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Scratch-Off Games$50 Million Cash Blowout
Unscratched unscratched ticket example
Scratched scratched ticket example
$50 Million Cash Blowout
Ticket Price $10
Top Prize $500
Overall Odds* 1 in 9.95
Launch Date Jul 1, 2022
Game Number 841
Game Status Active
End Date -tbd-
Claim Deadline -tbd-
Value Odds 1 in* Total Remaining
*Approximate odds of winning and the number of prizes including breakeven prizes is established at the time of printing. Chances of winning will change as prizes are won.
Remaining prizes are updated daily and shows prizes not yet claimed through Sep 22, 2023.

† Game Reordered, tickets ordered and prize count has increased.
$500 750.59 16,723 172
$100 30.76 407,436 4,929
$50 15 835,772 10,971

How To Play

Match any of YOUR NUMBERS to any of the WINNING NUMBERS, win PRIZE shown for that number. Reveal a “$50” symbol, win $50 instantly. Reveal a “$100” symbol, win $100 instantly! Reveal a “$500” symbol, win $500 instantly!

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