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Largest Fast Play jackpot ever won in Carteret County

March 11, 2023 Posted by NC Lottery at 7:47 AM

Wow! Someone walked into a Carteret County convenience store Saturday morning, bought a $20 100X The Cash ticket, and took home $1,120,665, the largest Fast Play jackpot win in history.

The winner purchased the lucky ticket at the Handy House #2 on U.S. 70 in Smyrna. At the time of the purchase, the jackpot stood at $920,665. Since it was a $20 ticket, the winner receives 100% of the $920,665 jackpot plus $200,000 cash.

The previous high for a Fast Play jackpot win was $691,417 in November of 2020. The odds of winning a Fast Play jackpot are 1 in 320,000.

The winner has 180 days to claim the prize at lottery headquarters in Raleigh.

The instantly growing jackpot increases with every ticket sold until it is won. After Saturday’s win, the jackpot started over at $20,000.

Don’t forget:

  • A $2 Fast Play ticket wins 20% of the jackpot.
  • A $5 Fast Play ticket wins half of the jackpot.
  • A $10 Fast Play ticket wins all of the jackpot.
  • A $20 Fast Play ticket wins all of the jackpot plus $200,000 cash.

Good luck!


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3/19/2023 04:09 - Naim H.

The website is still showing my draw entries and I would like to know if I won or not. NC Lottery
When winners are selected in second-chance drawings, we make multiple attempts to contact winners. If a winner doesn't respond to our initial email, we follow up with a phone call and then will send a certified letter if they still don't respond. Still, that's a great reminder to keep your account info up to date.

3/19/2023 04:08 - Naim H.

Where is the March 8th match 3 and 4 second draw winners??? Can we have that posed please NC Lottery
To find the list of winners for a second chance drawing, visit the “2nd Chance Draws” tab on our website [url] [/url] and select the particular drawing you’re interested in. Click on the “Winners” tab and you’ll be able to see the winners for that drawing. If it shows “No Winners Yet” – stay tuned! Winner names are added to our site as they claim their prizes.

3/15/2023 07:15 - janice k.

I was going to buy a ticket. I had a feeling a 20$ ticket was going to win! What a nice surprise.

3/14/2023 03:27 - Dimetrius S.

I've won 2,000 on a 10$ fast play!!! I Love this game and the odds.The Draw is a State GameNC Lottery
Congratulations on the win, Dimetrius! That's awesome!

3/14/2023 01:21 - Doris g.

What exactly is the Fast Play game ?NC Lottery
Hi, Doris! Thanks for your comment. This win was from a $20 100X The Cash Fast Play ticket. You can view more info about our Fast Play games on our website here: Hope this helps to clarify!

3/14/2023 09:35 - Jacmelly B.

This was a nice win ! I love fast play !

3/14/2023 08:31 - Eugene H.

It's called Fast Play because it takes your money fast. Worst game ever.

3/13/2023 12:32 - annie s.

I WAS TRYING TO WIN THAT JACKPOT BUT IT DIDNT HAPPEN FOR ME. I am glad that it happen for you. congradulations !

3/13/2023 12:16 - Robert F.

Heading over to the Grocery Store, Food Lion to get some tickets. Hoping that there is a ticket in my hand,YAHOOOO....... keep up the Great Work.

3/13/2023 09:13 - Jeffrey M.

First congratulations to the winner! Second, shocking to still see the whining about their county or towns not winning, usually is all comments about Raleigh and/or Charlotte. NC Lottery you just can’t win with these people! This is a game of odds and you only need one ticket to win! Period people. If you are meant to win you are gonna win!

3/13/2023 03:41 - Brian T.

Congratulations to the winner! However, NCEL employees and their immediate families are not allowed to play. It would be nice for them to be able to do that. Then, they would know the hopelessness of playing against a computer generated system designed to increase profits and minimize expenditures. All this in the name of free enterprise competition against other state lotteries in a capitalist society.

3/12/2023 09:52 - Dwon C.

Do the NC lottery tax pick 3 and pick 4 wins online?NC Lottery
Hi, Dwon! Single-ticket winnings over $600 will be taxed as they would if you purchased from a retailer, but wins of $599 or less will not be taxed and will be deposited directly into your Online Play account. If you're a winner of more than $600 in a year, you'll receive a 1099 Form for tax season, though.

3/12/2023 08:50 - Tyrone J.

Congrats to the winner.

3/12/2023 05:16 - Lela J.

Why my location not verified on my phone since you can buy Pick 3 and 4 onlineNC Lottery
Hi, Lela! Sorry about that! Our Online Play system uses geolocation to determine if you are currently within North Carolina’s borders. If you are in NC and still receiving this error on a mobile device, please ensure that you are using the most recent app version and ensure that you have location services on for both your device and the app. If you are on your computer, ensure that you have enabled location sharing in your browser. If the issue persists, reach out to our support team at and we will be happy to assist you!

3/12/2023 01:51 - Lionel C.

Congratulations on your big win!

3/12/2023 12:01 - Theresa H.

Congratulations to the winner!! You never here of a winner in Concord. I’ve bought many fast play tickets and scratch offs and only won $30. Hopefully my time is coming soon.

3/12/2023 06:52 - cassandra e.


3/11/2023 10:36 - Katherine P.

Congratulations! I believe my day is coming soon for a big win.

3/11/2023 05:09 - Mary S.

Why is that hardly ever that nobody in Rowan County wins on scratch offs.Makes me wonder if the winning tickets actually go where the most money is spent.I mean come on give us a chance to.The only thing were doing is giving our money to the winners in other places.NC Lottery
Hi Mary, it takes a lot of luck to win a big lottery prize. I did want to share there were a few big wins in Rowan County last year, including a $1 million Powerball winner in December, check out some of the recent stories!

3/11/2023 04:46 - William A.

This game is terrible. I bought over $300 worth in the last week and won $30.00. This game should be ended immediately.

3/11/2023 04:38 - Ryan D J.


3/11/2023 01:09 - Gwendolyn C.

WOW! Enjoy your winnings!

3/11/2023 10:54 - Lakisha S.


3/11/2023 10:50 - Joseph R.

In my facetious voice....I'm shocked to see a jackpot prize on a Fast Play be won in a small town of less than a thousand people??????NC Lottery
Hi Joseph, the odds are the same no matter where you purchase your ticket: big city, small town, or through Online Play. It just takes a whole lot of luck to be a big winner!

3/11/2023 10:48 - Philip A.

Congratulations to the winner. I bought the same ticket (100×) the cash last week and won $0.00. I should have tried my luck on pick 3 with that money.

3/11/2023 10:01 - Tim F.

Congrats to winner Congrats to NC lottery for getting another,,400,000 off million dollar Win. You played us people for another 400kNC Lottery
Hi Tim, Fast Play jackpots are only paid out as lump sum cash prizes, there are no annuity options. This prize would only have minimum state and federal taxes withheld at the time the prize is claimed. On scratch-offs, winners are given the choice between a $1 million payment paid out over 20 years, or a lump sum. The $400,000 difference between the lump sum and the annuity accounts for what would be earned on interest over the course of 20 years and used to pay out the $1 million prize to the winner.

3/11/2023 09:42 - Ann J.

Congratulations on your winning

3/11/2023 09:26 - Joe S.

Congratulations from Charlotte!

3/11/2023 08:32 - Roger K.

Wow! What luck that was. Congratulations to whomever it is! People are so lucky, me not so lucky. Good luck to all!

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