Jackpot Estimate $75 Million Cash Value $36 Million Next Drawing Wed, Jul 17 Latest Drawing Mon, Jul 15
9 31 39 40 45 23
Jackpot Estimate $251 Million Cash Value $118.7 Million Next Drawing Fri, Jul 19 Latest Drawing Tue, Jul 16
5 35 42 58 66 22
Jackpot Estimate $154,000 Next Daily Drawing Wed, Jul 17 Latest Drawing Tue, Jul 16
16 22 24 32 36
12 14 24 30 32
Top Prizes $1,000/day for life or $25,000/year for life. Next Daily Drawing Wed, Jul 17 Latest Drawing Tue, Jul 16
21 26 31 34 40 15
Latest Daytime Drawing Wed, Jul 17
7 7 4 3 2
Latest Evening Drawing Tue, Jul 16
7 7 2 2 2
Latest Daytime Drawing Wed, Jul 17
6 5 2 6
Latest Evening Drawing Tue, Jul 16
4 8 9 3
Progressive Jackpot Estimate
$324,379 Updated: Wednesday, 9:47:36 PM

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For Retailers

For Retailers Application


Becoming a North Carolina Education Lottery (NC Lottery) retailer is a great business opportunity. The NC Lottery retailer application process is ongoing, so you can get in the game at any time. Please review the information below and then download a Retailer Application Package to get started! If you have questions about the application process, please contact our Customer Services at 1-877-382-4530, Option 2.

Why Should I become a Lottery retailer?

In addition to the 7% retailer commission on each ticket sold, being a lottery retailer has several advantages:

  • Service to your regular customers.
  • Increased customer traffic for ticket purchases.
  • Repeat traffic from ticket sales and ticket prize redemptions.
  • Increased sales of other store merchandise.
  • Statewide lottery advertising and promotional programs.
  • Value as a contributing community member.
  • FUN!

Basic Requirements include:

  • Lottery game retailers must be at least 21 years of age. This does not prohibit retail employees from selling lottery tickets.
  • Lottery game retailers cannot be engaged exclusively in the business of selling lottery tickets or operating devices solely for entertainment.
  • Lottery game retailers must be current in filing and payment of all applicable taxes to the State, excluding items under formal appeal.
  • Lottery game retailers must undergo and pass background investigations which include:
    • Criminal background review
    • Tax filing status review
    • Financial credit review
  • Lottery game retailers may not reside in the same household as a member of the Commission, the Director, or any other employee of the Commission.

Basic Responsibilities include:

  • The retailer must display a certificate of authority to sell lottery tickets. The Commission shall issue such certificates.
  • The retailer agrees to pay out all prizes under $600 in their location.
  • The retailer agrees to comply with all NCEL Retailer Rules and Regulations.
  • In support of the NC Lottery’s Responsible Gaming program, we desire that at least one representative from each store location complete the responsible gaming training, once every three years.
  • The retailer must comply with Commission rules and procedures governing the accounting of tickets in custody, tickets sold, proceeds from sales of tickets, and remission of funds to the Commission through electronic fund transfers or other recorded financial instruments authorized by the Commission and approved by the Director.
  • The retailer shall not pay, give, or make any gift, loan, special discount, economic opportunity, favor, hospitality or service (excluding food and beverages), to any Commission member, the Director, Commission employee or member of an immediate family living with a Commission member, the Director, or Commission employee.
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