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North Carolina newcomer wins $1 million, can now buy instead of rent

September 20, 2022 Posted by NC Lottery at 2:53 PM

Less than a week after relocating to North Carolina, Jeremy Hartzell from Asheville bought a $10 scratch-off and won a $1 million lottery prize.

“I came here to rent but now I’m coming here to buy,” Hartzell said.

Hartzell, 25, bought his lucky Big Cash Payout ticket from Quick Mart on U.S. 25/70 in Marshall. “

I just felt an urge to buy a scratch-off,” Hartzell said.

A father of two, Hartzell said he wants to use the money to help support his children.

“This couldn’t have come at a better time in my life,” he said.

When Hartzell arrived at lottery headquarters Monday to collect his prize, he had a decision to make. He could choose to receive the prize as an annuity of $50,000 over 20 years or a lump sum of $600,000. He chose the lump-sum amount of $600,000 and, after required state and federal tax withholdings, took home $426,063.

The Big Cash Payout game debuted in December with four $1 million prizes. Since Hartzell won the last $1 million prize in the game, the lottery will start the process of ending the Big Cash Payout game.


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9/22/2022 07:48 - Jonathan V.

Hmmm if I were 25yo I think I’d take the annuity payout- the lump sum is ‘instacash’ but those babies will be living off ‘pap for a lot longer than he thinks or wants!?? Congrats nonetheless- make it a special year for those that matter to you and the value quadruples.

9/22/2022 12:38 - Barrington W.

If the 40% difference represents the interest that "would be paid out over 20 years", why does anyone have to pay the 400k if they are not earning this interest? Why don't they get this money up front if they are not waiting 20 years?NC Lottery
Hey there, Barrington! The interest accrued over those 20 years would be used to pay out the prize over time, whereas the 600K would be the lump sum amount up front.

9/21/2022 06:49 - Brent L.

Question for the NCEL. How much taxes would come out each year on a 50k year paid out for 20yrs assuming a winner decided to take the 20 yr payout on 1mil instead of the lump sum of 600,000???NC Lottery
Hey there, Brent! We only withhold the minimum state and federal tax requirements - so that would be 4.99% for the state of NC and 24% for Federal. An individual's tax obligation may be more than this though. But a winner would receive around $35k a year after the required tax withholding.

9/21/2022 06:04 - scott p.

Congrats!! You might can afford to buy in Marshall

9/21/2022 01:18 - Douglas H.

Congratulations Jeremy :-) NCEL: There are 2 fairly new Circle K gas stations with lottery ticket vending machines in their stations that have been out of order 6 mos plus. Managers said they keep reporting it but no repairs. Meanwhile one even has a discontinued lottery tkt for sale. Gum branch Road and Marine BLVD locations. Managers said they gave up calling in work orders. Any thoughts?NC Lottery
Hi, Douglas! Thank you for reaching out, and we apologize for the inconvenience. Please give our Customer Services team a call at 1-877-962-7529 and select Option 2, then Option 5 to report what you experienced. A team member will then investigate the situation.

9/21/2022 12:50 - Mark W.

He'll probably owe more taxes in January because the top tax rate is 37%. They only took out 29%. I suspect he'll only be keeping $378k. 600,000 x 37% = $222,000. 600,000 - $222,000 = $378,000 This is not counting state taxes. lol

9/21/2022 10:17 - raymond g.

Lmao!!! Congratulations!!!! Blessings!!!! Can we help Charles get his money back?!

9/21/2022 08:52 - Sabrina D S.


9/21/2022 05:20 - Jacqueline H.

It's always the random ones that don't deserve it.

9/21/2022 12:11 - john p.

win 1 mil.take home less than half,robbed by gov again.

9/20/2022 11:51 - Bennie P.

New NCEL App. does not scan tickets.

9/20/2022 09:19 - De Lane M.

One question and one comment. To Charles H.who posted that the lottery commission cheated him out of $500 explain that please! I’ve never heard that of the NC Lottery Commission before. My comment is, it’s ridiculous how much NC State tax and Federal tax is taken out for winning prizes! By the time taxes are taken out, you’ve gone from a so called 1 million dollar winner to not really being a millionaire.NC Lottery
Hey there, De Lane! Minimum state taxes are 4.99% and federal are 24%. The winner has a choice between $1 million paid out over 20 years, or a lump sum payment of $600,000. The 40% difference accounts for the interest that would be accrued over those 20 years and used to pay out the prize. Hope this helps to clarify!

9/20/2022 08:01 - CHRYSTAL B.

Super congrats take care of them babies!!

9/20/2022 05:26 - Thomas B.

Monday evening the 3 digit was 484 and the fire ball was 6. Can you tell me how much I would of won if I played the number for 50/50 with the fireball? The first combination was 484. The second was 444 and the third was 484 again. I do not think I would of won on 444. Is this correct? What would of been the total amount won? For the regular win and the fireball.NC Lottery
Hi, Thomas! On Monday evening, the draw number was 484 and the Fireball number was 4 - so you could create the additional combination of 444 (Fireball can also replace the 1st and 3rd digit, but those numbers were already 4). So if you played 444 with an Exact play (which would be recommended for a Trip, since there is only one order of numbers), you would have won $180 for the Exact Fireball win.

9/20/2022 05:15 - lori j.


9/20/2022 05:12 - Charles H.

He gets 1 Mil and I can't get the $500 that Speedway and the NCEL cheated me out of.

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