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Find the Hidden Tickets in the Winners Club for the Chance to Win Some Scratch-offs

September 5, 2023 Posted by NC Lottery at 11:00 AM

At the Winners Club, any win gets you in. New members join the Winners Club each day ready to celebrate their wins, so it’s always bustling with activity. From ballrooms to theaters to waterfront dining, the Winners Club has something for every winner! We’ve hidden some of our all-new Red Hot Millions scratch-off tickets across the Winners Club – can you find them all?

From now until September 24th, visit WinnersClubWorld.com and scroll through the Winners Club illustration. While scrolling, see if you can find the 15 scratch-off tickets hidden throughout the Winners Club. After you find them all, enter your name and email for the chance to win a prize pack of Red Hot Millions scratch-offs, a win that’s sure to make you feel like part of the club!

Don’t delay! Complete the game and fill out the entry form by the end of the day on Sunday, September 24th to be entered for the chance to win. 10 winners will be randomly selected in a drawing on Tuesday, September 26th and winners will be notified via email shortly after.

Good luck! See you in the Winners Club!

Must be 18 to play. View full Promotion Rules for more details.


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9/21/2023 01:26 - Terri N.

Website for Winners Club not working NC Lottery
Hi Terri, We’re sorry about that! We’re not aware of any widespread issues affecting the site at this time. PLease, try using a different browser and let us know if the problem still persists.

9/07/2023 03:08 - Stephanie C.

Yes yes

9/06/2023 05:17 - joanie m.

They were so tiny hard to find it was fun

9/06/2023 01:46 - joanie m.

Yes Yes Winners Club I see the commercial several times a day I want that Gold Jacket and all the Perks that come with it Let's play

9/06/2023 10:35 - Sherry L.

Excellent game!! Good Luck everyone!

9/06/2023 10:33 - jamie h.

Why is there no winner listed for May $10,000 drawing?NC Lottery
Hey there, Jamie! If you're referring to the May Payday 2023 Lucke-Rewards drawing, the 3 lucky $10,000 winners are listed on the drawing page here: https://nclottery.com/rewards. Click on the drawing to open the drawing page, click the drawing date, then click "Winners" to see the lucky winners from this draw.

9/06/2023 10:29 - Roger K.

Yes, I played it, but I had to use all the hints to find them. It was very hard for me to find out where they was. Thanks!

9/05/2023 11:34 - Barbara J.

I love to play the scratch off and the pick 3 pick 4 Lucky for Life mega Powerball and and help the North Carolina educational

9/05/2023 05:01 - Robin W.

Enjoyed finding the Tickets, nice to have a little challenge to spark the brain cells to search and locate the hidden tickets.. Great keep them coming.NC Lottery
Thanks for the love, Robin! Wishing you lots of luck!

9/05/2023 04:29 - Angela A.

@NCEL here we go again starting the month off with another repeat! Where is my munber hiding? 104 on the 1st and 104 on the 5th of the Month. I on hitting BIGGGGGGG!!!!!!NC Lottery
We're crossing our fingers for you, Angela! Hope your favorite number hits soon!

9/05/2023 03:43 - Valerie C.

You have to have a winning red hot millions ticket to enter contest?NC Lottery
Hey there, Valerie! You just need to find the 15 hidden tickets on the promotion site and you'll be able to enter your info for the chance to win! If you need help finding the tickets, the hint button in the bottom right on the site can help you locate them!

9/05/2023 12:04 - Candace A.

website for WinnersClubWorld.com is not working. NC Lottery
Hi Candace, sorry the website was giving you trouble, we have not had any other messages regarding this issue. One reason this can happen is heavy traffic may have slowed the system down for you. It appears to be running currently. Let us know if you are still not getting the page to load and we will see what else may be the cause.

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