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Greensboro woman buys first home, wins $1 million a week later

May 9, 2023 Posted by NC Lottery at 3:16 PM

One week after closing on a house for the first time, Patricia Simmons of Greensboro bought a scratch-off ticket and received the ultimate housewarming gift: a $1 million lottery win.

“I just stared at it,” Simmons recalled. “It was unreal to see that.”

Simmons, an in-home aide, said that as a first-time homeowner she initially had concerns about paying a mortgage every month but now her $1 million win will help pay for her new house.

She bought her lucky $30 Millionaire Maker ticket from Fairway One Stop on South Elm Eugene Street in Greensboro.

“I’ve been in shock ever since,” she said. “I’m just numb.”

Simmons said her husband didn’t believe her when she called to tell him the news.

“He said, ‘Tricia you’re playing,’” she laughed. “He wanted to see the ticket.”

When Simmons arrived at lottery headquarters Monday, she had a decision to make. She could choose to receive the prize as an annuity of $50,000 over 20 years or a lump sum of $600,000. She chose the lump-sum amount of $600,000 and, after required state and federal tax withholdings, took home $427,509.

Check out the video below of Simmons receiving her big check with her family.


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8/26/2023 09:08 - Barbarette S.

Congratulations ????! The Lord bless always right on time congratulations once again!!

8/23/2023 09:53 - Tiffany G.

NCEL is a rip off & not set up for one to really win. She walks away with less than half after all the deductions. Shameful. Congratulations to you and your family. A beautiful blessing. Congratulations on the new home as well.

5/17/2023 09:44 - Sabrina D S.


5/15/2023 09:39 - Abdulrahman A.

I think they made the right call, it is better to take the whole money now, pay off any debt, invest the rest, and continue to earn your income as before.

5/13/2023 07:32 - Berry B.


5/12/2023 03:46 - Sharon S.

Congratulations! What a Blessing! I wish you could've gotten the payout like they do in Florida! The NCLottery could change the payout set up if they wanted too! They're making more money with the lump sum payout! The one word save from false advertising is "Annuity"

5/12/2023 03:40 - Sharon S.

NCLottery! I don't agree with you on the pay out! You're dangling a million$ ticket for sale! The trick is the annuity payout knowing full well the winner will take the LUMP SUM! DANGLING CARROTS! STOP IT!

5/12/2023 02:36 - jamal g.


5/11/2023 09:45 - Roy M.


5/11/2023 11:27 - NC Lottery

@William G - Hey there, William! If it helps, think of lump sum amounts like money currently sitting in an account. So if you win a $1 million prize, the $600k is available up front. If you chose the annual payments over 20 years, the 40% difference would account for the interest that would be earned over time and used to pay out the prize. We use this structure to give our players options for how they'd like to claim their prize - this is similar to the structure for Powerball and Mega Millions jackpots vs. cash value.

5/11/2023 10:42 - William G.

Hi, so I guess my question is more in regards to why the NCEL has decided on that structure. Jumbo Bucks top payout used to be $750,000 and you got it all at once, no annuity and thus no decrease in the lump sum amount. Why is the annuity forced on $1 million and above? Similar to say cash 5 being over $1 million, it can be paid in full with no annuity. The annuity to me is just a money maker for the NCEL, pay out the whole amount in full and get rid of the annuity option for amounts $2 million and below!

5/10/2023 11:59 - Jami R.

Scratch,scratch,scratch,play,play,play, move to a largely populated city that sells more lottery tickets, according to NCEL and your “portfolio” could hold investments as one definition of it is, instead of zero win lottery tickets.

5/10/2023 09:00 - William G.

Does the lottery have any plans to ever sell a ticket with a top prize of $1 million or more where there is not an annuitized payment? Its so disappointing to see the NCEL market these top prizes, realizing most people need the lump sum and then walk away with less than half of the stated top prize.NC Lottery
Hi, William! At one time, all $1 million prizes for instant games were awarded as annuities. Winners got $50,000 a year for 20 years. Players asked for a choice of taking the annuity or a lump sum, so we began to offer a lump sum on a $1 million prize of $600,000. It's the winner's choice: $1 million annuity paid over 20 years or $600,000 lump sum. The tax withholding is the same, just applied against the lump sum once or the annuity payment every year. All top prizes of our games at this time offer annuity or lump sum payment options. Hope this helps to clarify!

5/10/2023 08:21 - Sandra M.

Praise the Lord for the blessings He bestows on us! He always makes a way when there seems to be none. May you and your family enjoy your good fortune.

5/10/2023 07:11 - Joe S.

Congrats from Charlotte! I have a Millionaire Maker again in my May portfolio. Hoping your luck rubs off on me!

5/10/2023 05:32 - Amy G.


5/10/2023 05:30 - johnny l j.

Right on.

5/10/2023 01:10 - Justin B.

Congratulations!!!! God bless ????

5/09/2023 08:10 - MICHAEL B.

Comigrations! A wonderful Blessing to you and your family.

5/09/2023 07:33 - Conlest C.

Congratulations, Woohoo!!! Woohoo !!!

5/09/2023 07:31 - Charles M.

Good looking family. Winning looks good on ya. Congratulations!

5/09/2023 06:12 - Paula F.

Congratulations to a lovely family.Continue Praising and thanking GOD.

5/09/2023 05:50 - crystal b.

Congratulations ?? ???? ?? ??

5/09/2023 05:24 - Euland C.


5/09/2023 04:27 - Deborah A.

Blessings for all you do!!!! Congrats!!

5/09/2023 03:55 - Charles H.

The NCEL will gladly give her 1 million dollars yet they would rather watch me die than give me the $500 I was cheated out of because a stupid Speedway cashier refused to sell me a pick 3 ticket.

5/09/2023 03:54 - Beverly F.

Congrats to you and your family.

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