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3 18 27 36 53 12
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15 33 37 55 61 24
Jackpot Estimate $279,000 Next Daily Drawing Mon, Mar 4 Latest Drawing Sun, Mar 3
4 7 12 16 29
2 4 12 19 37
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5 6 6 5 W
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Weekend drawings bring two $1 million wins

November 19, 2023 Posted by NC Lottery at 1:52 PM

For two nights in a row, someone trying their luck at big jackpots in the Mega Millions and Powerball drawings won $1 million prize.

The first big win occurred Friday night when a $2 ticket purchased at Sumner Food Mart and Hardware on Old Randleman Road in Greensboro matched the numbers on all five white balls for $1 million prize.

North Carolina became one of three states with a $1 million winning ticket in Friday’s drawing. Mega Millions players in New York and South Carolina won the other two $1 million prizes.

The second happened Saturday when a $2 Powerball ticket, bought at Duck Thru Food on U.S. 64 East in Columbia, won the largest prize nationally in the drawing.

Monday’s Powerball drawing offers an estimated $295 million jackpot, or $135.8 million in cash. The odds of winning a Powerball jackpot are 1 in 292 million.

On Tuesday, the Mega Millions drawing offers a $289 million jackpot, or $132 million cash. The odds of winning a Mega Millions jackpot are 1 in 302 million.

Powerball and Mega Millions are two of six draw games in North Carolina where players have the option of buying their tickets at a retail location or with Online Play through the lottery’s website or with the NC Lottery Official Mobile App. Lottery players now can also play digital instants games on the website at nclottery.com.


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11/20/2023 08:12 - charles d.

Congrats: Got to be in it to win it

11/20/2023 06:29 - Scott G.

Congrats you lucky MF r’s

11/20/2023 12:16 - Sherry W.

Congrats. I know my time is coming really soon, God promise me a big blessing would find me. ????

11/20/2023 11:50 - Roscoe H.

Just once. That's all. Just once!!!

11/20/2023 11:30 - James L.

Love seeing winners in NC. Patiently waiting oour turn ???????????????

11/20/2023 10:33 - Douglas H.

Congratulations to both winners! Hello NCEL. Just curious if anyone ever came forward with that cash five ticket that was about to expire? I sure hope whoever had ticket found it and was able to get their prize.NC Lottery
Hey there, Douglas! Unfortunately, the lucky winner did not come in to claim their prize. However, this just means that 50% of that prize money will go into the NC education fund, and 50% will go back to players in the form of prizes for promotions and other games!

11/20/2023 01:57 - Woods C.

How do you know if you wonNC Lottery
Hey there, Woods! If you win with a ticket purchased through Online Play, you'll get an email notifying you of your win with instructions on how to claim your prize. If you purchased a physical ticket from a retailer or lottery vending machine, you can scan the Lucke-Rewards barcode using the scanner on our mobile app, or manually enter the Lucke-Rewards code at https://nclottery.com/RewardsTicketEntry to check your ticket, as well as earn Lucke-Rewards points and second chance entries for any eligible tickets!

11/19/2023 11:01 - nancy m.

Am I overlooking something or are we no longer able to look back at what was drawn by date and year? In the past you could just use the drop down to find a month and year.NC Lottery
Hi, Nancy! On some of our game pages, there is no longer the drop down option, but you can toggle through the different pages at the top of the screen to find past draw info you're looking for!

11/19/2023 10:32 - Tina R.

Wish I could get that lucky

11/19/2023 09:22 - Vivian p.

I was wondering if player tickets from small towns were even put into the drawings because all winners seems to come come from bigger,Raleigh etc,we small towns contribute a lot to the lottery also. I know where Columbia is so maybe we do have a CHANCE AFTER ALL!!!NC Lottery
Hi, Vivian! It's not easier to win the lottery in a big place than a small one. There are just more people taking a chance to win there. We can assure you that if you move to Charlotte or Raleigh it does not become easier to win a lottery prize there. The lottery can only work if everyone has the same chance to win, and no matter where you live you have the same chance to beat the odds as someone anyplace else!

11/19/2023 08:12 - Earl C.

I am waiting

11/19/2023 07:58 - Margaret C.

Congratulations it's life changing

11/19/2023 07:57 - Joe S.

Nice!!! :)

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