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9/17/2022 04:04 - Jennifer F.

Congratulations, I’ve been playing that one and the most won has been $50.00. Have fun with your windfall.

9/16/2022 07:30 - Courtney G.

I just wanted to ask a question. Is the lottery ever going to disburse scratch offs evenly throughout the state? It seems all the big winners are in the cities and barely ever in small towns. How do the ship them in order to give everyone a fair shot ?NC Lottery
Hi, Courtney! During the secure printing process, winning tickets are distributed at random across the state throughout the entire printing run of each game. Then they're divided up into packs and the inventory is stored securely before being distributed to retailers by the lottery's sales staff. Where a winning ticket might show up is a complete mystery until a lucky player scratches one off!

9/16/2022 04:07 - Cleon B.

Well, you did..

9/16/2022 01:24 - Terrence G.

Congratulations ?? Such a Blessing!

9/16/2022 12:17 - Sabrina D S.


9/16/2022 11:33 - MICHAEL B.


9/16/2022 08:25 - Darlene E.


9/15/2022 10:18 - Charlene W.

congragulations!! i caint even imagine how it feels with a win like that, God Bless You.

9/15/2022 09:41 - Anita A.

I am so happy for you! Congratulations

9/15/2022 09:32 - Michael K.

Was the 2nd chance drawing winner picked yesterday for the Carolina 2nd chance rolling jackpot? And where was the winner from? ThanksNC Lottery
Hey there, Michael! Our winner was notified and we are just waiting to hear back - you can click on the drawing on the draw page to see the winner info, we will update it as soon as we have more info! https://nclottery.com/RewardsDraw?dn=163.

9/15/2022 08:31 - Charles B.

Nice !!!

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