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Granville County grandfather to buy dream home with $10 million lottery prize

April 4, 2019 Posted by NC Lottery at 4:51 PM

Theodore Duncan of Oxford said he plans to retire and get his dream house after he won a $10 million lottery prize.

“I’m 52, and now that I’ve won this, I can finally stop working,” said Duncan, a machine mechanic. “I’m going to retire and get a brand new three-bedroom house with a big pool. I’m also going to use some of the money to spoil my 12 grandkids.”

Duncan’s good fortune happened Monday when he stopped by the Berea Mini Mart on U.S. 158 West in Oxford on his way home from the landfill. While there, he bought a $10,000,000 Colossal Cash scratch-off ticket.

“When I saw the money symbol I knew I won something,” Duncan said. “When I scratched off the prize I couldn’t believe it. I was so shocked I couldn’t drive. I had to call my brother to come get me.”

Duncan celebrated his prize Thursday at lottery headquarters in Raleigh. He had the option of taking a $10 million annuity that has 20 payments of $500,000 a year or a lump sum of $6 million. He chose the lump sum and, after required state and federal tax withholdings, he took home $4,245,009.

“I always told people that one day I’d hit the lottery,” Duncan said when he got the check. “Today’s that day. It feels so good.”

The $30 ticket launched in August with four top prizes of $10 million and 16 $1 million prizes. Two $10 million prizes and nine $1 million prizes remain. Players can also enter their $10,000,000 Colossal Cash tickets into one of four second-chance drawings for a chance to win $1 million.


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5/03/2019 11:23 - twana b.

Kyle I be thinking the same about the cities seem like the big cities get all the good stratchoffs and powerball , MM too but I still hope to have a chance

5/03/2019 11:17 - twana b.

I try both 30$ tickets &all I when is 50 one time I did win$1000 but I paid that out 50Xs fold playing the lottery maybe my day will come and my dream will come true soon, congratulations on The winners

4/16/2019 11:31 - Kyle E.

No I'm not posting from lottery HQ nor do I work for NCEL. There's still not been any evidence of any kind shown to back up any of the cheating, rigging, or any other scamming accusations that are made almost daily. That's likely because there isn't any evidence to show.

4/16/2019 11:21 - Kyle E.

I never claimed to know anything about what people hope to gain by cheating and I've also known people who'd try to cheat scam for not much money at all. None of that changes the fact that they've far more to lose than gain in any kind of lottery cheat.

4/15/2019 09:58 - nc s.

How do you know what people have to gain or hope to gain by cheating in life; I know people who have risked more for a lot less. Are you posting from inside the lottery headquarters?

4/15/2019 01:29 - Kyle E.

On top of any cheating making no sense at all no one has yet offered a single shred of evidence to back up any of the cheating/set-up accusations. Nothing at all.

4/15/2019 01:25 - Kyle E.

The people who run the lottery have nothing to gain and much more to lose by rigging the game(s) numbers, having predetermined winners, or any other cheating methods you can think of. Doing any of those things makes no sense at all.

4/13/2019 03:25 - nc s.

The NC is not random it is programmed to have winners in certain cycles then will switch back to the larger cities like Charlotte,Raleigh and Fayetteville to make it seem random-This is scratch offs and pick it games. Zachary H. education get less than 30% of NC Lottery's revenue. The lottery's revenue has grown every year since beginning and the consumers odds/payouts are worse while their pockets are getting larger. The lottery is like a social experiment were they dictate where winnings will be distributed. Play a dollar quick pick or scratch off here and there and you'll still have a chance if you live by the saying you've gotta play to have a chance.NC Lottery
Hi, as we mentioned below, the location of winning tickets is completely unknown. Nobody knows where a winning ticket is until a player scratches it.

4/09/2019 11:39 - Roger K.

Congrats to you Theodore Duncan, I would like to know how many 30 dollar tickets you had to buy, before you finally hit the big one. I'm guessing I will never know, unless you are a member of the Lucke-zone. Enjoy your win.. Hope my day will come, but not on scratch off's. I only play LFL and Cash 5..

4/09/2019 09:44 - Angela F. you say tickets are random. Can you explain what pools of tickets are and how many each scratch off has?NC Lottery
Hey there Angie! We're not sure what you mean by pools of scratch-off tickets. Could please share a bit more info on what you mean by that?

4/09/2019 01:40 - Linda H.

Good Luck, you have been blessed. I hope I am so lucky one day. Enjoy it while you are able to do so.

4/09/2019 11:42 - Zachary H.

Lawerence B. The NCEL sends people out to buy the winning tickets up to ensure these top prizes aren’t paid out! If you’re looking to hardly even break even, then buy any one of the $30.00 tickets that are on sale right now. When you buy 10,13 or 15 of these tickets in a row, and maybe only one of those tickets is a break even ticket, you know something is up! The odds that are printed on those tickets are nowhere near the truth! They are there to intice suckers like you and myself! Steadily lining the NCEL executives pockets while making you and I that much poorer!NC Lottery
Hi Zachary, The idea that the lottery controls where the winning tickets end up is simply not true. We have strict security measures in place to ensure that the first person who knows where the winning ticket is the lucky person who bought it. We share winner stories here on the blog so that players can see that real people are winning real prizes. The lottery does not keep its profits--100% of profits go straight to education in NC.

4/09/2019 07:14 - Mary H.

Congratulations :)

4/08/2019 09:01 - Roslyn K.


4/08/2019 05:35 - cheryl c.

i would like toknowthe winners on the first second chance drawing multiply the cash.who were the winners.NC Lottery
Hi Cheryl, As the winners claim their prizes, we will publish their name over on the Draws page: Be sure to select the "Second Chance" tab at the top and then select "All" from the drop-down menu.

4/08/2019 04:19 - Sarah B.

@LAWRENCE B.: Great question, Lawrence. We have a third-party ticket vendor that prints our scratch-off tickets. Winning tickets are distributed at random throughout the entire printing run of the game with algorithms designed to ensure that there is a mix of packs of tickets with large and small prizes available at any given time. However, the lottery does not know or control how or where those tickets end up. As with everything the lottery does, there are extensive security measures and audits in place to ensure fairness to all lottery players of all lottery games.

4/08/2019 04:05 - lawrence b.

I have a question about scratch cards. When they are printed at the factory are they sorted there? My question is typically when you buy a pack of cards and you end up with about half the value plus or minus. Is it possible to end up with nothing whatsoever? Is it possible to end Up with everyone of them all winner? Or are they sorted as they are released from the factory and some form of a pro Rada manner where winners and losers are all mixed in together? Or is it possible that the entire day shipment are losers or the entire day shipment are winners? How are cards distributed at the factory?NC Lottery
Hey Lawrence, Please see our reply above!

4/08/2019 02:58 - Zachary H.

I’d probably have 10 million dollars right now if the goddamn NCEL lottery hadn’t gotten me addicted to gambling!NC Lottery
Hi Zachary, We hope that you will only play as long as you are doing it for fun and are enjoying yourself. Otherwise there are many things in life more important than the lottery and we hope you'll consider taking a break. We have resources available if you feel like you are no longer having fun:

4/08/2019 12:50 - Eric B.

Congratulations ??

4/08/2019 08:42 - carolyn b.


4/07/2019 08:02 - Albert N.

Congratulation. when will be my turn i have been waiting for so long!!! I hope that it will be coming soon

4/07/2019 05:12 - Betty G.

Takes a LOT of luck! I bought 8 $30 tickets over 3 days and only won/broke even on 1 so I guess the 1 in 2.90 is really only if you buy in bulk. Random purchases are gonna run closer to 1 in 10.

4/06/2019 11:11 - James B.

GOD bless you and congratulations.

4/06/2019 10:53 - Melissa J.


4/06/2019 10:51 - Jeremy A.


4/06/2019 10:13 - Charlene W.

Congratulations!!!!! You said it, you believed it and you took action and it happened!!

4/05/2019 05:54 - Brian C.

Congratulations my brother. Not hating or being a internet troll. Slow your roll get a good accountant and financial advisor. Remember you can’t make everybody happy, you’ll end up being their first option, only option and last option in time of need. Stop publicly make promises! 4.2 million minus your charitable contributions, purchases and gifts won’t last long.

4/05/2019 04:10 - Anita A.

Has anyone from the drawings (4/3/2019)been notified yet or not until next week? NC Lottery
Hi Anita- We have started the winner notification process, but because of the high volume of winners it will take longer to process the claims, so some may receive their notifications early next week.

4/05/2019 03:53 - Donna H.

What ended up being the final number of entries for 4/3 drawings?NC Lottery
Hi Donna, The Lucky Cash Dash drawing had a total of 1,679,926 entries, the 5 Win Quick Cash drawing had a total of 148,790 entries, and the Multiply the Cash second-chance drawing had a total of 17,444,117 entries. We are working to notify the winners as quickly as possible, but due to the high volume of winners from these drawings please expect a slight delay. We appreciate your patience!

4/05/2019 11:55 - Berry B.

This is ur Blessing,congrats to you an ur Family!!

4/05/2019 11:33 - shirley b.

Very happy for you and your family. Congratulations!!!!!

4/05/2019 11:06 - Henry B.

Very happy 4 you and you’re family.

4/05/2019 10:31 - Lashana F.

Congratulations to you and your family. Enjoy your new life!

4/05/2019 10:29 - Gregory F.

Congratulations mr. Duncun on our great blessing. Enjoy your retirement and your new home and spoiling the grandkids. Be Blessed.

4/05/2019 10:19 - Gary C.

Congratulations on your "Colossal" win. Best wishes for a wonderful house and excellent retirement.

4/05/2019 10:12 - lillian c.

Congratulations to you and your family!!!!! Enjoy the house and all the other blessings that God has in store for you and your family...

4/05/2019 10:07 - Ellyn H.

Congratulations to the Duncan Family!!! What a Beautiful Blessings.

4/05/2019 08:09 - DEAN W.

Hey Dunk I go by that store too, I am happy for you and your family. ENJOY!

4/05/2019 06:58 - Thomas C.


4/05/2019 05:53 - EVELYN J.

PRAISE God, keep your faith, and always believe in God, I am glad for you and your family,

4/05/2019 04:29 - Nathan J.

When do the two drawings for 04/03 get announced? Been logging in to check every day NC Lottery
Hey Nathan, Due to the high volume of winners being notified from the Lucky Cash Dash drawing as well as the other drawings that took place on 4/3, players can expect a delay from the standard 48 hour notification period while we work to notify everyone. We appreciate your patience!

4/05/2019 12:15 - thomas p.

Congratulations hopefully my big million dollar win will be right behind you. May God Bless You

4/04/2019 11:03 - janice i.


4/04/2019 10:52 - Elizabeth C.

Congratulations to you, Mr. Duncan! Wishing you and your family continued blessings and a long and happy life.

4/04/2019 09:17 - Charlie H.

Congratulations Mr. Duncan, that's what dreams are made of! Enjoy your dreams!

4/04/2019 08:33 - Ray F.

So glad for your blessing, Theodore! Be careful with your winnings BUT enjoy!

4/04/2019 07:45 - Rodlonda J.

Congratulations ?????????? Please spend it wisely!!!! God Bless!

4/04/2019 07:34 - Marsha L.

Congratulations!!!! I'm 52 and that's my same dream... I sure hope it come true...please let me scratch a card for 10 million one day, my mother is 91, it will be for her and my family....I'm praying everyday to find one in Kinston nc, one day.....NC Lottery
We hope your next ticket is a lucky one, Marsha!

4/04/2019 06:15 - Sharon S.

Congratulations Duncan, keep on dreaming because all things are possible. My day coming soon!

4/04/2019 05:59 - Mia B.

Congratulations!!!!!! I know the grandkids are happy!

4/04/2019 05:47 - Barbara N.


4/04/2019 05:40 - Brenda B.


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