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Align the Win All Doubler Stars and Comment on Facebook for a Chance to Win

February 6, 2024 Posted by NC Lottery at 11:00 AM

Our 2024 Multiply the Cash scratch-off tickets are here, featuring new, exciting ways to multiply your win. Introducing the Win All Doubler star – match any of your numbers to the Win All Doubler number and you’ll win double the prizes shown!

To celebrate our new tickets and the Win All Doubler stars, we’re giving Facebook fans a chance to align the stars and win an assortment of Multiply the Cash scratch-offs. To enter, simply find the latest promo post on our Facebook page and take a screenshot of the video when the stars are aligned. Post your screenshot in the comments on the promo post to be entered for a chance to win some scratch-offs!

Our Multiply the Cash tickets offer multiple chances to win, and this Promotion does too! Over the next three weeks, we’ll share a new promotion post each Tuesday. Each entry period will run from Tuesday through the following Monday, so check back on our Facebook page each week for a new promotion post and another chance to win. 5 winners will be randomly selected from each post to win an assortment of 50 Multiply the Cash scratch-off tickets – 10 of each of our new games. That’s a prize that will have you feeling starstruck!

Have you got stars in your eyes yet? Comment on the first promo post by the end of the day on Monday, February 12th to enter – and come back to our Facebook each of the following weeks for two more chances to win. Good luck!

Must be 18 to play. View full Promotion Rules for more details.


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2/27/2024 09:16 - Angela A.

SMH! Finally got a double it on $1 ticket and what do you think the prize was? .....$1 Just like when you get the x it is always been a small amount x2 prize $5 ...x5 prize $2 This is getting old to the players. Time for a new plan @NCEL!

2/12/2024 10:20 - DEIDRE D.

Double it!!!!

2/09/2024 07:22 - Chad H.

Better lottery then the states I’ve lived in

2/09/2024 03:27 - Dwayne A.

I've bought 2 $2 10X n 1 $5 20X n won an astonishing $2!!! I like the new cards, but I bet there r only 1-2 cards on a whole roll where u can hit the Doubler!!;;

2/08/2024 05:45 - Jenny b.

Good luck to all!

2/08/2024 02:01 - Kathy W.

These look great and I can’t wait to try one! I also love the second chance to win! Would make a nice birthday gift! My birthday is the 11th! Here’s wishing on a star! ??????????NC Lottery
Happy early birthday, Kathy! We're wishing you lots of luck!

2/08/2024 12:13 - Tricia W.

Great game

2/07/2024 10:57 - betty f.

love scratch-off tickets even better if there free :)

2/07/2024 10:37 - Priscilla H.

I like the double draw on the new ticket's. I need a win.

2/07/2024 04:14 - Debra S.

Love looking at the stars.

2/06/2024 06:35 - Jacques Y.

like second draw

2/06/2024 02:24 - Marylene M.

This is a fast game.

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