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A record win for education and players

September 27, 2023 Posted by NC Lottery at 10:31 AM

Your fun with lottery games helped the N.C. Education Lottery raise − for the first time ever − more than $1 billion in a single year for public education in North Carolina.

Lottery ticket sales drove the record earnings for education in fiscal year 2023. Only 10 other lotteries in the U.S. have raised that much in a year for their good causes.

Not only did education get a big win, but so did many of you. The lottery also paid out the most in prizes ever in a single year − $2.8 billion, or $7.8 million a day on average. In all, players took home 91 prizes of $1 million or more.

Here are a few more records set:

  • Passing $10 billion raised for the state since the lottery started in 2006.
  • Record sales of $4.3 billion, or $11.9 million a day on average.
  • Record commission and incentives to retailers of $295.2 million.

With your help, the lottery exceeded the $885 million goal requested by the state. Funding from the lottery supports education programs in all 100 counties to:

  • Build and renovate new schools.
  • Make college more affordable through scholarships and grants based on financial need.
  • Support school systems with the costs of school staff and transportation.
  • Provide a free, academic preschool to at-risk four-year-olds in the NC Pre-K program.

If you have been touched by funding the lottery provides to education in our state, we want to hear about it. Submit your story at movingncstudentsforward.com. If your story is chosen for our statewide marketing campaign, you could get a $2,000 award.


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9/28/2023 06:41 - Joe S.

Win - Win!!! Love it.... Play to win but use common sense...know the odds. For those who spend their 'critical money'(utilities, rent, food, etc.) on the NC Lottery: shame on you! Lottery is 'entertainment', not a financial plan. Don't be stupid.

9/27/2023 12:37 - Roger K.

Goes to show how many people are desperate to won money! With this inflation going on, we the people need more money in our pockets to survive. The wealthiest people don't worry, cause they have money for,gas,groceries, paying their bills with ease, taking good vacations in far off places. But us poor folks,can't get ahead. So we try our luck on the lottery. That's why I do play, but not as much anymore since my wife has passed away. Her check was not coming in anymore. So I'm not playing so much. I would like to have more money to do things and go places. So poor folks, spend your money wisely, and hope to win.

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