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You spoke. We listened.

December 18, 2019 Posted by NC Lottery at 8:14 AM
We got lots of good comments about our new Online Play program when it started in October, but we also fielded questions and concerns from some of you about the new minimum purchase and withdrawal requirements.
The requirements are standard for many online transactions and many retail purchases in store.

Still, we heard you. We read your comments, thought about what you said, and that led us to reconsider if such requirements should apply to our lottery games. We decided you were right.

So beginning today, players using Online Play can buy just a $1 ticket if that is all they want. And when it comes to withdrawals, you can withdraw only $1 if you wish. We plan to keep the $10 deposit requirement, but that only applies when depositing funds to add to your balance, not to purchases. Remember, you can purchase without depositing.

Thank you for your feedback. The change is effective immediately.

If you have questions, we are still here to help. You can call our Customer Support Center for Online Play, Loyalty, and Mobile App at 1-866-934-0289 or try out the new chat feature on the website wherever you see the chat icon.

Someone will be happy to walk you through any concerns you might have.

Thanks for playing our games and helping us raise money for education. Good luck in your next drawing.


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2/26/2020 05:00 - Isalene J.

Thanks N.C lottery . That is nice to hear. I guess you just ansewer my question.

2/25/2020 08:15 - Isalene J.

I have a sill question I did read the rules . And what I understand is this once you win a lucky Reward price you can`t win again on any other game. Is this right another person said you can win again .Ok what is the right question. Can you win on any Lucky Points game .And I love entering my points . Thanks for comeing up with this game . NC Lottery
Hi there Isalene, Thanks for asking! Winning the a drawing one time does not hurt or improve someone's chances of winning in the future. We've had lots of people win prizes more than once. However, you are only eligible to win once in a single drawing. Hope this helps clarify things!

2/19/2020 02:51 - Cherylyn C.

Just wondering why some of the Lucke-Rewards winner listings are short-listed; 2 Fast Cash for Jan. have only 9 winners listed, but more importantly Reindeer Riches (for $5000!!) has only 24, not 25. It doesn't even say "Winner Notified" for that last one. Why?? (Makes me wonder what else isn't working correctly.)NC Lottery
Thanks for the heads up, Cherylyn! In both cases you mentioned, the deadline for the first winner to claim has passed and we're in the process of awarding that last prize to an alternate. But you're right, the website should still say "winner notified", and we're working to get that updated now.

2/19/2020 01:40 - jimmie k.

Fed 1 to mar 31 apr 3 2019 drawing who won? You dont have any winner jimmie kNC Lottery
Hi Jimmie, We replied to your previous message already. If you are on the page for that drawing (, just click on the draw date that you are interested in, then click the "Winners" button on the pop-up. You should see all the winners posted there.

2/19/2020 02:25 - jimmie k.

2019 multiply drawing fed 1 to mar31 2019 were are the winner ? I cant fine them any where tk jimmie kNC Lottery
Hi Jimmie, They are still posted! If you are on the page for that drawing (, just click on the draw date that you are interested in, then click the "Winners" button on the pop-up. You should see all the winners posted there.

2/13/2020 08:12 - Isalene J.

Thank You

2/12/2020 12:02 - Isalene J.

When you got all winners . Why don`t you take down the game . If all prizes has been won . I am sure you have a reason keeping them up . And also Thanks N.C Lottery for give us a 2 nd chance to win NC Lottery
Hi Isalene, When all of the top prizes for a game are claimed, we begin the process of ending a game. We have over 7,000 retailers across the state, so the pickup process can take up to 6 six weeks. We never want to keep a game on sale when there aren't the top prizes to be won.

2/11/2020 06:31 - John M.

Thanks for getting the problem with entering the times games fixed. Now if they could give us the chance to enter the amount of tickets we want to enter.You use to let pick the amount. I'd like the option to enter 25 , 30,or more at a time. Thanks

2/10/2020 05:50 - Isalene J.

What is going on with your site it shows I have no entry on the games and when I try to enter points it come up with this you need permission Required. You do not have permission to view this content. and I am sign in t want let me do that also it keep said I need NC Lottery
Hey Isalene, Sorry about that! Don't worry, all your entries are still there. Our website was just having a little trouble getting entry totals to display, so we had to go down briefly last night to get that fixed. It should be corrected now. Please check again and if you still aren't seeing your entries, let us know.

2/06/2020 10:39 - John M.

I enter my points into MARDI Gras but it is a pain either I play 10 or the max ,all my points.And when I scan the New Times tickets I have to close the App and reopen the next tickets.THIS IS ANOTHER PAIN. NC Lottery
We're sorry to hear this is causing you frustration, John. We have shared your comments with our web team.

2/05/2020 11:12 - Melissa M.

I wanna win any amount ??????

2/05/2020 02:21 - Margaret Denise A.

I work at a convenience store and customers are always talking about we need for North Carolina only a game that starts at 1 million dollars that is played just like the powerball and mega millions you can charge $2.00 or $3.00 and play 2 nights a week just an idea because people are getting aggravated that North Carolina doesn’t win the mega millions or powerball big jackpotsaNC Lottery
We appreciate the feedback on this, Margaret! We'll be sure to pass your thoughts along to our game development team.

2/05/2020 01:46 - Lisa J.

Please change the options for redeeming lucke reward points. Doing them 10 at a time is annoying.

2/05/2020 08:57 - Isalene J.

Thank You N.C Lottery for your replies. I know this help a lot of people .

2/05/2020 08:37 - NC Lottery

ISALENE J.: Hi Isalene, We attempt to contact winners several different ways over the 30 day period. Our initial notification is an email. Then, we will follow up with a phone call and will leave a message. Finally, we will send a certified letter to the winner. Since the only way we can get in contact with a potential winner is by the info on their NC Lottery account, this is a great reminder to always keep your info up-to-date!

2/05/2020 07:58 - Isalene J.

I read this comment about your lucky drawing and you said maybe some has not got back to the lottery about if the have won .With all the trouble you have had with you site .Maybe they did not get their notification . Do you call them are send out a letter to them . Winners for our promotional drawings have 30 days to respond to our notifications and claim their prize. If 30 days passes and we don't hear from them, we award the prize to an alternate and that winner then has 30 days to respond, and if we don't hear from them, we start all over again with the next alternate. We understand that folks are anxious to find out who the winners are, but we are required to follow strict security procedures in awarding these prizes, including giving each winner a fair amount of time to claim. I would like to know how this is done .I just can`t see if some one has won they would not replay back .Thanks N.C Lottery NC Lottery
Hi Isalene, Please see our reply above!

2/05/2020 07:40 - Deborah S.

Why did you change the way tickets are scan? Its almost impossible to scan tickets from your cell phone using the new web site it scan a ticket about ever 2 minutes.NC Lottery
Hi Deborah, This doesn't sound right. Please reach out to our support team at and someone can look into why you are having trouble scanning your tickets.

2/02/2020 06:23 - Joel J.

Wow,never knew it was so difficult winning the lottery,no matter how much you spend, now I see why so many people need gambling therapy.

2/02/2020 07:51 - kim t.

Why is it that 4 winners have yet to be announced for the December promotional Reindeer Games? That's over a month. Please explain.NC Lottery
Hey Kim, Winners for our promotional drawings have 30 days to respond to our notifications and claim their prize. If 30 days passes and we don't hear from them, we award the prize to an alternate and that winner then has 30 days to respond, and if we don't hear from them, we start all over again with the next alternate. We understand that folks are anxious to find out who the winners are, but we are required to follow strict security procedures in awarding these prizes, including giving each winner a fair amount of time to claim.

2/01/2020 08:28 - Terry S.

Will nc lottery ever let you purchase pick 3 and pick 4 online???NC Lottery
Ever is a long time, so we won't say never -- but we don't have any plans to add Pick 3 or Pick 4 to Online Play at this time.

1/31/2020 03:45 - Shirley K.

I don't know about anybody else but I have brought over ten of the new five dollar ticket the one 500.00 loaded, I have not won NOTHING. NC Lottery
Thanks for the opportunity to share more info on how odds work, Shirley! Odds of 1 in 4 don't mean that every fourth ticket is a winner - it simply means that out of the millions of tickets printed for a game, 25% will have a prize on them. Where those prizes end up is all a matter of luck! All of our games undergo a post-game audit to ensure the odds are as advertised.

1/30/2020 08:15 - dennis m.

I wanted to activate my online account and the bonus offer was not available so I decided not to have an online purchase account. I just got to the store only thing is if I do not feel like going to the store NC lottery gets no money, zero dollars for that day.

1/29/2020 09:30 - ronald s.

I got a new windows 10 laptop and I still cannot put tickets in it just set there and spin I tried other website no goodNC Lottery
Hey Ronald, Please try clearing your browser cache and try again. If this continues, our support team is here to help at

1/29/2020 10:45 - Elsie S.

well let’s hope my time has not been in vain. Sitting on pens and needles for the second chance drawings Good Luck to everyone who is entered. Clock is ticketing

1/25/2020 08:17 - Isalene J.

Well a big jack pot to night . And I hope my luck heart wins I want this bad .The first thing I would do is help my sister out. And put money back for my grandkids collages fund .And buy myself a new car because I need one .Best of luck to us all

1/16/2020 05:17 - Bill M.

How can you see who won the monthly prizes--can't find anything on the December reindeer drawingNC Lottery
We're here to help! Just visit the Lucke-Rewards page ( and then select the "Past Drawings & Winners" tab at the top. From there, just click on the Reindeer Riches drawing and then click the blue "Winners" button in the pop-up box. Hope this helps!

1/15/2020 01:27 - Isalene J.

My goodness don`t anyone from Harmony N.C every win on Lucky Rewards . I got my first to see one I think I am wasting my time .I am Happy for the one that has won .But I see more of the same county's wins A lot in Statesville .But like I said I have never seen anyone from the little Town Of Harmony N.C

1/12/2020 06:55 - Donna S.

Thank you!

1/11/2020 10:56 - John M.


1/10/2020 09:48 - Marilyn D.

Thank YOU for correcting the problem entering tickets for LR. Job well done.NC Lottery
Thanks, Marilyn!

1/09/2020 05:13 - JIM B.

Good job on implementing the Lucke Rewards running totals. I knew you could do it! :)NC Lottery
Thanks, Jim! This does to show that we are listening to folks when you share feedback with us, even if it takes a time to get it up-and-running. :)

1/09/2020 09:59 - Marilyn D.

Just to give you a heads-up unable to enter the $3 Lotteria ticket again. Also the $2, 777 #683 ticket is still not working. The list is growing. Thank YOU for this service.NC Lottery
Hi Marilyn, Our team is working to get this fixed now. Please hold onto your tickets and try to enter them later.

1/08/2020 07:40 - Pamela M.

I am also unable to enter new Ruby Red 7s! 1/08/2020NC Lottery
Hi Pamela, Our team is working to get this fixed now. In the meantime, please hold onto any tickets that you weren't able to scan and try again tomorrow.

1/08/2020 05:16 - John M.

It is 5:00 PM Jan. 8th. Still not able to enter tickets for points.NC Lottery
Hi John, Thanks for letting us know. We are working to get this fixed as quickly as possible. Please hold onto any tickets that you weren't able to enter and try again tomorrow.

1/07/2020 06:00 - John M.

I am unable to enter the new Ruby Red 7s in for the points. I get Error Invalid Ticket Submission.NC Lottery
Hi John, Thanks for letting us know about this. Our team was made aware that folks were not able to enter these tickets, but it should be fixed now. Please try to enter your tickets again. Sorry for the inconvenience.

1/07/2020 01:10 - Rick C.

Unable to enter new LOTERIA scratch offs. Message says invalid ticket entry. Is fix coming?NC Lottery
We're on it! Our team is looking into why this is happening and they should have it resolved soon. In the meantime, just hold onto your tickets and try to enter them later. Sorry about that!

1/04/2020 11:08 - joshuah r.

hi good luck

1/04/2020 03:51 - Marilyn D.

Hi, I am still waiting for a solution to my inability to enter $2 777 #683 tickets in Lucke-rewards. I messeaged you on 12/27 and 12/28 for which you responded. I even received a telephone call and the numbers of all 13 tickets was given and Hannah said they were going to enter the numbers and try to find a solution to my problem. She then told me I would receive an e-mail when it was fixed. I still cannot enter these tickets and have not received an e-mail. Thank YOU for YOUR service.NC Lottery
Hi Marilyn, our team member that collected your ticket codes should be able to manually enter them on your behalf on our end and give you the points for those tickets. We'll connect with that team on Monday and check on that. There is still an outstanding issue entering some 777 tickets that we're working to resolve as well. Thank you for your patience as we resolve this issue.

1/03/2020 06:54 - Timothy V.

I have not been able to enter any of my tickets to Lucky Rewards in weeks. I had around 200 points saved, can;t find them. Nothing here works, Can;t u fix it. Oh and be sure not to post this like the last one did not get posted.NC Lottery
Hi Timothy, we're sorry to hear you have issues entering tickets and seeing your point total. Please contact our online chat support team at They will be best able to assist you with resolving these issues.

1/02/2020 10:43 - Ursula T.

Happy New Year!! This may have been asked before, but why can’t we play the pick 3 and 4 and keno online as well?NC Lottery
Happy New Year to you, Ursula! At this time the lottery commission has not approved the sale of Pick 3, Pick 4, or Keno tickets online. We're always looking for new ways to improve the experience for our players, so we appreciate knowing this is something that you are interested in!

1/01/2020 10:48 - Derrick J.

The holiday drawings do they pick the winners by hand or do the computer picks the winners NC Lottery
Hi Derrick. Promotional and second-chance drawings are held using a random number generator according to strict security procedures. To ensure fairness to all players, all lottery drawings are done with an auditor present and all the lottery’s security practices are independently reviewed on a regular basis. The more entries you make into a drawing, the more chances you have to win. But having even just one entry in a drawing gives you a chance to win. I hope this helps.

12/30/2019 01:46 - Sharonica B.

I agree with you Brian M. I logged on last night to purchase a Cash 5 ticket and was told to verify through downloading an application to verify my identity and either upload my information or mail it in, so I wasn't able to play which sucks. Please go back to the old way where we didn't have to do all that just to play online. I love the convenience of being able to play online from the comfort of my home.

12/30/2019 10:53 - David M.

Thank you for changing the minimum bet back to $1. Good decision, in the public's best interest.

12/29/2019 12:15 - Sheila I.

@nclottery I understand (previous question) but what is the actual dollar amount is what I'm asking...NC Lottery
The prize would be $5,000 minus 4.75%, or $237.50, for an amount of $4,762.50.

12/29/2019 08:38 - Sheila I.

@nclottery What is the payout after taxes on a pick 4 winning of $2500 or $5000? ThanksNC Lottery
Hi Sheila, Prizes between $600 and $5,000 would be taxed at 4.75%. Wins of $5,001 and up are subject to state tax of 4.75% and federal tax of 24%. Of course, that amount will vary as tax rates change. Thanks!

12/28/2019 06:21 - Marilyn D.

Hi, Thanks for answering my concern on 12/27/19 and I am replying because my problem with ticket entry #683, the $2 777 ticket, still persists. I do not have the capability to use the mobile phone app. I sure would like to enter my 13 tickets though.

12/27/2019 10:15 - Marilyn D.

I have reported an issue via live chat and customer service without a solution. Problem is $2 777 ticket #683, I cannot enter the numbers in Lucke Rewards; do not have this problem with any of my other tickets. On line chat recommended empty cache and this did not resolve problem, then 2nd call send me to customer service, they sent me back to Lucke-Rewards. They suggested changing browser to google chrome which I did and it still does not work. Any other solution as I have 17 tickets to enter?NC Lottery
Hi Marilyn, There were some intermittent errors with ticket entries that may have temporarily prevented you from entering your tickets. Please try again later today and let us know if you still can't enter them. Also, please let us know if you can't use the scanner in our mobile phone app to enter your tickets either. Thanks.

12/27/2019 09:44 - joanie m.

I cannot find or see how many entries i have in luck rewards games it shows how many entries i have in second chance i can enter i can see winners i just cant see how many times i enter luck rewards games for the monthly drawings like you use toNC Lottery
Hi Joanie, currently you can see a list of all your Lucke Rewards entries if you look at your Points History in your account. The folks that build new features for our website read this blog and appreciate hearing what features our players would like to see.

12/26/2019 05:48 - Gary C.

Are we ever going to get a count on how many second chance drawings we have entered??NC Lottery
Hi Gary, you can currently view how many entries you have in a recent Second Chance drawing by clicking into the date for the specific drawing on this page:

12/24/2019 06:58 - JOHN P.

I use to be able to buy a week of Cash 5 (seven days) now I have to buy tickets twice during the week to cover the seven drawings. Will this change?NC Lottery
Hi John, currently the consecutive draw options for Cash 5 are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 15, 20, 26, 52, and 90. We will let the folks that manage our website know you would like to see an option for 7 consecutive draws as well. Thanks!

12/23/2019 10:09 - Elizabeth B.

This page really sucks. Nothing works. Everything goes back to a main page. I can't even get my personal info to come up.

12/23/2019 10:05 - Elizabeth B.

Would you please fix the Luck-Rewards page. I've done everything online help has suggested and it just keeps sending me back to a main page. I cannot enter my ticket numbers anywhere. NC Lottery
Hi Elizabeth, there were some intermittent interruptions yesterday in ticket entry, but the issue should now be resolved. Please try to enter your tickets now. If you still have issues, please reach out and alert our tech support team at Thanks!

12/23/2019 09:56 - GEORGE Edward H.

I was entering tickets on Saturday night 12 23 19 and because of the time limit, I was logged out. When I logged back in my point total was reading zero, at the time of the log out I had over 7000 points. What happen!

12/23/2019 09:07 - Richard C.

Thanks I love bypassing the Kangaroo lines buying Powerball or mega millions lottery tickets. P.S. Safer this way of buying regular tickets.

12/23/2019 03:35 - Brian M.

I still recommend that you should not require people to give their social security number just to play online. You never required this in the past. The reason given is in case you win a prize. I do not have to provide my social security number to buy a ticket in the store. With all of the data breaches that I constantly going on I don't need one more place to have all of my information. If I win - I will gladly provide the necessary documentation. However, it should not be required up front just to play. I'm surprised more people have not been against this new policy that just started with the new system. Unfortunately, I just will not play online anymore. I hope you decide to listen to this and change it back. Thank you for hearing me out!

12/23/2019 08:05 - Gayle T.

Just want to say I love playing second chance!Merry Chritmas everyone hope you have a joyous Christmas and a Happy Happy New Year!

12/22/2019 05:00 - Marilyn B.

I'm waiting for you to straighten out the enter ticket site. Luck-rewards heading at the top of the home page, Sistermal to the right or the enter ticket tab at the bottom of the page, all spin around and return me to the home page. This has been going on since you announced your changes to the site back in the fall.I've called, changed browers to no avail. HELP!NC Lottery
Hi Marilyn, are you having difficulty entering tickets on this page? Our online chat team is best equipped to help you. Please contact them at

12/22/2019 03:19 - Sheila I.

@tim m. I see you finally won on the second chance drawing. Congrats to you ????

12/22/2019 03:13 - Sheila I.

@nclottery.I just purchased my Cash 5 ticket online. If I win ??, where is my online ticket located for proof? NC Lottery
Hi Sheila.The Ticket page contains "Purchase History" showing all purchases made along with the details about those purchases while "Game History" lists the games played through Online Play and any winnings. Let us know if you need any other help!

12/22/2019 01:21 - timothy c.

When will NC Lottery start letting online play for scratch off?

12/21/2019 10:13 - donna b.

i tried to find out how many enteries i had in each drawing. but it didnt work. ole well. i just wish they would have left the outer app alone, with this one i cant find anything that i use to. NC Lottery
Hi Donna. You will see a confirmation page and also be able to see your entries in your dashboard. You can request as many drawing entries as you want, provided you have enough points.

12/21/2019 07:10 - Gloria C.

Thanks for that great informations.My question to you is what does mean when it says I have pending points ? Thank you.G C NC Lottery
Hi Gloria. Pending points will show up for Pick 3 and Pick 4 webcode entries the next day as the system will verify it was not a cancelled ticket prior to posting the points. Can you please let me know where it's showing pending points. If you can please provide me with a little bit more detail, we will be able to properly help you. Please let us know if you need more assistance.

12/21/2019 09:07 - john a.

Richard S., clicking refresh will keep you logged on.

12/20/2019 03:50 - Brian K.

Thank you for listening and making changes due to our comments. It's nice to know we have a voice and that someone is listening. Merry Christmas to you all!!

12/20/2019 01:56 - Richard S.

this change is good. Now how about getting something done about entering tickets on the Lucke-Rewards site. I am entering numbers and letters and look up and it has timed out. try it yourself and see what it does. Not good to have to keep signing in and I keep it busy. thanks for your help.NC Lottery
Thanks for the feedback, Richard. Our web developers read all these comments and take them into consideration as we make improvements to usability of the site.

12/20/2019 12:58 - Cynthia B.

Yay! Thank you. When we make a purchase from a store, they are not already holding our money. And when addiction is a possible issue, why force people to spend more money than perhaps they want to? Good move. Thanks again.

12/20/2019 11:42 - Ricky S.

What about not mass producing a gazillion of the same scratch off? It is giving players a false narrative of what the odds of any scratch off truly is. Buying scratch offs have really lost it's popularity with players in the past few years due to that.NC Lottery
Hi Ricky, the odds at the launch of a game are printed on the back of every ticket, and the info page for each game keeps our players informed of all the prizes that are still available at every tier for each game. Players can see all this information at

12/20/2019 10:42 - Denver G.

To Jim B. That is all good Jim. Just don't click on the 175, 117 or 75 unless you want to wipe out all your points for that contest. Then you will have none left. I'm just saying you can enter more then 10 w/o using them all. You can enter 5, then 5 more in the morning , then 5 & 5 again in the afternoon just to mix things up with the RNG.

12/20/2019 04:28 - Tim M.

Hey LZ! Thanks for the win! Someone knocked on the door Thursday a little after noon. It was the mailman. He had a certified letter, turned over for me to sign. Right before that I joked with him about if he had my million dollars from the lottery or whatever. Well, he flipped it over before I signed. The letterhead was NC EDUCATION LOTTERY. I knew I had won SOMETHING! I told him I'd let him know how much. Anyway, when I opened it, I had won $100 in the Money Madness drawing! Thing is, I know my phone hasn't been updated but I still don't understand HOW I missed the e-mail? I frequently check e-mail. Does it look different from the notifications I get when I enter drawings? Anyway, thanks again! Here's hoping I'm one of the $5,000 winners.NC Lottery
Hey Tim, congrats on the win! Regarding the email, it would have been sent directly by one of our team members with a "" email address, so the email sender name would be different from a notification email.

12/19/2019 09:38 - Darryl A.

New to this, but, good luck to everyone and Happy Holidays.Let's get this sshhhhmoneeeyyyy

12/19/2019 09:16 - donna b.

it wont give me a total of entrys or i have. do i have to add it all up ? cant i get a total like the last app. it said 255 entries or 64 entries, all it says is minus 200 or minus 6000 so i have no idea how many entrys i have with out adding it up on my on ? omg all i want to know is how many total entrys i have in each contest . NC Lottery
Hi Donna, if you view the details of a specific drawing on the draws page and click into the draw date, you should then be able to see how many entries you have in that specific drawing.

12/19/2019 07:18 - JIM B.

@Denver-I just went my Lucke-Rewards Draws page and in addition to the 1,2 etc to 10 entries mine had an option for submitting 175 on Pocket Payout,117 on the Duke Experience and 87 on Reindeer Riches.It's been like this since the change-over.

12/19/2019 05:56 - Alton M.

Question: who was the top prize winner of the $300,000,000 Supreme Riches 2nd chance drawing on Dec. 4th? I don't see a name listed on the site.NC Lottery
Hi Alton, Malek Dabwan of Goldsboro won the $1 million prize in the Dec. 4th Supreme Riches second chance drawing. We posted his story on the blog a few weeks ago. Check it out here: We'll alert the web team to update that winner list as well.

12/19/2019 12:43 - Denver G.

Hey Edna & any one else. You can enter 1-10 entries at a time over & over again. It is not a daily limit nor an all or nothing amount. Some times I enter 5,6, or 7 at a time 2, 3 or 4 times a day or week depending if I got lucky and got 200 or 300 points on a big dollar ticket. It is really no big deal and takes very little time.

12/18/2019 11:48 - edna h.

Please change option in the app so you can put more than 10 entry’s at a time in lucky rewards drawings the old app had that option custom option ie if I have 1000 points I want to split my points into 2 different drawings thank youNC Lottery
Thanks for sharing your input, Edna. We have shared your request with our web team for possible future improvements to the system.

12/18/2019 10:18 - donna b.

when i have enough points , i enter into the reindeer winning contest that is 20 points to enter. how do i tell how many entrys that i have total in it ?NC Lottery
Hi Donna, You can view all of your entries by visiting the Lucke-Rewards draw history page:

12/18/2019 10:06 - Kenneth T.

Thank you.

12/18/2019 09:02 - james e.

how long are second change tickets good for. have some tickets a year old NC Lottery
Hi James, As long as a game is still active and there is an open second-chance drawing for it, you can enter those tickets.

12/18/2019 08:21 - Crystal C.

Thank you for this change. Another I would like is that my email receipt for tickets purchased include the chosen ticket numbers, as in old system. But I appreciate this change!!NC Lottery
Thanks for the suggestion, Crystal! We'll pass it along to our web team.

12/18/2019 08:15 - Mike H.

Until you change the requirement for me to go find a notary to complete your paperwork so you can verify who I am, I can't make any deposits. Never was a problem for years.NC Lottery
Hi there Mike, We apologize for the frustration. Due to privacy restrictions, we weren't able to transfer pieces of personal information from our old system to our new one. In order to verify your identity so that you can play lottery games online, you will need to complete a notarized affidavit. As soon as we receive that, you should have access to your account.

12/18/2019 07:52 - Crystal C.

Hooray! Thank you. Have been playing here for a while and it was very discouraging with those changes. Thank you!!

12/18/2019 07:27 - Misty S.

Thank you for allowing the dollar purchase. I prefer online play over going to the store, but also like to spend what I choose.

12/18/2019 04:46 - stephen b.

I like the new app..BUT its SUCH A HASSLE TO CHECK A TICKET AND HAVE TO LOG IN..why do you have to sign in just to check a ticket...I understand if you want to get points but this is very annoying..NC Lottery
Hey Stephen, As a part of our new system, we implemented more security procedures to help ensure the protection of our player's information. We apologize for the inconvenience that signing in causes you.

12/18/2019 02:23 - Kenneth F.

Thank you. This is a very thoughtful thing to do.

12/18/2019 01:42 - Denver G.

Cool beans, should make a lot of players a little happier. NCEL & LZ, Happy Holidays to you all. To all my fellow players, have a joyous holiday season, no matter who you are. May next year bring you Love, Luck, Hope & Faith.NC Lottery
Happy holidays to you, too, Denver! We hope 2020 brings great things to you and your loved ones.

12/18/2019 01:23 - Winnifred M.

If you are a member, Do you have to be signed in at all times to be a winner of second chance games during each drawing?NC Lottery
Hi there Winnifred. Once you have confirmed that your entries have been received, you do not have to stay signed in. If you win one of our drawings, we will send you an email letting you know. Good luck!

12/18/2019 12:50 - Schmeka w.

I have a question nc lottery has anyone ever won the cash 5 when its 100,000 with online purchase. Or do the amount has to be bigger and you have to purchase more tickets online to be a winner for the cash 5NC Lottery
Hi there Schmeka, We've had lots of Cash 5 jackpot winners from Online Play. Here's a link to a blog post we posted recently that outlines the 10 biggest wins to date: It's certainly possible that a player could win the Cash 5 jackpot when it is at $100,000. All it takes is one lucky ticket!

12/18/2019 11:03 - CELESTA B.

Disregard my previous comment. My points are now showing.

12/18/2019 11:00 - CELESTA B.

The 51 pts I earned for todays purchase are not showing up in my account. It shows only my 4 remaining points that I did not use last time.

12/18/2019 08:52 - JIM B.

Smart move-figured you would do that eventually! Good business sense and my guess is you will increase enrollment by a minimum of 100%.

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