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Scratch-Off GamesDouble Diamond Cashword
Unscratched unscratched ticket example
Scratched scratched ticket example
Double Diamond Cashword
Ticket Price $10
Top Prize $500,000
Overall Odds* 1 in 3.57
Launch Date Apr 4, 2023
Game Number 880
Game Status Active
End Date -tbd-
Claim Deadline -tbd-
Value Odds 1 in* Total Remaining
*Approximate odds of winning and the number of prizes including breakeven prizes is established at the time of printing. Chances of winning will change as prizes are won.
Remaining prizes are updated daily and shows prizes not yet claimed through Sep 24, 2023.
$500,000 1,206,690 4 2
$10,000 603,345 8 4
$5,000 402,230 12 5
$2,000 201,115 24 11
$1,000 58,862.93 82 37
$500 2,950.34 1,636 648
$200 2,395.41 2,015 823
$100 107.78 44,784 18,228
$50 50.01 96,522 39,124
$40 99.87 48,331 19,763
$30 24.99 193,124 78,680
$20 10 482,676 199,461
$10 10 482,676 206,968

How To Play

1. Scratch all of YOUR LETTERS to reveal 18 letters. 2. For each of the 18 letters revealed in YOUR LETTERS, rub the same letter each time it is found in each CASHWORD PUZZLE. For example, if the letter E is revealed in your letters, rub all E’s in each of the CASHWORD PUZZLES. 3. There are three letters in addition to your 18 letters that appear under the scratch-off coating on the ticket. These are smaller in size than your 18 letters and are not your letters to be used in playing the game. 4. If you have rubbed three (3) or more complete words in any CASHWORD PUZZLE, you win the corresponding PRIZE found in the PRIZE LEGEND for that puzzle. 5. If one of your completed words contains a “Diamonds” symbol, win DOUBLE the corresponding prize in the PRIZE LEGEND for that PUZZLE for the total number of words completed. BONUS: Reveal a “Ring” symbol, win BONUS PRIZE shown! Note: A. A “word” must contain at least three letters. B. A “word” cannot be formed by linking letters diagonally or by reading the letters from bottom to top. C. Letters must appear in a unbroken horizontal or vertical string of letters in the CASHWORD. An unbroken string of letters: (a) cannot be interrupted by a black space, and (b) must contain every single letter square between two black spaces. D. Every single letter in the unbroken string must: be revealed in YOUR LETTERS, and be included to form a “word”. Words such as “A” and “CAN” within “CANDY” are not complete words. Letters forming a word within a complete word can only be used to form one complete word/ “BASE” and “BALL” within “BASEBALL” are considered only one complete word. E. The possible complete words for this ticket are shown on the CASHWORD PUZZLES. Each possible complete word consists of 3 or more letters and occupies an entire word space. You must match all of the letters in a possible complete word in order in to complete the word.

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