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3 18 27 40 44 19
Jackpot Estimate $110,000 Next Daily Drawing Sat, Jun 22 Latest Drawing Fri, Jun 21
5 14 32 38 41
5 7 17 29 32
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Don’t miss these deadlines for drawings

May 27, 2023 Posted by NC Lottery at 5:44 PM

We’ve got some exciting Lucke-Rewards and second-chance drawings coming your way soon including one with a chance to win a trip to Las Vegas and a game that could win you $50 million!

Just don’t miss your chance to enter.

Sunday is your deadline to enter into Wednesday’s drawings:

  • Memorial Celebration Cash. You could be one of 50 Lucke-Rewards players to take home a $100 prize in Wednesday’s drawing.
  • The Price Is Right® Second Chance Drawing. Enter your Price Is Right™ scratch-off to get your chance to win one of three trips to Las Vegas to take the Come On Down Challenge where you could win $50 million.

Wednesday is your deadline to enter these June 7 drawings:

  • May Payday. Three players will take home $10,000 in our monthly Lucke-Rewards drawing.
  • 2023 Multiply The Cash Second Chance Drawing. Someone will win a top prize of $200,000, 10 others will win $10,000; and 50 more, $500, in the second of four Multiply The Cash second-chance drawings. Enter with any scratch-off from these “X The Cash” games (# 765, 769, 819, 820, 821, 822, 823, 826, 868, 869, 870, 871, 872, and 873).
  • $5,000,000 Ultimate 500 x $500 Second Chance. Celebrate the $5,000,000 Ultimate ticket with our 500 x $500 second chance drawing. Enter your $5,000,000 Ultimate scratch-off tickets (Game #876) to earn entries in the first of four drawings. In each drawing, 500 lucky winners will win a $500 prize!
  • Living Lucky With Luke Combs Second Chance. Don't miss your chance to live lucky! Enter your Living Lucky with Luke Combs scratch-off tickets (Game #879) OR your Living Lucky with Luke Combs Fast Play tickets (Game #0030) for the chance to win one of five all-expense paid trips to Nashville, where you and a guest will attend a private Luke Combs concert! At this concert, one attendee will win the $500,000 grand prize on stage. Fifty others will win $500 in the drawing.

Learn more about our Lucke-Reward drawings here and our second-chance drawings here.

Good luck!


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8/09/2023 07:07 - Jahrod P.

Did I win NC Lottery
Hi Jahrod, when you win, you will receive an email notifying you that you have won. For security purposes, we will not state the winning amount in the email. The amount will be displayed in your account in the Message Center.

6/04/2023 08:11 - Jessica M.

Change my luck! I could use a reward! God is great!

6/02/2023 02:22 - joanie m.

NC lottery i want to say thank you even though i responded to late i was one of the Trophy winners on Facebook for a 280 dollar value of scratch offs its not like luck rewards you have to respond in a timely matter I will still try again I love playing the games on Facebook its just sad the first time in 20 years to win and i was to late responding

5/30/2023 10:36 - Cynthia M.

Blessings to everyone and I wait patiently for my big win been playing over ten years I know it's coming soon!!!

5/30/2023 10:21 - dorothy l.

If I win any money I will fix up my house and I will win one day doesn't no when I no its coming my not be on my time but his time

5/29/2023 07:51 - Kathleen P.

What do the entry numbers below have to do with the drawing . Is that the amount of entries for one person and thats how you win? Or is it a random pick?NC Lottery
Hi, Kathleen! For our Lucke-Rewards and second chance drawings, each entry is assigned a number and we use a secure Random Number Generator (RNG) to randomly select the winners. Each entry has the same odds of being randomly selected, but if you have more entries, you'll increase your chances of being a lucky winner! Some of our players like to know how many entries we've received overall for a drawing so they can get a better understanding of their odds :)

5/29/2023 08:40 - Brian S.

I know one day I will win. Good luck everyone

5/29/2023 05:50 - Ann J.

Congratulations to you

5/28/2023 07:34 - marqueda g.

I really hope I win one of them

5/28/2023 01:20 - Pamela R.

Lucky luck

5/28/2023 11:38 - Gilbert R.

I would like to win

5/28/2023 11:22 - Kenneth F.

How many entries are there for Multiply the Cash and 5 Million Ultimate? Thank you.NC Lottery
Hi Kenneth, 2023 Multiply The Cash Drawing 2 has 40,967,771 entries and $5,000,000 Ultimate 500 x $500 has 1,222,205 entries. Good luck!

5/28/2023 04:43 - Dwight T.


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