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Nash County woman screamed all the way to work after winning $25,000 a year for life prize

May 22, 2023 Posted by NC Lottery at 2:18 PM

Audrey Woodard of Rocky Mount could not contain her excitement Friday morning on her way to work after a $2 Lucky for Life ticket won her a $25,000 a year for life prize.

“I was so excited I was driving in my car and screaming all the way to work,” Woodard laughed.

She said she won the prize playing numbers that hold a special significance for her.

“I play my birthday, my son’s birthday and his football jersey number,” she said.

Woodard, a 61-year-old production operator, said she initially planned to retire next year but her big win will allow her to retire early.

“I’m still just trying to soak it all in,” she said.

Woodard bought her lucky ticket for Thursday’s drawing from the Circle K on North Wesleyan Boulevard in Rocky Mount. She won her prize by matching all five white balls in the drawing.

“I told my family and they were ecstatic just like I was,” she said.

She claimed her prize Monday and had the choice of receiving $25,000 a year for the rest of her life or a $390,000 lump sum. She chose the $390,000 lump sum and, after required state and federal tax withholdings, took home $277,891.

Woodard said she will give some money to her family, pay off her car, and invest some of the winnings.

Lucky for Life is one of six lottery games in North Carolina where players have the option of buying their tickets through a retail location or Online Play. Lucky for Life drawings are held every night. The odds of winning the $25,000 a year for life prize are 1 in 1.8 million.

Ticket sales from draw games make it possible for the lottery to raise more than $2.5 million a day for education. A $10 million grant, using money raised by the lottery, helped Nash County build the new Red Oak Elementary School. For details on other ways Nash County benefits from lottery funds, visit and click on the “Impact” section.


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5/29/2023 05:54 - Ann J.

Great congratulations ??

5/26/2023 06:29 - Penny W.

Yesss Congrats Mrs Audrey and enjoy your retirement. My day is coming for a Big win.

5/25/2023 10:20 - herbert D.


5/23/2023 06:18 - Michael R.

Congratulations and to each his own but I would have taken the $25,000 per year for life. That's like $2000 per month. That's a pension ,shoot. $277,000 will be gone in two years for me. Lol

5/23/2023 05:39 - Douglas H.

Way to go Audrey. Fabulous win!

5/23/2023 08:55 - Joe S.

Congrats from Charlotte! Nice ‘pocket change’ that keeps on giving…

5/23/2023 07:11 - Elizabeth S.

You Go Girl. Life-changer for sure ?? Keep on Playing - it could happen again.

5/23/2023 06:07 - Nicholas N.

Congratulations to you for your win just amazing. .. I have to stop for a long while .. haven’t hit in for years spent over 200,000

5/23/2023 04:59 - Alexandra J.

Take it on Home Audrey God Bless

5/23/2023 04:12 - Brian T.

It is not an honest draw game. And it is increasingly apparent that AI is being used for most of the other "draw" games as well. NCEL stop usng random number generators (computers) to beat players. Also, stop the constant push for online play and instantplay tickets at retailers for quick profits.

5/22/2023 07:12 - al s.


5/22/2023 05:38 - shuranda s.

Not sure how long, but ABOUT dog-gone time, in rocky mount,nc because so many there been hoping. I wish it was more people, maybe with MEGA and the real big one for Powerball, hopefully and scratch offs for Rocky Mount, and AUDREY way to go girl! great job, i win much with thousands every few weeks on straight on PICK 4, so i m prayiing it continue, and again congrats, AUDREY! adios. God bless us all.

5/22/2023 03:34 - roberta n.

Congratulations Audrey. I think that i would be the same way when i win. I am still keeping hope alive. Enjoy your blessing and that retirement that you are planning.

5/22/2023 03:19 - roberta n.


5/22/2023 02:46 - Cynthia M.

Woww what a blessing I've been playing for 10 years still no Big hit. Online and in stores!!!

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