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Brunswick County woman takes break from yardwork, wins $100,000

July 28, 2023 Posted by NC Lottery at 3:11 PM

Jodi Owens of Shallotte turned a day of yardwork into a $100,000 win.

Owens, a retired nurse practitioner who worked with the elderly for 25 years, said she took a break from doing yardwork to run out and grab some dog food. She stopped at the Civietown Mini Mart on Holden Beach Road in Shallotte for a Black Titanium ticket on the way, then returned home to scratch her ticket.

“I’m still in shock,” said Owens. “It’s truly a blessing.”

She claimed her prize Friday at lottery headquarters in Raleigh. After required federal and state tax withholdings, she took home $71,259.

“I’m gonna pay my mortgage off and pay my car off!” she said excitedly. “I’m thinking about getting a manicure/pedicure too!”

The $30 game launched last month with six $4 million top prizes and 16 $100,000 prizes. Five $4 million top prizes and 13 $100,000 prizes remain.

Ticket sales from scratch-off games make it possible for the lottery to raise an average of $2.5 million a day for education. For details on how $5.9 million raised by the lottery made a difference in Brunswick County in 2022, visit www.nclottery.com and click on the “Impact” section.


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7/31/2023 11:19 - Michael R.

NCEL I found a $10 scratch tickets in one of the kiosk. I assumed it was the lady that I played before I got to the machine so I ran outside to give her the ticket. Hypothetical, if we find a ticket and it's the jackpot, can we keep the ticket ad our own?NC Lottery
Hi, Michael! The North Carolina Education Lottery is not responsible for lost or stolen tickets, nor are we able to link a specific ticket with an original purchaser, so the only way to protect yourself from this happening is signing your ticket. Lottery tickets are bearer instruments. Unless signed, anyone in possession of the ticket can file a claim.

7/31/2023 07:26 - carolyn b.


7/31/2023 12:17 - Tim M.

LZ, can't update my phone through the Settings Menu. There's just nothing there to update. The steps don't allow it. Next stop is another phone call I guess. I just hope it doesn't cost more than it's worth.NC Lottery
Hi, Tim! You can try the steps at this link to see if you're able to update your device: https://support.google.com/android/answer/7680439?hl=en. Hope this helps!

7/30/2023 09:31 - Cheryl M.


7/30/2023 08:12 - Mckenly W.


7/30/2023 11:43 - Kimberly L.

I cannot update to 10 and I'm not going to buy a new phone just to use this one app. Apparently we are all just SOL if we have older phones.

7/30/2023 09:54 - Jennifer H.


7/30/2023 09:48 - Mark-Alexander B.

Congratulations to you on your winnings.

7/30/2023 08:00 - Crystal A.


7/30/2023 02:08 - Joe S.

Congrats from Charlotte!

7/29/2023 06:56 - Latandra V.


7/29/2023 05:01 - Kevin H.

Tim: I have the identical problem here... and am not pleased in the least...

7/29/2023 03:46 - Ellyn H.

Congratulations ????????

7/29/2023 10:28 - Tim M.

LZ, I have version 9 on Android. How can I update to 10? Will I have to take it to a phone or computer repair shop?NC Lottery
Hi Tim, I would advise speaking to someone with more technical support knowledge for your particular device. Your phone service provider or technical resources from your phone manufacturer should be able to assist. Typically, updating the Android OS on a device can be done at home through the settings menu on the phone though. Thank you.

7/29/2023 09:45 - NC Lottery

@Tim, the latest version of our Android App requires Version 10 of Android. Do you know which version of Android your device is running? You may need to update your OS to use our latest version of the app. let me know if this helps resolve the issue. Thanks!

7/29/2023 03:05 - Tim M.

LZ, we have a problem. Your app said it's no longer compatible with my phone. What can I do?! I know I've had the app since about 2014 when it was still the old app. Then you changed the app and I got that version. I've even switched phones and even phone numbers since then. My current phone I've had nearly 5 years. I've always been able to update the app, that is, until now. Thursday night I tried to login but it required an update. When I tried the Google Play Store said my device is no longer compatible with the app. I sent an e-mail. The reply was to call, which I did. The agent I spoke to listened to my description of the problem. She sounded like y'all can't do anything. I have an Android, Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown. They don't make it anymore. I got it in 2018 I believe. Anyway, she said there have been a number of members with the same problem as me. What can I do? I don't want to buy a new phone but I don't want to be without the app either. Can your techs provide some sort of fix?

7/29/2023 12:24 - William A.

I remember when a $20 dollar ticket paid better prizes than this ticket!

7/28/2023 11:59 - Gloria C.

Congratulations to you and I wish you many more wonderful wins

7/28/2023 11:46 - Vicki G.


7/28/2023 10:42 - Vivian p.

Congratulations Jodi. Enjoy being mortgage and car pymt free!!Its got to feel GREAT. Happy for you

7/28/2023 10:30 - Douglas H.

Congratulations to Jodi Owens and family. Wonderful blessing:-)

7/28/2023 08:23 - joanie m.

Congratulations Jodi

7/28/2023 06:24 - sharon h.

Awesome! Mt time is coming soon

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