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Unluckiest of days turns lucky for Orange County farmer who digs up $100,000 prize

October 17, 2023 Posted by NC Lottery at 10:04 AM

Christy Merritt of Efland won a big lottery prize several years ago and, on Friday the 13th, she did it again with a $100,000 scratch-off win.

“My brain could just not comprehend it,” Merritt said. “It was very exciting though.”

She bought her lucky $30 Black Titanium ticket from Efland Supermarket on U.S. 70 West in Efland. She previously split a $250,000 scratch-off prize with her roommate in 2018 after buying a ticket from the same store.

“I did not believe what I was seeing,” she recalled. “It was certainly a shock.”

Merritt, a farmer and grandmother of four, said she wants to do something nice for her grandchildren with her latest big win.

“I have four already with another on the way so maybe I will take them on a nice trip,” she said. “Maybe to the beach.”

Merritt arrived at lottery headquarters Monday to collect her prize and, after required state and federal tax withholdings, took home $71,259.

In addition to a trip with her grandkids, she plans to pay some bills and put money away for retirement.

The Black Titanium game debuted in June with six $4 million top prizes and 16 $100,000 prizes. Four $4 million prizes and 10 $100,000 prizes remain to be claimed.


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10/21/2023 07:25 - Roger K.

2018, same store 5 years later, not splitting it this time! What luck!

10/19/2023 11:00 - Angela A.

Well NCEL I broke my own losing ticket record in a row. Worst odds ticket on the market $80,000,000 Cash Blowout I went 19 losing tickets in a row. Checked and double checked all losers. Yet same stores and people keep winning large prizes. NCEL has to do better with the odds on tickets I know the store someone has to lose, but WOW not all the time.

10/19/2023 10:27 - Douglas H.

Hi NCEL Team. Is it possible to find out where the three winning tickets were sold for the $1.1 million cash five? Congratulations to all 3 players :-) NC Lottery
Hi Douglas, I can tell you where two are, which are Cary & Durham and the third was online, so I can only find the vicinity its in. Looks like that one is between Charlotte & Ashville.

10/19/2023 02:30 - Joe S.

Congratulations from Charlotte! :)

10/18/2023 10:45 - Vivian p.

Congratulations Christi,may you and your grandchildren enjoy your winnings. You're the best Nana ever. Have fun

10/18/2023 09:16 - Esteban C.

Congratulations Christy!

10/17/2023 10:19 - Vivian p.

Congratulations Christy,enjour trip with your grandchildren they're never forget that special time you all shared.Enjoy

10/17/2023 09:00 - Jami R.

I am awfully happy for you but some of these stories are hard for “my brain to believe”. LOL.

10/17/2023 02:47 - David F.

How is this possible? This is a bad as the Patel scandal that rocked the NC lottery.

10/17/2023 02:38 - Douglas H.

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Awesome win. Enjoy your trip with your family:-)

10/17/2023 12:12 - Michael B.


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