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Lottery named a “Champion for Children”

May 5, 2023 Posted by NC Lottery at 5:15 PM

It’s nice when your work gets recognized so we are pleased to share that your lottery was just named a “Champion for Children.”

The award came from the North Carolina Foundation for Public School Children. The foundation recognized the lottery for the significant impact it makes on the lives of children in North Carolina and the support it provides to public schools.

Just as the lottery raises money for a good cause, so does the foundation.

It provides funds for its Future Teacher Scholarships, its N.C. Teacher Cadet program for high school students exploring a career in teaching; and its Children’s Fund that supplies an array of materials and services for public school children in need, such as eyeglasses, hearing aids, medical and dental services, clothing, and school supplies.

At the lottery, all the money raised by your play of lottery games goes to support public education.

This year, the money goes to:

  • Building new schools and repairing older ones
  • Providing financial aid to North Carolinians to attend state universities and community colleges
  • Giving a free academic preschool experience to “at-risk’ four-year-olds in the NC Pre-K program
  • Supporting all public schools, helping with the costs of support staff and school transportation.

You can find out how the money helps your county on our Education page.

The privilege of education is enshrined in our state constitution and the lottery and its staff is proud to do its part to raise funds needed to maintain that right.


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5/24/2023 02:39 - Jamie T.

Eastern wayne elementary needs work bed I have had 3 children come through there ssame playground and two more still there

5/08/2023 05:20 - Michael B.

Hey NCEL! Are players still allowed to observe the drawings in person in Raleigh?NC Lottery
Hi, Michael! Yes - players are still able to view live drawings upon request. You can contact our Security Division at 1-888-732-6235 to get that set up!

5/08/2023 09:43 - susan d.

Why is it so hard to get on the help section???how many people do u rip off a day???

5/08/2023 09:39 - susan d.

Nc lottery still waiting 4 u pay me 4 your mistake on May 4 pick 3 488 is a payline,want my $90.00

5/07/2023 10:41 - Casey R.

If NC lottery is so great for the state why is it the lowest state in the US for payout %? Not at random when they pick where to send winning tickets! They shouldn't even know were they are at !NC Lottery
Hi there, Casey! We at the lottery don't know where the tickets are distributed - tickets are randomly distributed across the state as they are ordered throughout the duration of a game. Where a winning ticket will show up is a complete mystery until a lucky player scratches one off and comes in to claim! NC is also mid-tier for payout percentages with state lotteries - and we strive to payout well to our loyal players while also making 100% of our profits available for education across our great state!

5/06/2023 03:21 - Josue C.

You guys are the champions of scamming that’s what y’all are.

5/06/2023 09:54 - susan d.

Champion 4 children,sure not 4 customer service!!!

5/06/2023 09:47 - susan d.

Nc lottery ripped me off again on pick3!!

5/06/2023 09:17 - Joe S.

Cool beans!??

5/05/2023 09:20 - Gina C.

NCEL: For all the comments you take, that are sometimes on the grumpy side, Congratulations to all of you running our lottery... "Always for the good of the children, young adults, and teachers, bus drivers and anybody else who cares for our most valued assets", Thankyou.

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