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Raleigh man will use $200,000 second-chance win to take mom on a cruise

November 9, 2023 Posted by NC Lottery at 1:31 PM

Raleigh resident Michael Harrington plans to use the $200,000 prize that he won in a second-chance drawing on Wednesday to take his mother on a cruise.

“I was already planning to take her, but now she can have even more fun on the cruise,” he said.

Harrington won his prize in the fifth and final Carolina Jackpot Second Chance drawing. His entry was picked from more than 4.1 million entries.

“I had to read the email three times before I realized it,” Harrington recalled.

He arrived at lottery headquarters Wednesday to collect his prize and, after required state and federal tax withholdings, took home $142,500.

“I’m in disbelief still,” Harrington said. “But I’m excited.”

In addition to the cruise, Harrington said he will pay some bills with his winnings.

Players got a second chance with their Carolina Jackpot tickets by scanning the tickets into their lottery accounts where they were automatically entered into the next drawing. The first four drawings featured a rolling jackpot and the fifth drawing featured a top prize of $200,000.


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11/16/2023 07:42 - Roger K.

Thanks, LZ. You may see it again on another post I just did. Because I couldn't find this one I did a few days ago.

11/12/2023 05:23 - Dior P.


11/12/2023 02:50 - Erica A.

Congratulations ??

11/12/2023 02:48 - George J.

WOW, another Raleigh second chance winner.

11/12/2023 10:57 - Roger K.

Was looking at powerball numbers, then I noticed double play numbers on the powerball home page, so nc doesn't play the double play,,was wondering why nc don't play it?NC Lottery
Hi, Roger! Double Play is an add-on offered by some states that have Powerball. At this time, we don’t offer Double Play as an add-on, but appreciate player feedback on what offers and promotions they would like to see in the future - the folks that make those decisions read comments like these, so we may be able to offer this for our players one day. The future is full of possibilities!

11/12/2023 06:43 - Roger K.

Wow! If I had that 142,500 dollars, let me tell y'all what I would do with it, SPEND IT!!! LOL.....

11/11/2023 07:57 - Mable F.


11/11/2023 07:28 - Sherry L.

Congratulations!! Enjoy your blessings!

11/11/2023 03:45 - Margaret G.

Will it ever be considered to put the instant jackpot games online so that you can play the games online like Virginia lottery does with the instant jackpot gamesNC Lottery
Hey there, Margaret! We would love to be able to offer something like this in the future for our players - and the future is full of possibilities!

11/11/2023 11:54 - JOHN J.

congratulation how you play that

11/10/2023 10:13 - DONALD S.

This is the second person in a month that has won a second chance drawing from Raleigh. if you’re smart like me, you’ll tell the lottery to go jump on their second chance drawings. I’m not entering another one. What a joke.

11/10/2023 06:35 - Gloria C.

Congratulations to you. Awesome to take your mother on a trip. Enjoy your time together

11/10/2023 01:41 - James R.

That's a TON of entries...I thought I had a lot!

11/10/2023 08:52 - Roger K.

Wow! All the points I burned up in this drawing, I mean lots of points I used. 4.1 million entries, mind boggling. I can't win, for losing. Now got to start digging in trash cans at stores, to start collecting tickets, to build up my points again!

11/09/2023 08:03 - celine s.


11/09/2023 07:58 - celine s.

Thank you no comment

11/09/2023 06:55 - Joe S.

Congrations from Charlotte! :)

11/09/2023 02:39 - Charles H.

It figures, another winner from Wake county.

11/09/2023 02:01 - Vivian p.

Congratulations Michael on your winnings and you are a Great son to Bless your Mother to enjoy your Blessings.Both of you enjoy yourselves and the memories that will forever be made and remembered

11/09/2023 01:51 - Douglas H.

Congratulations Michael. Hope you and your family have a wonderful cruise Enjoy

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