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Enter to Win Some Holiday Scratch-offs in our Reindeer Relay Game

November 7, 2023 Posted by NC Lottery at 11:00 AM

On Dancer, on Prancer, on Don and on Blitzen! Reindeer Relay is back with even more opportunities to win, and we can hardly rein in our excitement. Our favorite reindeer are racing to get their paws on our brand-new holiday scratch-off tickets for all of their reindeer buds. Nothing gets us in the holiday spirit like reindeer games, scratch-off tickets, and giving – and we’re combining all of those things in this exciting opportunity to win!

From now until December 4th, visit ReindeerRelay.com and race your favorite reindeer in our racing game. After crossing the finish line, you can add your score to the leaderboard and enter your email for the chance to win an assortment of 60 holiday scratch-off tickets – 10 of each of our new games. That’s a $410 value!

Ghaaaaw! That’s reindeer for “hurry up!” Enter by the end of the day on Monday, December 4th for a chance to win. 10 winners will be randomly selected in a drawing on Tuesday, December 5th. Good luck and happy holidays!

Must be 18 to play. View full Promotion Rules for more details.


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11/14/2023 10:45 - valerie p.

Why does the lottery not recognize my username or my account my password and when I changed it it still does not let me log into my account soNC Lottery
Hi, Valerie! We're sorry you're having trouble accessing your Online Play account. Please reach out to our Online Support team at https://nclottery.com/Help and a member of our team can help with this and get you back into your account!

11/14/2023 05:04 - Shirley B.

I only got one initial on the reindeer game.NC Lottery
Hey there, Shirley! You can click into the white box on the leaderboard screen to enter your 3 initials (or any 3 letters) and then press "Submit" below and it will take you to the entry form, where you can enter your name and email for the chance to win some scratch-offs!

11/11/2023 02:47 - Annette w.

screen goes black after race can't enter my initialNC Lottery
Hi, Annette! We're sorry you're experiencing this issue! If this issue is persisting, please try opening the game in another browser or on another device to see if that fixes it. Let us know if the problem continues!

11/08/2023 06:25 - Rosemary B.

Is it only one entry allowed? Or each time you play and enter, you get a chance to win? Also, can NCEL PLEASE make it known how many entries it takes to win the cash prizes on the LUCKE REWARDS draws? I've entered hundreds and as few as 20, and NEVER win.NC Lottery
Hi, Rosemary! Only one entry is allowed in our Reindeer Relay Promotion per email address. To answer your other question, our Lucke-Rewards drawings receive anywhere from hundreds of thousands to millions of entries in each one. When the drawing occurs, each entry is assigned a numerical value and a secure Random Number Generator (RNG) randomly selects winning entries. Each entry has the same odds of being randomly selected, but having more entries increases your odds of winning. However, it only takes one lucky entry to be a winner - it just takes a whole lot of luck!

11/07/2023 09:10 - Linda L.

Couldn't leave my initials.NC Lottery
Hey there, Linda! Once you complete the race, the leaderboard screen should appear and you can click into the white box at the top of the screen to enter your initials. There may not be a cursor on the box, but you can still type into it. After you enter your initials (or any 3 letters), you can click "Submit" and move on to the entry form, where you can enter for the chance to win some scratch-offs. Good luck!

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