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$478,964 Fast Play ticket sold in Greenville expiring soon

September 19, 2022 Posted by NC Lottery at 9:18 AM

Fast Play players in North Carolina, especially those around Greenville, should double-check any tickets they have to see if they are the winner of an unclaimed $478,964 jackpot.

The $478,964 jackpot won on April 6 with a 50X The Cash ticket was purchased at the Food Lion on Stantonburg Road in Greenville. The ticket expires on Tuesday, Oct. 4.

The odds of winning a Fast Play jackpot are 1 in 320,000.

To claim the jackpot, the ticket must be presented at lottery headquarters in Raleigh by 5 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 4. This deadline ends the 180-day period for winners to claim their prizes.

To help find the winner, the Education Lottery is sharing news about the unclaimed prize with statewide media, posting alerts on the lottery’s website and social media channels, and working with Food Lion to post a sign alerting customers at the store of the unclaimed $478,964 jackpot.


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1/02/2023 11:12 - Edward L G.

did i play online?call frances conley at XXX XXX XXXX Asheville NcNC Lottery
Hi, Edward! If you're a lucky winner of a second chance or Lucke-Rewards drawing, you'll receive an email notifying you of your win. We'll also follow up with a phone call or certified mail if you're approaching the 30-day claim deadline and haven't gotten in touch. For Online Play wins, you'll receive an email notifying you of your win and wins of under $600 will automatically be deposited into your account. For wins of $600 or more, the email will contain instructions on how to claim your prize.

10/04/2022 01:04 - Edward L G.

have a new gmail address call me at --- --- ----NC Lottery
Hi, Edward! You can update your account email address if you click on your username and select "My Account" - from there, you can click on your name and you should see the option to change your email address on file. Thanks!

9/26/2022 08:55 - Rudolph P.

I agree with the person that said why so many numbers on certain tickets. Come out with a $30,$25 or a $20 ticket the size of a $2 ticket.

9/26/2022 08:51 - Rudolph P.

Probably overlooked the winning number. Lottery terminal was about to run out of paperand stopped printing in the middle of the ticket and it was thrown away. Or, when he scanned it, it showed it wasn't a winner which I have seen before. I scanned it a 2nd time and a dollar amount appeared on the screen.

9/23/2022 09:41 - Angela A.

NCEL if you WIN the pick 3 on a exact ticket and the Fireball is played and makes you hit additional money will you then have to go to regional office to collect, because your ticket is now over the $599? Next have the NCEL ever look at second chance entries to see if a person has scanned a winning ticket, but the ticket was never cashed like this ticket getting ready to expire? NCEL knows where a ticket was purchased, what time it was purchased, so really how much effort is put into finding the WINNER.NC Lottery
Hey there, Angela! If your Pick 3 and Fireball winnings on a single ticket are $600 or more, you will need to claim at a regional office or claim by mail. As for the second question, we put in every effort to find missing ticket. However, most of our tickets are not purchased through vending machines that require the player to scan his/her license, and thus we do not have a record of who purchased the ticket.

9/20/2022 09:40 - Harold w.

Thank you very much for such a quick response, The answer was also FANTASTIC!!!

9/20/2022 06:59 - William A.

The tickets in the trash. Why does the lottery put so many numbers on these tickets? I always check my tickets at the checker in the store. I have almost threw away a few winners. It's easy to do when there's so many numbers and your looking up and down. Make it easier on the players the 50x ticket is loaded with numbers. Thanks

9/19/2022 07:03 - Harold w.

Help me and your hundreds of thousand players understand, one of the payouts for the new game, "FireBall" If you are playing guads 8888 and the FireBall is an 8, please show us how much would we receive? Can't do it on my own. ThanksNC Lottery
Hi Harold, in your example, if you played "8-8-8-8" for $1 and then the Lottery-drawn numbers were "8-8-8-8" and the Fireball was "8", you would win the exact draw amount of $5,000 for matching the base numbers, and then you would also win on all four Fireball combos for an addition $1,350 per combo. In total the amount won would be $10,400.

9/19/2022 04:10 - Gloria C.

Thanks for this great informations.

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