Progressive Jackpot Estimate
$525,806 Updated: Tuesday, 12:45:06 PM
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Classic Bingo

Top Prize Est
$105,161 20% of Progressive Jackpot
Ticket Price
How to Win

Circle numbers on YOUR CARD that match any numbers of the numbers of the CALLER'S CARD. Only highest prize won on each card will pay.

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Prizes & Odds
Prizes Odds 1 in
Approximate overall odds of winning are 1 in 4.00
20% of Jackpot (Outside Square) 320,000.00
$200 (Circle) 20,000.00
$100 (Letter Z) 6,000.00
$50 (Letter X) 533.33
$20 (Diamond) 160.00
$10 (Inner Frame) 75.00
$6 (Four Corners) 40.00
$4 (2 Line) 10.91
$2 (1 Line) 8.96
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