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5 35 42 58 66 22
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16 22 24 32 36
12 14 24 30 32
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4 8 9 3
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Keno Bonus Hours returns today

July 5, 2024 Posted by NC Lottery at 2:53 PM

Attention all lovers of Keno. Every Friday in July, starting tonight, you have the chance to win larger prizes playing your favorite game.

During Keno Bonus Hours, which take place between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. at participating locations, you’ll get 50% more prize money on any win when you add the Multiplier to your ticket.

For example, if you win $20 on a ticket with a Mulitplier, you’ll receive $30 instead. Adding the Mulitplier doubles the base cost of your ticket.

Multi-draw tickets bought during that time but drawn later will also qualify for this promotion.

Not all retailers with Keno are participating in the promotion. Click on the Where to Play button on the Keno Bonus Hours page here to see a list and a map of participating retailers.

Good luck and have fun collecting those bonus wins!


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7/08/2024 01:27 - Kimberly D.

@Shirley B. I must agree with every word you said. Not only when it comes to the popular numbers being drawn, but with the repeats as well. All combinations have the same odds of coming out, but the popular ones I guess lol. Then their response is always the same. Players don't want to hear that, we expect to lose but dang not to repeats continuously lol! NC is the only state that repeat numbers as much as any other states. They must keep the players interested when it comes to the daily draw games, if not they can expect a drop in the sales.

7/07/2024 07:51 - shuranda s.

NCEL: Kym B., she has a great point. Good point. I see many saying that, state wide online.I also feel KENO really should be online by now.I am not sure why it isn't.I am doing well per year, with Pick 4.I'm hoping to continue, just wanted to say that tonight." Adios.

7/07/2024 12:59 - shirley b.

Hi NCEL We would like for the trips to return. Let's talk about that. Ya'll will continue to lose players because people expect to lose but when they start to distrust NC lottery practices that is a different story. Once you lose that you won't get it BACK. Remember the signs because it is happening and that is so sad. NC Lottery
Hi Shirley, We love it when popular numbers are drawn and players win lots of money because it makes players happy. However, we have strict rules in place to ensure that every set of numbers, regardless of popularity, has exactly the same chance of being drawn in every drawing. Any combination could have been drawn yesterday, last year, or never, and the odds of it being drawn again today would still be 1 in 10,000. We hope your favorite number hits soon!

7/06/2024 11:23 - stacy c.

I love keno I won 15,000 before NC Lottery
Hi Stacy, congratulations, we love to hear about those big wins!

7/06/2024 10:21 - KYM B.

This has got to be one of the worst promotions that NCEL has ever made. It's a shame, crime, that this is allowed. No where on your main promo does it say that not all places sell it. How can you have a promo where not all places sell it? You need to change your front page promo or enable it for all locations. NC Lottery
Hello, Kym B. Each retailer decides whether to participate in the promotions. All we can do is inform our players of the participating locations. The information on this promotion page will link to a map of the participating locations. We try to make it clear in our promotional ads that this is only available at select retailers.

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