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Davidson County woman wins $2 million after biscuit stop

January 19, 2023 Posted by NC Lottery at 2:57 PM

A routine Saturday morning stop for biscuits turned ‘surreal’ for Amelia Estes of Thomasville after a $20 scratch-off purchase revealed a $2 million prize.

“I looked and looked and my hands just started shaking,” she said. “It was surreal.”

Estes, 51, bought her lucky 100X The Cash ticket from Sam’s Mini Mart on West Green Drive in High Point. She bought the ticket after stopping at Biscuitville on Saturday.

“Something was just telling me to go get that ticket,” she said.

Estes won the first $2 million prize in the new game. She said she gave her mom the good news as soon as she got home.

“I came into the house real quiet and I told my mom, ‘I think we’re millionaires,’” she said. “She was already sitting down, thank goodness.”

When Estes arrived at lottery headquarters Thursday to collect her prize, she could choose to receive the prize as an annuity of $100,000 over 20 years or a lump sum of $1.2 million. She chose the lump-sum amount of $1.2 million and, after required state and federal tax withholdings, took home $855,006.

“We are going to plan for a comfortable retirement now,” Estes said.

The 100X The Cash game debuted in December with five $2 million prizes and 10 $100,000 prizes. Four $2 million top prizes and 10 $100,000 prizes remain to be claimed.


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1/23/2023 08:39 - Denver G.

Hey LZ, are you gonna keep the 2023 Multiply The Cash 2nd chance drawings simlple like all the others? Or are you guys gonna mess it up with some gimmick like "bonus points"?NC Lottery
Hey there, Denver! Entries for the 2023 Multiply The Cash second chance drawing will just be determined by the price point of the ticket, with no Super Bonus entries this round.

1/21/2023 08:23 - doug c.

I'm convinced that the lottery gets new tickets on the first Tuesday,and sends the new tickets out starting at the same same area every time.They know what batch the winners are in and the Piedmont gets 85% of the winners,you can buy all the tickets down east but your chances of winning are very slim compared to the Piedmont!

1/21/2023 06:29 - joanie m.

Right on Congratulations Amelia

1/21/2023 12:44 - Paula F.


1/20/2023 01:29 - Yvonne b.


1/20/2023 10:26 - Roger K.

Oh, wow! Wish my inner self would tell me to buy a winning ticket. Congratulations on your big win! I'd be happy with 855,006 also!

1/20/2023 08:08 - Ricky S.

And let me guess, she has never played that scratch-off before and she only bought one. ??

1/20/2023 07:33 - Timothy R.

Congratulations, appreciate your blessings because everyday is a struggle.

1/20/2023 02:08 - Jessica W.

How do you play 50/50 without the ticket printing .50 cent? Every time I mark $1.00 on the pick 3 & pick 4 slip, the tickets still come out .50 cent??? Then I play the fireball & to my understanding fireball doesn’t hit on “.50 cent plays” but I always check $1.00 on my slips & the ticket still prints out .50 cent. What is the purpose of 50/50 or fireball if my tickets are printing .50 cent instead of $1.00, when I am checking $1.00 on my slips?NC Lottery
Hi, Jessica! Sorry - we need a little additional clarification. Are you saying that your ticket says "50/50 for 50c"? There is no 50 cent play for 50/50, only $1 plays, and with Fireball that cost would be doubled and make it $2.

1/20/2023 12:22 - Derrick S.

How do I enter the second chance contest for this new 100x game ? Because I don't see the place for it.NC Lottery
Hi, Derrick! If you enter the Lucke-Rewards code from your ticket, you'll receive second chance entries for our 4th 2022 Multiply The Cash drawing until January 31, after that you'll receive entries for the 1st 2023 Multiply The Cash drawing that will begin collecting entries in February :)

1/20/2023 12:11 - James F.

Okay High Point i was just about to say this city hardly have noooooo big winners...i go to that store a lots so congratulations 3x to ?

1/19/2023 09:47 - MICHAEL B.


1/19/2023 09:16 - john T.

More like hundred thousandairs . The tax man the real winner .congrats !! My turn one day!

1/19/2023 07:03 - Samir H.


1/19/2023 03:34 - mary b.

I am so happy you got a big winner.

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