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Celebrating the real winners on National Lottery Day

July 17, 2023 Posted by NC Lottery at 8:40 AM

It’s National Lottery Day and we have millions of reasons to celebrate. Like 2.5 million every day.

Here in North Carolina, your lottery raises about $2.5 million a day. Those dollars have helped cover the cost of building new schools, reduce the financial load of paying for college, and even cover enrollment for at-risk four-year-olds into a Pre-K program.

National Lottery Day is celebrated every year on July 17 and on this day, we get to pause and share what lotteries do. And this year U.S. lotteries are celebrating National Lottery Week for the fifth time.

Lotteries have been around a long time. We’re talking as far back as George Washington-times in North America, alone. The first modern lottery in the U.S. launched in 1964 in New Hampshire . Lotteries in the U.S. exist to ensure games of chance are operated fairly and responsibly and to raise money for good causes.

In North Carolina, your lottery, established in 2006, raises money for a great cause, public education.

So, where does the money go?

All the money raised here supports education. Other lotteries support other good causes like senior programs, outdoor programs, and programs for veterans.

Your lottery raises money for education in our state in the following ways:

  • $386 million – providing salaries for most of the support staff in our public schools;
  • $358 million – helping to build and repair schools;
  • $41 million – helping to make college more affordable for tens of thousands of students;
  • $78 million – supporting the NC Pre-K program for over 12,000 four-year-olds; and
  • $21 million – helping to cover the costs of getting students to and from school, safely.

Since the start of the lottery, more than $10 billion has been raised for education in North Carolina. You or someone you know may have benefited from those funds. Share your story as part of our Moving NC Students Forward program, and you could earn $2,000. Learn more at the Moving NC Students Forward website.

So, as you play your favorite lottery games this week, know that your play makes a difference. It’s helping move education in our state forward.


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8/27/2023 02:08 - Elaine S.

I've been trying to play the games offered after submitting my tix and they are NOT loading. The 3 today were for Bingo Bucks.NC Lottery
Hey there, Elaine! Thank you so much for reaching out, and we apologize for any inconvenience! If you visit https://nclottery.com/Help, our Online Support folks can look into this and help get this resolved for you.

7/26/2023 07:59 - Deborah O.


7/26/2023 01:23 - Sharon F.

If (when) I hit a big win, I plan on assisting with college tuition for students who are less fortunate. I’m BIG on education and our future leaders.??????

7/24/2023 12:53 - Wanda H.

I won on the pick 4 not major but enough to make my upcoming vacation Less stressful. Because I work for A retailer I had to fill out a form And now wait until someone call with Questions and then 4 to 6 weeks I get My check. How is this fair? Are we Not allowed to play lotteryNC Lottery
Hi, Wanda! We're sorry for any inconvenience. There are no rules barring retailer employees from winning, though our team does have security checks in place that ensures lottery prizes are only awarded when there is no evidence to suggest something is wrong. Again, we apologize for the additional wait and any inconvenience caused by this.

7/23/2023 09:00 - bruce s.

Why has 3000 never been out in the pick 4 lottery game is there a reason for this,I been playing this number since the lottery started.

7/18/2023 05:43 - Patricia T.

Good to see it going to a worthy cause on all counts!!

7/18/2023 05:22 - Brian L.

Please ensure that the state does not reduce the allocation for education funds just because lottery funds are coming in. Lottery funds should be in ADDITION to the standard allocation of the education budget.

7/18/2023 04:38 - robert s.


7/18/2023 09:36 - Beverly C.

Funds from the lottery are greatly appreciated by underpaid teachers who spend their own money for classroom supplies! Many NC citizens would be surprised to hear just how much they spend. Could the lottery create a fund to support classroom teachers who submit applications? DonorsChoose is a great example of this type of system.

7/18/2023 08:05 - Priscilla M.

Good to know that my grandchildren will have an opportunity to get a Great Education through by the donations people are giving by playing the NC Lottery.

7/17/2023 10:20 - Veronica W.

My daughter was a NCEL scholarship recipient. She graduated from UNC Chapel Hill with a degree in Biology. She continued her studies at the Brody School of Medicine at ECU. I am a proud Mom of a Family Physician! Thanks NCEL for helping my child to see her dream become her reality!NC Lottery
That is so wonderful to hear, Veronica! If you haven't already, we invite you or your daughter to share your story of how lottery funds impacted your education on our Moving NC Students Forward site here: https://MovingNCStudentsForward.com. We would love to hear more!

7/17/2023 08:37 - Jean B.

Would love to share the winnings; I’m not selfish…..Let’s do this!

7/17/2023 06:35 - Gale F.

Please consider using some of the lottery money for food for the children during the summer so they will have food to eat when school is not in session!

7/17/2023 04:45 - Edith A.

Why so much money for public schools? I think there is a lot of waste that goes on in schools.

7/17/2023 09:09 - Angela R.

Just wish I could win more often

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