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Friday’s Mega Millions jackpot climbs to $355 million

March 30, 2023 Posted by NC Lottery at 9:15 AM

The Mega Millions jackpot continues to grow as Friday night’s drawing offers a jackpot worth $355 million.

A North Carolina winner would have the choice of taking home the $355 million jackpot as an annuity or $187.6 million in cash.

Even though the jackpot remains up for grabs, North Carolinians are taking home lots of other prizes as Tuesday’s drawing produced more than 18,000 winning tickets.

The Mega Millions jackpot is on a roll with 16 consecutive drawings without a jackpot winner. The last jackpot came in the Jan. 31 drawing when one ticket in Massachusetts took home the $31 million jackpot. That win marked the fourth jackpot win in the month of January alone.

In the history of the Mega Millions game, there had never previously been four jackpot wins in any single month. The odds of winning a Mega Millions jackpot are 1 in 302 million.

Players can buy Mega Millions tickets at any lottery retail location or through Online Play on the lottery’s website,, or with the lottery’s app, the NC Lottery Official Mobile App.

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4/03/2023 06:24 - William D.

I am looking for my total entries for March Mania. Where are they now?NC Lottery
Hi, William! Are you using desktop or a mobile device? If you're on our app, please make sure you're using the latest version (2.3.7) and that your phone is up-to-date. If on desktop, please try using a different browser to see if that fixes the issue. If you're still unable to view your entries, please reach out to and our Online Support folks can take a look into this further.

4/03/2023 11:18 - shirley b.

Hi. I know all ya'll care about is getting my 2 or 3 dollars so for me it is about 321.

4/02/2023 11:46 - William D.

Where is the total for March Mania?NC Lottery
Hi, William! We received around 7,325,723 total entries for our March Mania Lucke-Rewards drawing. This drawing will be conducted on Wednesday, April 5th and winners will be contacted within 48 hours. Good luck!

3/31/2023 01:34 - Joe S.

Nice!!! Speak to a tax attorney first... :)

3/30/2023 08:07 - joanie m.

Yes Yes time for NC to win Mega

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