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New N.C. Education Lottery campaign collects inspiring stories in education

June 5, 2023 Posted by NC Lottery at 11:02 AM

The North Carolina Education Lottery announces the launch of a new initiative called “Moving North Carolina Students Forward” that will collect inspiring moments in education from all across our state and feature some of the most impactful stories in a statewide TV campaign.

Since the lottery sold its first ticket back in 2006, it has raised billions of dollars for education. Today, on average, the lottery raises more than $2.5 million dollars a day for education.

The collection of stories begins this week and those who want to share a story can post on the campaign’s website, MovingNCStudentsForward.com. Share a personal story of how lottery funds provided a benefit to you, a student you know, or your community.

The lottery plans to feature some of the most inspiring stories in a statewide TV campaign. Those whose stories are selected will receive $2,000.

“We know every extra dollar invested in education make a difference and helps students achieve their dreams,” said Mark Michalko, executive director of the N.C. Education Lottery. “We hope with our Moving North Carolina Students Forward campaign to capture and share some of those inspiring stories.”

These are some of the ways money from the lottery touched every corner of our state just last year and some ideas of stories the lottery would like to collect and share:

  • • $78 million provided a free NC Pre-K program experience to more than 12,000 “at-risk” four-year olds. Tell us how your child’s Pre-K prepared them to be a lifelong learner.
  • • $46 million helped to make a college education possible for thousands of students. Share how a lottery scholarship supported your higher education.
  • • $386 million covered salaries for school staff like custodians and office assistants. We want to hear how a staff member made the difference for you.
  • • $525.8 million for school construction and repair projects. Do you have a story about a new school or a renovated school that helped your community?

Stories can be submitted right now at our campaign website, MovingNCStudentsForward.com.


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8/20/2023 12:02 - Savannah R.

I deposited $30 this morning and bought $18 worth of tickets and the tickets r dated for June 9th how can u buy an old ticketNC Lottery
Hi Savannah, please call Online Play Player Support at 866-934-0289. They can have a look at your account to make sure that you were given the correct tickets. Thanks!

7/10/2023 03:22 - Thorne B.

NCEL;I posted a comment on July 4,"23,although a little long,I am still looking for the answers to my questions.Do you intend to answer or are again going to ignore your standards?Thanks BaytNC Lottery
Hi there, Thorne! We're sorry, but we're having a hard time finding your comment - do you mind sharing your questions again? We looked back through our comments from 7/4 but couldn't find one from your account - if the comment was too long, you may have received an error message (if the comment exceeds the site's character limits) and it may need to be published in multiple comments to fit everything!

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