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9 31 39 40 45 23
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5 35 42 58 66 22
Jackpot Estimate $154,000 Next Daily Drawing Wed, Jul 17 Latest Drawing Tue, Jul 16
16 22 24 32 36
12 14 24 30 32
Top Prizes $1,000/day for life or $25,000/year for life. Next Daily Drawing Wed, Jul 17 Latest Drawing Tue, Jul 16
21 26 31 34 40 15
Latest Daytime Drawing Wed, Jul 17
7 7 4 3 2
Latest Evening Drawing Tue, Jul 16
7 7 2 2 2
Latest Daytime Drawing Wed, Jul 17
6 5 2 6
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4 8 9 3
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Did you win a big lottery prize?

July 5, 2024 Posted by NC Lottery at 8:25 AM

Every player dreams of a big lottery win. It takes a lot of luck and it should be a moment to celebrate. But sometimes tickets get misplaced or players forget to check if they won.

The lottery is committed to helping all of our players claim their winnings. To do that, we keep an eye on all the big lottery prizes that have yet to be claimed in order to help ensure everyone gets to experience that winning moment before the prizes expire.

Players have 180 days to claim their prize on a draw game.

Check out the list below of prizes of at $100,000 that remain unclaimed:

• $110,000 Cash 5 jackpot won in the May 16 drawing expires Nov. 12

  • The ticket came from the Sheetz on South Main Street in Dobson

• $150,000 Powerball prize won in the April 6 drawing expires Oct. 3

  • The ticket came from the Quality Mart on Chapel Hill Road in Raleigh

• $156,060 Cash 5 jackpot won in the April 11 drawing expires Oct. 8

  • The ticket came from H Mart on Forest Hills Road in Wilson

• $164,308 Cash 5 jackpot won in the June 3 drawing expires Nov. 30

  • The ticket came from Circle K on U.S. 15-501 in Southern Pines

If you play Cash 5 or Powerball and buy tickets in Dobson, Raleigh and Wilson, please double-check any old tickets you might have to see if you are a winner!

Remember it’s never been easier to check your ticket and claim prizes. You can:

  • Check winning numbers on the lottery’s website, on the lottery’s mobile app, and at all locations where lottery tickets are sold.
  • Use a ticket checker at the store to scan a bar code and see if a ticket is a winner.
  • Use the ticket checking function on the lottery’s app, the NC Lottery Official Mobile App.

Online Play provides additional ways for lottery players to make sure they get the prizes they win. When you are registered with the lottery, you have advantages to avoid missing out on prizes, large or small.


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7/17/2024 07:52 - Roger K.

Hey, never mine! I found what the numbers where. Don't even post what I said. I had 2 numbers right on it. Not a winner for me!

7/17/2024 01:23 - suesan B.

no wining NC lotto...can't wait to put my money in biloxi to win really big.

7/14/2024 12:27 - Mark M.

Don't care what you say, small towns do not fair well with the lotto. Big retailers and larger non rural areas win by sheer volume sales. Scratch off tickets in particular. Also the "loaded" tickets? ridiculous. YOu eliminate half the $ prizes , slightly increase the odds on the target amount . Worst tickets out there

7/08/2024 09:23 - doug s.

I wonder if all 2nd chance tickets (5X,10X,20X,100X,200X) tickets are all compiled together and only 1 drawing is held for 1 single winner using ALL tickets? Or is there separate drawings for each class ticket?NC Lottery
Hey there, Doug! All tickets for an eligible drawing are entered into the same drawing, unless otherwise outlined in the rules. For the 2024 Multiply the Cash second chance drawings, all tickets are entered into the same drawing, but the number of entries received is dependent on the ticket and the price point of that ticket (for example, a $30 200X The Cash ticket receives 60 entries, whereas a $10 50X The Cash ticket would receive 10 entries). You can find this outlined in the drawing rules on the draw page: https://nclottery.com/RewardsDraw?dn=308.

7/08/2024 04:15 - Priscilla G.

I always wondered how you no if you win second chance drawing .NC Lottery
Hey there, Priscilla! Lucke-Rewards and second chance drawing winners are notified via email generally within 48 hours of a drawing. We'll also follow up with a phone call (and we'll leave a message!) and a certified letter through the mail if we're approaching the 30-day claim deadline and we haven't heard back from a winner.

7/08/2024 03:09 - Sharon B.

I collect the money and buy tickets for a group of 25. We have been playing forever, it seems. We only play PBall and buy 30 draws with the money collected. All of is keep hoping we will get lucky. Small winnings are used to purchase tickets. We have never had a Big Win!!!!NC Lottery
We're crossing our fingers and wishing you lots of luck for a big win, Sharon!

7/07/2024 01:48 - Donovan C.

How do you know if you won a second chance drawing I went through the night of the July 3, 2024 and started deleting emails by the hundreds and i hadnt seen anything wheh i started deleting them but yall were ckosed for the 4th as well or do i needa do more than just subscribe my email on the app and i updated my phone number as well NC Lottery
Hi Donovan, When you win, you will receive an email notifying you that you have won. For security purposes, we will not state the winning amount in the email. The amount will be displayed in your account in the Message Center.

7/07/2024 06:56 - Chester W.

I am only being able to enter 20 or so tickets per day when it should be 75. Please help thanks. NC Lottery
Hi Chester, Please contact our Online Support folks at https://nclottery.com/Help and they will be able to see what is preventing you from exceeding 20 entries.

7/06/2024 07:46 - Fred J.

Hope I can win something they playing a long time especially on Second Chance drawing so I can't win on a scratch off but maybe on the second chance.

7/06/2024 12:03 - Cassandra C.

I have been playing the nc lottery since the first day nc got the lottery in our state. I hope I can one day win big????

7/05/2024 02:20 - Lynette D.

Waiting on my turnNC Lottery
We're wishing you lots of luck, Lynette!

7/05/2024 12:51 - Mark M.

Total nonsense. Big Cities and Big store chains generally get the winners by Volume sales. Lexington is like 1% of the winners and you will find smaller areas the same. I've entered drawings by the hundreds with thousands of points and nothing. I give up on the Lotto. YOu can keep it. SPend your 1000 bucks to win 50.00NC Lottery
Hi, Mark! Anywhere there are more chances being taken to win, the odds will play out more often there over time. You'll have a larger volume of both winning and non-winning tickets in proportion with the odds. That has no effect on the likelihood of a particular ticket winning or not winning a prize, whether it be in a big city or a small town. No matter where you play, your odds of being a lucky winner are the same! It has to be that way in order for the lottery to be fair to everyone.

7/05/2024 10:30 - Cierra M.

When for example , U buy Powerball or MeMegaMillions tickets on the app or website ? Will it tell u on the drawdate ,if u won or not and where will u see it on the site or app ?NC Lottery
Hey there, Cierra! You can see the draw date you're purchasing tickets for when completing the checkout process - tickets will always be for the next drawing, but you can purchase a Multidraw ticket if you'd like to buy for the next several draws. If you're a lucky winner, you'll get an email notifying you of your win with instructions on how to claim your prize, and prizes under $600 will automatically be deposited into your account. You can view your ticket purchases under your account - under your name in the top right corner of the desktop site, or under "Account" in our app, select "Upcoming Purchased Draws" to see future draws, or "Past Draws" to view tickets from previous drawings. Hope this helps to clarify!

7/05/2024 09:27 - Roger K.

Wow! This is unbelievable! I play every single day in hopes of any kind of win. Then I see this, so hard to think people don't put their tickets in a safe place. I stick mine on refrigerator magnet. That way I know the next morning, where they are to check them. Any of them amount ,I'd be happy with. Smdh!NC Lottery
It's definitely important to keep your tickets in a safe place so you can claim them! We hope these lucky winners come forward before the deadline to claim. Thanks for commenting, Roger!

7/05/2024 08:53 - NINA M.

How long to claim 2nd chance wins?NC Lottery
Hey there, Nina! Second chance winners have 30 days from the date they're notified to claim their prize.

7/05/2024 08:51 - Joerotha L.

$1000 a day for life, Good Luck to all

7/05/2024 08:43 - HILDA D.

I'm really glad to hear that. Hopefully some people will find their old tickets and get their winnings! I'm glad you said where it was, because I don't live around there so no worries to me. Good luck everybody! Happy Fourth of July!NC Lottery
Happy 4th of July to you, Hilda! We definitely hope these lucky winners come in to claim before the deadline!

7/05/2024 07:26 - Simone C.

Hope I win? Did I win? NC Lottery
Hi, Simone! You can check to see if your tickets were winners by scanning them using our mobile app or taking them to a lottery retailer or vending machine!

7/05/2024 06:52 - Norma T.

How are second chance winners drawn and where are the winners listed?NC Lottery
Hi, Norma! Each entry in the second chance drawing is assigned a numerical value and a secure Random Number Generator (RNG) randomly selects the winning entries. Winners are generally notified within 48 hours of a drawing via email, and you can find the winner list for a drawing on that drawing page - click the drawing date and select "Winners" to see the list. Hope this helps!

7/05/2024 06:27 - Sharon D.

What happened to new $1 and $2 scratch off tickets every month? Seeing way more $5 and $10 new tickets? thought the lottery was supposed to be for fun? Pricing the fun people out of playing?NC Lottery
Hey there, Sharon! We offer a variety of games with different price points and prize structures to appeal to all of our players!

7/05/2024 12:18 - bobbie d.

I want to win.my 25 dogs need me to win for dog food..they starving.lol

7/04/2024 06:01 - Reginald H.

Did i win???NC Lottery
Hi, Reginald! You can check to see if your tickets were winners by scanning them on our mobile app or taking them to a lottery retailer or vending machine!

7/04/2024 04:18 - shirley b.

I'm going to win a big prize!!!!!

7/03/2024 10:40 - Percy M.

I am having a problem signing on to the moble lottery app. Is it offline? NC Lottery
Hi Percy, we have not had any widespread reports of the app being down. However, due to the holiday, you may experience some delays. If the issue continues, please contact our online support team, and they will be able to assist you further. nclottery.com/Help

7/03/2024 07:47 - Gary M.

Trying to withdraw my winnings but it won't let meNC Lottery
Hey there, Gary! If you're having trouble trying to withdraw your winnings, please reach out to https://nclottery.com/Help and our Online Support folks can assist with this further!

7/03/2024 09:21 - Brenda H.

Not good

7/03/2024 08:34 - Sherry P.

Hopefully I will win soonNC Lottery
We're wishing you lots of luck, Sherry!

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