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Wilmington woman ‘adamant’ she would win $200,000 top prize

January 31, 2023 Posted by NC Lottery at 9:45 AM

Natalie Carraway of Wilmington continued to tell people she would win the top prize in the Hot 5’s game, and on Friday her prediction came true when she uncovered the $200,000 prize.

“I kept saying I was going to win the $200,000,” she said. “I was adamant about it.”

Carraway, 46, bought her lucky ticket from the Circle K on Carolina Beach Road in Wilmington. She celebrated the win with her daughter in the store.

“I just looked at her and started jumping up and down,” she said. “And then I just started crying.”

Carraway said she knows the store manager since she lives close by.

“He told me he wouldn’t have wanted it to happen to anyone else,” she said.

Carraway stopped by lottery headquarters Monday to claim her prize and, after required state and federal tax withholdings, took home $142,501.

“This couldn’t have come at a better time,” Carraway said. “It is such a blessing.”

She said she will use her winnings to pay some bills, do some home renovations, and buy a car.

The Hot 5’s game debuted in July with five top prizes of $200,000. One $200,000 prize remains to be claimed.


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2/04/2023 12:23 - Charles H.

No doubt she's either employed with the NCEL or is married to someone who is. It's very simple to fabricate a human interest story in order to entice people to buy tickets. All you have to do is get an NCEL employee or actor to play the role, come up with a wild story and pay them for their services. The stories told on here are almost always to incredible to be true and this one is no exception.NC Lottery
Hi there, Charles! NC Lottery employees and their spouses and immediate family are not eligible to play or win the lottery. Our security team is very diligent in validating winners and prizes are only awarded when there is no evidence to suggest something is wrong. All of the stories on here are of real players who wanted to participate in an interview and were excited to share about their win!

2/01/2023 10:44 - Casselle W.

My sista I am so happy for you, keep on speaking it into existence. enjoy, pay it forward and stay safe out here.

2/01/2023 06:51 - Roger K.

Wow! What luck! Only one left, could be anywhere. Congratulations on your big win! Go and enjoy it.

2/01/2023 12:38 - lori j.


2/01/2023 12:03 - Walter T.

Congrats! I'm next!

1/31/2023 11:39 - james p.

Happy for her. I will be glad to have that same luck. my time coming.

1/31/2023 07:20 - Damian C.

Has anyone won in Whittier?NC Lottery
Hey there, Damian! We've seen some big winners in Whittier - a $100,000 scratch-off winner and a $1 million Powerball winner a couple of years back! Regardless of where you play, your odds of being a winner are the same - and we see big winners all across our state!

1/31/2023 03:58 - Sabrina D S.


1/31/2023 11:11 - Deborah D.

Congratulations! Enjoy!

1/31/2023 10:56 - Conchita M.


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