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Education Lottery issues warning about Powerball jackpot scams

June 13, 2019 Posted by NC Lottery at 5:33 PM

The Education Lottery is issuing a scam warning to alert the public about fake email and social media from scammers claiming to be North Carolina’s Powerball jackpot winner.

In an email scam, the scammer poses as the jackpot winner and offers to make a $4 million donation to an organization. The scammer then asked for $500 as a minimum deposit in the banking account that would provide the donation to the group.

Scammers on social media are posing as the jackpot winner, using photos of the winner. They then say they are going to give away money to social media followers. “Gonna be blessing lucky people with $5,000,” said one impersonator. Another said: “I’m giving away $100,000 to my first 2k followers $$.”

Unfortunately, scams like these are all too common. Anyone who makes a promise of a donation or prize but wants you to give money first is trying to trick you. Never give your money or personal information to these people. There’s been other cases in other states when scammers use the name of big lottery winner to try and take advantage of people.

Protect yourself from these scams with the following tips:

  • Not responding to a letter, email, phone call or social media post asking you to send money to get a donation or prize. No legitimate donor or lottery will ever send you this type of communication.
  • Never giving your credit card, Social Security number, driver’s license, passport or bank account numbers over the phone to someone promising you a donation or lottery prize.

As of Thursday, the lottery has spotted 36 cases of social media impersonators of the jackpot winner. In each case, the lottery reports the fake site to the social media platform. The lottery also will report the email scam to the Consumer Protection Section of the N.C. Department of Justice.

Consumers who believe they have been the victim of a scam or an attempted scam can get assistance from the Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Section by calling 1-877-5-NOSCAM or by filing a consumer complaint online at

The Education Lottery keeps information about lottery scams in a section of its website at  If you are approached by someone trying to scam you, please report the attempted fraud to local law enforcement.


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8/31/2019 03:49 - Timmy M.

I know my luck isn't this bad. There aren't nothing on these tickets. When you buy 7 $30 tickets in a row and don't hit nothing something ain't right. And in the 8th ticket you only win $30 or $40 dollars. I Went to South Carolina today and played. Every other ticket I brought was a winner.

7/05/2019 02:36 - NC Lottery

Hi Richard, We hear you're frustrated, but we didn't take down any of your comments. Your comments will always be posted on the blog where you submitted them. Try checking some other blog posts for our responses. Here's a link to one: We did however remove a word from this comment. Next time, please refrain from using vulgar language as it violates our social media policy. Lastly, we wanted to let you know that we share detailed financial information for those who are interested in learning more:

7/05/2019 02:06 - Richard H.

Yall admit your scam artist is first bit of truth I have seen out of this site finally u tell truth listen ppl there taking the money I bet it's not even goingt9 schools if the can tell lies about these odds there probably doing same thing with where the money actually goes it's a a big lie to take from us n.c.residents and fill there own pockets and Fu how i comment the truth and all of a sudden my site goes down smh cover upNC Lottery
Hi Richard, see our reply above. Thanks!

6/27/2019 12:03 - Sharon S.

In reference to the powerplay vs. the megaplier, how is it that powerplay advertises 10Xs but the max you win is only 2Xs on the second tier. I see that's its paid on much lower tiers but it doesn't seem fair, while the megaplier pays whatever the megaplier happens to be.Also, NC Lottery drags their feet on all second chance drawings. My personal feelings. NC Lottery
Hi Sharon, Every lottery game is created differently with different structures so each player can find something they like. For more information on powerplay look here: Second Chance games are meant to last the length of the game. For larger games we try to space the drawings out so that people have a chance to enter.

6/22/2019 05:04 - JIM B.

Sorry if I have jinxed the lottery talking about the aforementioned! quad 0000's trip 111's. I will be very surprised if the proceeds to the state at the end of your year will be any record breaking year but I am sure they will accept whatever you provide.

6/20/2019 07:27 - JIM B.

Okay-scratch the first part of the question on the # of entries. What dollar amount (liability limit) do you cap a set of #'s on Pick 4 and Pick 3 that you are willing to pay out on and reach your comfort level that you could cover that amount? If you lift that cap do you think the greedy leeches over at the General Assembly would kick in and help out once in a while to help cover the excess liability limit? Just wondering-Thank You.NC Lottery
Hi Jim, the liability limit for Pick 4 is $10 million and the liability limit for Pick 3 is $5 million - not in sales, but in potential prize payout should a given number be drawn. There are currently no plans to change the liability limit. Hope this information helps!

6/19/2019 05:13 - JIM B.

So......What # of entries do you max out at and what dollar amount is the maximum risk you will take as a loss? If that info is available please.NC Lottery
Hi Jim, we are not sure what you mean. Can you give us more details?

6/18/2019 01:24 - shirley b.

I would like to know why the lottery blocks numbers and won't allow people to play them. For instance quad 1111 have been blocked for about three weeks.NC Lottery
Hi Shirley, sometimes with popular numbers, the “liability limit” is reached, meaning enough players have selected a number that the lottery must stop sales of that number for that draw. The reason for this is to ensure that the lottery could pay out the prize money should those numbers hit!

6/17/2019 07:59 - Gordon G.

I had someone asking me for my social security number,and I told them to put a egg in their shoe and beat it.

6/16/2019 01:39 - Tammy L.

Thanks for the information

6/15/2019 10:14 - Mary K S.

Thanks for the info.

6/15/2019 08:14 - NC Lottery

@TIM M.: We understand your concerns, Tim. The lottery is conducting public business with a public mission and it’s important for the credibility and integrity of the lottery that the names of those who win prizes are public. Openness and transparency inspires confidence and allows the public to hold government accountable. However, no winner is forced to pose for a photograph or do a media interview. And no one is required to share additional information about their good luck other than what is required by law. Many winners feel fortunate about their win, enjoy their special moment with the “Big Check,” and are happy to share their story.

6/15/2019 02:39 - Tim M.

@NC LOTTERY, Per Richard H.'s concern, I want to address the anonymous issue. If it's a NC law, then that law needs to be changed. I saw on WRAL how that guy who won the Powerball, the scammers are using his likeness! How long before the conmen actually confront the winner himself? Or all the long-lost cousins and friends he suddenly finds out about? To make matters worse, the winner was pretty ignorant about how the lottery works. How easy do you think it will be for him to be taken advantage of, or even risk his life? If I win, I think I need to go that LLC route.NC Lottery
Please see our reply above, Tim.

6/15/2019 01:21 - Virginia H.

Thank you for warning us.

6/14/2019 09:44 - DL H.

Thanks for keeping us updated on these things.

6/14/2019 07:11 - Linda S.

Thank you for letting everyone know. Sad to say, but I guess some people may fall for this scam.

6/14/2019 04:36 - greg s.

when is website going to be updated. still have april keno promotion advertised and old second chance need to be deleted? NC Lottery
Thanks for the heads up, Greg. We will pass this along to our website team as a reminder!

6/14/2019 01:32 - Charlie H.

Thank you for the warning!

6/14/2019 07:52 - Richard R.

This is why winners should be able to remain anonymousNC Lottery
Hi Richard, it's a North Carolina law, not a lottery rule, that some information be made public about who wins lottery prizes as a matter of keeping the public confidence that real people are winning the prizes. Only a handful of states have laws that allow lottery winners to claim anonymously.

6/14/2019 12:41 - lori j.

thank u for keeping us informed

6/13/2019 10:49 - Shenelle D.

Wow! This is sad

6/13/2019 10:18 - Richard H.

Nc lottery thanks for posting second chance winners in a timely manner!! I was wondering if at anytime could you guys post how many entry’s are in each drawing weekly?? Thanks keep up the good work !!NC Lottery
Hi Richard,we know players are interested in knowing how many entries there are in each drawing weekly, unfortunately our website does not have the capacity to have a live ticker to show these entries. However we would love to share with you how many entries there are in a specific drawing if you let us know which drawing you would like to know about!

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