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Don’t miss these Lucke-Rewards and second-chance deadlines

September 23, 2022 Posted by NC Lottery at 3:26 PM

We love any and all chances to ‘multiply’ our cash – how about you? Check out these Lucke-Rewards and second-chance drawings that are coming at you fast!

Sunday is your deadline to enter into this Wednesday drawing:

  • Fall Cash. You could be one of 10 Lucke-Rewards players to take home a $100 prize in Wednesday’s drawing.

Sept. 30 is your deadline to enter these Oct. 5 drawings:

  • September to Remember. Get your share of $100,000 in prizes! Ten Lucke-Rewards members will win $10,000 in our monthly drawing.
  • 2022 Multiply The Cash. We believe in second chances. How about you? Enter your "Multiply the Cash” tickets (game #: 765, 766, 767, 769, 770, 819, 820, 821, 822, 823, or 826) for a chance to win one $200,000 prize, one of 10 $10,000 prizes, or one of 50 $500 prizes. This is the third of four drawings.

Good luck!


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9/29/2022 11:20 - Denver G.

Thats what I have been saying. There are no top prizes left, X the cash game is ongoing, and you have not reordered. This is how you answered me in another blog. 9/20/2022 11:11 - DENVER G. Morning LZ. Why hasn't the $2 X The Cash (820) been reordered Yet?NC LOTTERY Hi Denver, we did one reorder back in April for 10X The Cash (Game #820). We don't currently have plans to do another reorder before we release the new version of this game in February 2023.NC Lottery
Sorry for any confusion, Denver! You are correct, it was re-ordered earlier this year. The re-order was smaller than the re-orders for 5X, 15X, and 20X however. We will notify our web team to update the page to show re-ordered. Apologies about that!

9/29/2022 07:54 - Denver G.

If ticket #820 was reordered, when you click on it to see remaining prizes. Why does it not say "reordered" like 819 & 822 does ???NC Lottery
Hey there, Denver! Where did you see that game #820 has been reordered? We can double check, but haven't seen that those tickets were re-ordered.

9/27/2022 01:08 - Shika J.

Hey everyone I see a lot of comments on here that I can relate to! Why was 1 off taken off lottery slip? Even if I had 1 off it wouldn't be on slip so I didn't win anyway & also playing front & back pair from $50 to $14 & $25 to $7? Wow! Really? Legally robbing their own residents. I quit but NCEL ain't....

9/27/2022 11:17 - justin p.

How many entries are there for multiple the cash, bigger spin and also the 10,000 monthly? Thanks for your time.NC Lottery
Hi, Justin! We've received around 72,124,541 entries for our 3rd Multiply The Cash second chance drawing, around 1,601,174 entries for our Bigger Spin second chance drawing, and around 5,834,744 for our September to Remember Lucke-Rewards drawing. Good luck!

9/27/2022 07:23 - Teresa Q.

How many entries are already in for the September to Remember drawing ? Thank YouNC Lottery
Hi, Teresa! We've received around 5,834,744 entries for our September to Remember drawing. Good luck!

9/26/2022 09:35 - Marilyn D.

I left a comment over the weekend and it said the comment was queued for moderation. Could you please tell me what that means.NC Lottery
Hi, Marilyn! All comments are reviewed by our social media team before they are published :) We try to review and publish as quickly as possible.

9/26/2022 07:23 - Teresa Q.

How many entries do you have so for for the Carolina Jackpot drawing ? Thank you ??NC Lottery
Hi, Teresa! We've received 1,264,323 entries so far for our 4th Carolina Jackpot second chance drawing. Good luck!

9/25/2022 11:17 - Amanda E.

Hey I love to play and have been a decaded player along with scanning my tickets but I have put so many in and I really haven't won anything and I see alot of winnings but I've been doing this for a couple year and still haven't won but I keep hoping and trying and I do evenjoy playing I just think that there should more chances to win and earn pointsNC Lottery
Hey there, Amanda! We appreciate your comment and we're wishing you the best of luck!

9/25/2022 12:34 - Betty B.

How many times are you permitted to win second chance drawings?NC Lottery
Hi Betty, thanks for being a fan of the Lottery! There is no limit to the number of Second Chance drawings that a player can win.

9/25/2022 10:31 - Marilyn D.

Very difficult finding $1 ticket #819 5x Cash to be in the SUPER BONUS CATEGORY. I have been to many retail outlets in my area and no one still has them.NC Lottery
Hey there, Marilyn! We're sorry to hear you're having trouble finding our 5X The Cash scratch-offs. If you have tried multiple retailers and none have had them in stock, you can always request that a retailer order the tickets for you and they are able to do so!

9/25/2022 04:53 - Leigha H.

Hey! Can we be updated on the # of entries in the 2022 multiply the cash 2nd chance drawing - draw #3?? THANKS ?? NC Lottery
Hi Leigha, 2022 Multiply The Cash Drawing 3 had 68,262,833 entries at the time of the most recent report. Good luck!

9/25/2022 01:23 - James H.

Is all winners been announced for the Hut hut hut drawingNC Lottery
Hi James, three winners have claimed their prize so far: Michael Ahern, Susan Costner, and Jeff Scoggins. We have reached out to the other two winners but they have not claimed their prizes yet. Thanks for your interest in Lucke-Rewards!

9/25/2022 12:30 - James P.

It’s very discouraging, try playing for years and years and the 1 time I win anything more than $5 or $10 dollars I hit the pick 4 straight for $5,000.Just to end up that $1 ticket costing much more. Homelessness, not only did I get a check back for $132 and told the administrative office took it for a court appointed att from 2014.With I never agreed upon,signed for or asked for.I work everyday and file taxes every year not a word.But when I win something I owe it? The sad part in 2014 I was in NY state.Lottery says nothing we can do. Um how about not being a debt collection agency on the poor people who make the lottery possible.And if so,maybe verify the debt first?Just sad , right back to the same thing now.$ to the lottery and they keep on taking.Bogus stories all the time,oh I hit the lottery on my 18th birthday for millions. First time I ever played hit it big.Man wins 2 to 3 times in a year millions.Just sad, and to use education as an excuse to rob the poor for a dream of not being poor is cruel

9/24/2022 09:37 - Linda T.

@dawn...its an ongoing problem for the current drawing too. After you TRY to play the game and it doesn't work (even though it shows 100% loaded) you have to go into your " history" options then click on "digital" games to play the game and get your points.

9/24/2022 04:13 - Athena D.

Non of my pick 3 or pick 4 tickets will scan in!!NC Lottery
Hi, Athena! We're so sorry to hear that and would love to help resolve this problem for you. Please reach out to our Online Support folks at and we can look into why this is happening.

9/24/2022 11:05 - Michael R.

This lottery has gone down since the pandemic started when it comes to the Pick 3 and Pick 4 drawings. They used to have frequent big payouts but it has become rare now and players I talked to are becoming discouraged. You got to give back to the players for they make the lottery successful.

9/24/2022 09:48 - joanie m.

In it to win itNC Lottery
Good luck in the drawings, Joanie!

9/23/2022 10:07 - darryl i.

After years of trying for a second chance prize and 100s of thousands if not a million chances to win, it's become more than discouraging. Lottery = tax on the poor.

9/23/2022 06:11 - Dawn M.

Just a FYI the Carolina Jackpot game is not loading for a week now for entries to the rolling jackpot chance #3 it gives you your points bt game won't load for enties for next 2nd chance game.. So players are losing out on entries.. Thank you & good luck to all.. NC Lottery
Hi Dawn, sorry for the confusion. Drawing 3 has concluded and the next Carolina Jackpot drawing will be Drawing 4. This drawing has an end date of October 30 and the drawing is scheduled for November 2. Good luck!

9/23/2022 04:18 - shirley b.

How about 777 instead of 787 and how about 132 instead of 632?

9/23/2022 04:17 - Elizabeth F.

Luck of the draw

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