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Comment on Facebook for the Chance to Win the Ultimate Charlotte Hornets Fan Experience

March 15, 2023 Posted by NC Lottery at 11:00 AM

It’s basketball season, and we’re giving away the ultimate fan experience to one lucky winner so you can cheer on our home team – the Charlotte Hornets! Want to experience the excitement of a Charlotte Hornets game like a VIP? This is the promo for you!

One lucky winner will receive two lower-level Royal Box tickets to the Charlotte Hornets versus Houston Rockets game on Friday, April 7th, 2023 at 7:00 PM at Spectrum Center in Charlotte, NC. On top of amazing seats at the game, the winner will also have access to the “Flight Deck,” which will include a complimentary dinner. And the excitement doesn’t stop there! The winner will also receive a signed LaMelo Ball jersey and a $200 debit gift card!

To enter, visit our Facebook page and comment on the promotion post telling us who you would take with you to the game! On March 21st, we’ll select one lucky winner to receive the Charlotte Hornets Fan Experience.

What are you waiting for? Let’s Fly! Comment by the end of the day on Monday, March 20th to enter. Good luck!

Must be 18 to play. View full Promotion Rules for more details.


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3/20/2023 05:33 - C A M.

I want to win but good luck to all :)

3/20/2023 04:10 - Joseph G.

I would love to take my wife to the game; she has never been to one.

3/20/2023 12:31 - Stephen B.

I hope I win this because I love watching overpaid men fight for balls.

3/20/2023 11:28 - Larry B.

HURRICANES have a cup. PANTHERS have been to the BIG game twice. Do the @hornets have what it takes to at least get to the NBA finals one day?

3/20/2023 07:13 - Joel H.

Love these promotions. Would be a date night with wife

3/20/2023 12:18 - Kwasi G.

I Hope to win this Promotion, because me and my Dad Really Needs A Father and Son Outing.. It's Been Long Overdue Every Since Our Queen My Mother And His Wife For 30plus Yrs Has Passed.. Thing's Been Kinda Different For Us And I Would Love For Us To Have A Day Out. Worry Free, Just Me And My Dad...????????????????????

3/19/2023 04:43 - Katherine M.

Livingredients on Social Security doesn't leave an opportunity for enjoying a live event like this. I would love to win and pass it on to my best friend. He would want to take his brother from Charlotte. I know they would be thrilled to see the Charlotte Hornets. They are in their 70s and don't get to see each other often.

3/19/2023 04:27 - Lacarlos A.

Lets go !

3/19/2023 12:31 - Michael R.

Would love to take my son or wife to a game .

3/19/2023 12:25 - Eshwer G.

Dreaming to watch NBA. Let’s Go Hornets!

3/19/2023 05:31 - Rowena B.

thank you for the opportunity to win.

3/18/2023 08:07 - Henry D.

I have never been able to get out to a Hornet game, I would love to take my son with me!

3/18/2023 05:40 - RICK H.

Would love to go to Pro game

3/18/2023 03:42 - Alfred C.

I would love to attend a professional NBA game with my brother who has been battling cancer for the past 4 years. This would definitely treat for the both of us.

3/18/2023 12:29 - christopher s.

This would be a honor for my Daughter and I to enjoy a live NBA game here in NC.the time would have memories for a lifetime.

3/18/2023 07:34 - Greg D.

I would love to see a pro game and would take my son with me, if my wife didn't want togo.

3/17/2023 03:32 - Sabrinna D.

Speaking of promotions why did the promotion end so abruptly for the $5 random win for pick 3 & 4 drawings that was suppose to be fir entire month of March,I've asked many merchants why yet they all have the same answer they dont know so I would like an explanation from the main source.NC Lottery
Hi, Sabrinna! We were so excited to see how popular this promotion was with our players - so popular that we doubled the amount of Instant Cash prizes given out from 560,000 to 1.2 million! However, due to continued popular demand, we have given out all Instant Cash vouchers and the promotion has ended. We're so happy to see how much our players liked this promotion, and we'll definitely be bringing it back in the future!

3/17/2023 06:39 - Nyoka M.

I would love to surprise my great Aunts who love the Hornets.

3/17/2023 02:25 - Jason B.

Taking the new wife!

3/16/2023 03:42 - Dwight T.

I would give to my son

3/16/2023 01:19 - Christina W.

I would take my Best Friend He would die to see them...

3/16/2023 02:01 - Tyeihsha R.

My 10 yr old son, would love to meet the team, especially Lamelo Ball. That's his favorite player!!

3/16/2023 12:20 - Tawanna M.

Thanks for the opportunity... Congratulations in advance to whoever wins

3/15/2023 11:08 - Steven P.

If I was to win this promotion, I would pass this on to my son. It would make a great birthday gift for him.NC Lottery
Wishing you lots of luck, Steven! Be sure to comment on the promo post on Facebook to be entered in this giveaway: Good luck!

3/15/2023 10:56 - DONALD S.

If you or a loved one shows signs of gambling addiction, you can seek help by calling the national gambling hotline at 1-800-522-4700 or visiting the National Council on Problem Gambling website.

3/15/2023 10:11 - Dickson C.

Would love to take my son for this amazing experience!

3/15/2023 10:10 - Latonya M.

Ommegeeee pick me!!! See my comment on the fb lottery page.. Tonya Snookie Moore

3/15/2023 09:10 - perry h.

Go, Hornets

3/15/2023 09:05 - kevon g.

I would definitely cheer the hardest I can if i get to go.

3/15/2023 07:20 - Jason C.

This would be an awesome experience for anyone to win. Good luck to all.

3/15/2023 06:47 - darryl i.

It's wrong to have to go on one particular social network in order to win. That media site discriminates against freedom of speech and I'll have nothing to do with them. Why not have promotional drawings on this site?NC Lottery
Hi, Darryl! The promotional drawings on our site take the form of Lucke-Rewards and second chance drawings. We offer social media promotions as a way to engage our followers and encourage fans to stay tuned in to our social pages :)

3/15/2023 05:46 - nate w.

Me and the Hornets ?? Go way back!Old coliseum! LET’S GO!

3/15/2023 04:50 - wanda s.

I would love to go watch them live and not just on TV I've never been to a game much less have the luxury box. I would take my son's. If they wouldn't want to go then I would take my best friend.

3/15/2023 04:37 - Latonya M.

Omgeeee pick meee!!! This wud be awesome please see my comment on fb!! Tonya Snookie Moore!!!!!NC Lottery
Wishing you lots of luck, Latonya!

3/15/2023 02:09 - Guy R.

I am the ultimate fan can't wait to sit in the royal seats GO HORNETS!

3/15/2023 11:42 - Michael H.

I want to win.

3/15/2023 11:32 - DONALD S.

Does everyone know how many people live in North Carolina? 10.5 million. So the lottery prince in some cases, one ticket for everybody that lives in North Carolina. That’s like filling seven football fields, full of white marbles, and putting one black marble in there somewhere and saying find it.

3/15/2023 11:25 - DONALD S.

C LOTTERY Hi, Donald! The FIRE game has been re-ordered, so in total there have been around 8.4 million tickets printed for this game, and there were 7 top prizes of $100,000. So your odds of hitting $100,000 is 8.4 million in seven and you are still buying scratch off tickets?? What??NC Lottery
Hi, Donald! With those odds, it definitely takes a lot of luck to hit a top prize! But the overall odds of that game are 1 in 4.36, so players have much better odds of hitting smaller prizes. It's important to play for fun knowing it takes lots of luck to win a prize! All odds are posted on the game pages on our site and all games undergo a post-game audit to ensure the odds were as advertised.

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