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Act fast before these deadlines pass you by

January 25, 2023 Posted by NC Lottery at 8:09 AM

Everybody loves getting a second chance to win, right? Well, deadlines are about to hit for several second-chance drawings with top prizes of $150,000 and $200,000 up for grabs.

Sunday is your deadline to enter into Wednesday’s drawing:

  • Quick Cash. You could be one of five Lucke-Rewards players to take home a $100 prize in Wednesday’s drawing.

Tuesday is your deadline to enter these Feb. 8 drawings:

  • Holiday Spectacular Second Chance. Keep the holidays alive with this festive drawing. One grand prize winner will take home $150,000, two winners will get $10,000 and 100 winners will pocket $500. This is the last of two drawings.
  • 2022 Multiply The Cash Second Chance. We believe in second chances. How about you? Enter your "Multiply the Cash” tickets (game #: 765, 766, 767, 769, 770, 819, 820, 821, 822, 823, or 826) for a chance to win one $200,000 prize, one of 10 $10,000 prizes, or one of 50 $500 prizes. This is the last of four drawings.
  • Happy New Year. Want to start 2023 off right? One Lucke-Rewards member will win $23,000 in our monthly drawing.

Good luck!


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1/31/2023 08:36 - Mike S.

I'm estimating 81,990,714 entries in the last Multiply the Cash drawing. My odds are 1 in 41,409.

1/29/2023 07:52 - Myra H.

Why can't you enter the happy New Year drawing? Every time you click on it it does not show up where you can enterNC Lottery
Hi Myra, you should be able to use your Lucke-Rewards points to enter the Happy New Year drawing. If you call Online Play support at 866-934-0289 they should be able to help you make sure that you receive your entries.

1/28/2023 08:27 - joanie m.

Iam in all of the online games,hopefully this is my year moving to Florida next year i could use some moving cash February 8th is my sister in heaven bday send me some luck sis Good luck online players

1/25/2023 10:46 - shirley b.

NCEL where are the trips for NC lottery players. Please explain.........NC Lottery
Hi, Shirley! We love it when popular numbers are drawn and players win lots of money because it makes players happy! However, we have strict rules in place to ensure that every set of numbers, regardless of popularity or possible payout, has exactly the same chance of being drawn in every drawing.

1/25/2023 07:43 - Juanita B.

I've been putting my tickets online since Luckey Rewards first started, which was many years ago. I have never won anything, but I hope I will win something one day. "If you're not in, you can't win," as the saying goes. 

1/25/2023 05:56 - Ricky C.

Optics can throw you off sometime but when you see the winning locations (majority),you see Charlotte, Greensboro, Durham, Raleigh, Chapel Hill. Poverty towns and cities play to. I know it's random but the optics. Rich get richer,the poor get poorer. Jus an observation.

1/25/2023 04:25 - Larry H.

I been putting my tickets on line for five to six years now I hope I will win.

1/25/2023 04:21 - Tamara B.

Well LZ as of right now I am unable to find 2 tickets from the 2022 Multiply The Cash Second Chance.NC Lottery
Hi there, Tamara! Sorry about that - some of those games are ending soon, so inventory is being picked up from retailers/may already be picked up.

1/25/2023 01:36 - Kenneth F.

How many entries thus far for Hol Spectacular and Multiply the Cash? Thank you.NC Lottery
Hi, Kenneth! Our 2022 Multiply The Cash Second Chance Draw #4 has received around 74,335,516 entries so far, and our Holiday Spectacular Second Chance Draw #2 has received around 9,167,034 entries. Good luck!

1/25/2023 12:12 - Denver G.

Hey LZ, will the $30 ticket (826) give you 60 or 30 entries into the 2023 Multiply The Cash 2nd drawings starting in Feb.?NC Lottery
Hi, Denver! The 200X The Cash ticket will give 60 entries for the 2023 Multiply The Cash second chance drawings.

1/25/2023 11:32 - Kimberly L.

Fingers crossed I finally win one. Been entering since the start. Wishing everyone good luck!

1/25/2023 09:23 - Juan P.

Yo quiero llevarme a casa uno de $200,000

1/25/2023 09:11 - Robert F.

My beautiful wife and I have been putting our Second Chance in every day. We really enjoy playing all of our POSSIBILITIES, you never KNOW.....

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