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Thanks to your play, $302 million to build new schools

September 23, 2022 Posted by NC Lottery at 3:30 PM

Nine North Carolina school districts will share $302 million for school construction, renovation projects, and other capital improvements through state grants funded by the lottery.

This grant funds projects that will ensure kids get to go to school in safe, modern environments ideal for learning.

A substantial portion of the money raised by the lottery this year will help build new schools and repair older ones. It’s great that our state lottery proceeds make this $300 million investment in new schools possible. These new schools will serve families and their children for years to come and we look forward to seeing them open soon.

Counties receiving the grants, announced Wednesday by the state Department of Public Instruction, are:

  • Alleghany County: $47 million for a new high school that will replace the district’s only existing high school.
  • Cherokee County: $50 million for a new high school that will replace three existing high schools.
  • Gates County: $9.8 million for additions and renovations to Gates County High School.
  • Greene County: $50 million for a new high school that will replace the district’s only existing high school.
  • Halifax County: $50 million for a new 6th through 12th grade school for Weldon City Schools that will replace two existing schools.
  • Hyde County: $8.3 million for additions and renovations to the Mattamuskeet pre-K through 12th grade school.
  • Pamlico County: $50 million for a new 6th through 12th grade school that will replace two existing schools.
  • Perquimans County: $36.9 million for a new 3rd through 8th grade intermediate school that will replace two existing schools.
  • Tyrrell County: $350,000 for a new Career & Technical Education center that will serve the high school and early college.

Over the last six years, grants like these add up to nearly $1.2 billion dollars to local school districts all across our state, providing funding for 69 new K-12 construction projects, including 39 new schools, 10 new buildings, and the replacement of 55 existing schools.

The grants are in addition to monies all 100 counties get to help with school construction and repair from two other state funds supported by the lottery.


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11/07/2022 09:08 - Gloria B.

My second chance points are missing from my account.NC Lottery
We're sorry about that, Gloria! We are aware of a widespread issue affecting this and are working to fix it as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience while we work to resolve this and we apologize for any inconvenience!

10/29/2022 12:18 - Steve H.


10/09/2022 07:03 - William A.

Cherokee county? Have you seen what that casino brings in!

10/09/2022 07:01 - William A.

what was last years total sales? We are supposed to have a 61% payout. ThanksNC Lottery
Hi, William! Last year's sales topped $3.8 billion and around $2.46 billion in prizes were awarded! You can read more in our annual report here: Hope this helps!

10/07/2022 01:50 - Christie E.

I’m very confused… am I entitled to a portion of the winnings?

10/07/2022 01:45 - Christie E.

I love the fact that it goes to NC county school funding. However, am I entitled to collect from any of the winning?NC Lottery
Hi, Christie! This article is about the funding for school construction that NC Lottery was able to provide recently, thanks to the play of NC Lottery fans across the state!

9/26/2022 10:21 - Christie E.

Did I win? It says thanks for your playing 302 million was raised. Is that just from playing lottery?NC Lottery
Hi, Christie! Yes, thanks to the play from NC Lottery fans across the state, we raised $302 million for school construction across the state.

9/25/2022 07:30 - Tanisa W.

So awesome for the new schools! Can you tell me what company will be building the schools or will it vary by county? I want to build a preschool in the future and I don’t know where to startNC Lottery
Hey there, Tanisa! This would vary based on who the county uses - we help supply the funding for the projects but they would be the coordinators for construction.

9/24/2022 03:15 - Shika J.

Hey fellow players & NCEL! ?? I haven't bothered you guys in a long time, I didn't want you guys to forget me!I have been playing lottery & scanning tickets since lottery launched in North Carolina I wanted to know why aren't there any rules regarding winning second chance & our regular drawings? For instance if I won today I can't win no more for a full 90 days! I see some of the same people winning, setting these rules in place would give other people a chance to win!!!! I know that it's RANDOM but you can set stipulations on randomizers NC Lottery
Hi Shika, thanks for the suggestion! We're always looking for new ways to give players more big wins!

9/24/2022 08:40 - Dion A.

$300,000,000 is all that's allocated? HmmmmmNC Lottery
Hi Dion, $300 million is only the amount allocated for school construction grants this year. This total doesn't include education funding allocated for other purposes. Last year alone the lottery raised $936 million for education. Check out our "Impact" page for more details:

9/23/2022 04:34 - Lela J.

Brought a fireball ticket yesterday for 782 fireball 7.why was it not a winnerNC Lottery
Hey there, Lela! Fireball can replace any of the lottery-drawn numbers, but your numbers are always your own. So with the drawn numbers of 7-8-7 and Fireball number of 6, you could win with the combinations 7-8-7, 6-8-7, 7-6-7, or 7-8-6 - depending on the play style chosen. Hope this helps to clarify!

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