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Cash 5 ticket sold in Charlotte worth $270,023 expires soon

November 6, 2023 Posted by NC Lottery at 9:17 AM

Carolina Cash 5 players in North Carolina, especially those around Charlotte, should double-check any tickets they have to see if they are the winner of an unclaimed $270,023 prize.

The ticket was purchased for the May 13 drawing and will expire on Friday, Nov. 10. It was sold at Caton’s Grocery on 5416 Statesville Road in Charlotte.

The ticket matched the numbers on all five white balls to win the $270,023 jackpot. The winning numbers for the drawing were:


“Search everywhere you keep your tickets and double-check any you have to see if you have the winning ticket,” said Mark Michalko, executive director of the lottery. “We hope that whomever purchased this ticket comes forward to claim their prize soon so we can celebrate their big win with them.”

The odds of matching all five white balls in a Cash 5 drawing are 1 in 962,598.

To claim the prize, the ticket must be presented at lottery headquarters in Raleigh by 5 p.m. on Monday, Nov. 13. The ticket expires Nov. 10 but, since the lottery office is closed that day for Veteran’s Day, a winner could still come in on Nov. 13 to claim the prize. This deadline ends the 180-day period for winners to claim prizes from the May 13 drawing.

To help find the winner, the Education Lottery is sharing news about the unclaimed prize with statewide media, posting alerts on the lottery’s website and social media channels.


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11/13/2023 07:07 - Roger K.

So sad, nobody has claim this winning! I just can't believe, someone could misplace a ticket. Well they got to 5pm this evening. Good luck on getting he or she there today!NC Lottery
We definitely hope they are able to come in by the end of the day today and claim! Crossing our fingers! Thanks for your comment, Roger! :D

11/09/2023 12:05 - Dennis W.

Aw, it's not me. Did not buy any in May.

11/08/2023 11:09 - Cynthia M.

Such a blessing please check your tickets Charlotte residents

11/08/2023 10:17 - Ebony T.

I wish man. Struggling financially after my losing my mom. I'm praying I'll find a second job, I'd be thankfully for a fraction of this amount. Frustrating not having family and friends to lean on and people winning this kind of money and then not claiming it

11/08/2023 09:14 - Macon A.

I also would like to be able to play, Double play and EZ match on Cash 5 purchases online.NC Lottery
Hey there, Macon! The folks that are in charge of those decisions read comments like this, so we appreciate you sharing this with us! The future is full of possibilities!

11/08/2023 07:21 - shirley b.

Praying someone finds that ticket.

11/08/2023 03:06 - Douglas H.

Saying huge prayers that this lottery player finds their ticket before the expiration date.

11/07/2023 08:40 - Sharon M.

I hope they get to claim their winnings ??

11/07/2023 06:51 - Tatum W.


11/07/2023 04:22 - marc g.

i wish it was mine

11/07/2023 02:34 - Karen B.

I wish

11/07/2023 02:11 - Rainey E.

When we will be able to play the double play for Cash Five online? Thank youNC Lottery
Hi, Rainey! At this time, we don't have any set plans to add EZ Match or Double Play to Online Play purchases of Cash 5. However, this is something we've heard from many of our players that they want to see in the future, and the folks that make those decisions read comments like this, so the future is full of possibilities!

11/07/2023 08:46 - Roger K.

Wow! Just can't believe, someone misplaced their ticket. I get mine, and put my magnet on then, attached to refrigerator. Then every morning, I take them down, lay on table and use the checker on my phone to see if I have won. Then enter for my points too! Hope whoever it is, will find it in time!

11/07/2023 02:48 - Wanda F.

Praying the winner gets the news and responds in time! Fingers crossed for them!! Thanks NCEL for sharing this on multiple platforms!NC Lottery
We really hope the lucky winner comes in to claim! Thanks for your comment, Wanda!

11/06/2023 08:21 - Mali K.

Can the winner wear a hat or medical mask when they pick up the prize?NC Lottery
Hey there, Mali! Yes - a winner can wear a hat and a medical mask to claim their prize. Winners also aren't required to take photos or share anything more about their win than what's required by law (name, hometown, game played, and amount won).

11/06/2023 07:57 - Patricia D.

Please check your ticket can't let that money go back

11/06/2023 07:30 - Andrew S.

4 Days to hope to find the winning ticket? Florida lottery posts these things a couple of weeks from expiration for their players.

11/06/2023 03:58 - William B.

Where was the ticket purchase?NC Lottery
Hi, William! The ticket was sold at Caton’s Grocery on Statesville Road in Charlotte.

11/06/2023 09:36 - Gregory F.

Congratulations another big winner in Charlotte this happens alot. I never win anything on the cash 5 in Ahoskie North Carolina. I will probably play cash 5 again maybe one day my Blessing will come ??NC Lottery
We're wishing you the best of luck, Gregory!

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