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Win more money now playing Carolina Keno with Multiplier

March 15, 2020 Posted by NC Lottery at 8:07 AM
Carolina Keno gets better starting today, Sunday, March 15, with a new Multiplier feature that gives you the chance to multiply your prize by 10X.

That’s right. Say you try a 4-Spot game for a dollar, match four numbers, and win $75. If you add the Multiplier for an additional $1, you could increase that $75 by 2X, 3X, 4X, 5X, or 10X. Wouldn’t $750, 10X the $75 prize, be a win that would make your day?

Our Multiplier feature gives you a new way to play Carolina Keno. Remember in Carolina Keno, you choose how many numbers, or Spots, you play and your choice determines your odds and the prize you play for.

Adding Multiplier to your Keno ticket will double whatever the base price of your Keno ticket is. For example, if a Keno ticket costs $3 and the Multiplier is added, then your total purchase will be $6.

Our Keno drawings are held every four minutes. For each drawing, 20 out of 80 possible numbers are selected as winning numbers.

Keno results display on monitors at select Keno retail locations, or you can watch drawings on your smartphone with the NC Lottery Official Mobile App, or on the lottery’s website.
The odds of winning a Keno prize depends on how you play. The approximate overall odds of winning a prize range from 1 in 3.86 to 1 in 16.63.

Starting Sunday, before each drawing the Multiplier will be drawn. Your Multiplier can be 1X (or no multiplier), 2X, 3X, 4X, 5X, or 10X. How likely will the Multiplier be 2X or higher? Those odds are 1 in 1.67.

If you play a 10 Spot game and add Multiplier, you now have a chance to win up to $1 million for just a $2 purchase.

So, if you would like to win more money when you play Carolina Keno, give the Multiplier feature a try.

Good luck if you do. 


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3/29/2020 03:47 - claire p.

How can I play 10 spots, pay for the multiplier and get a $7 prize? seems impossible to me, and yet it happened. NC Lottery
Hey Claire, please reach out directly to our customer support team regarding this

3/25/2020 04:53 - Deanalyn M.

I had ten tickets I got online

3/25/2020 04:05 - Debbie C.

Take out the 1x multiplier and make your customers happy.

3/24/2020 03:50 - Debora P.

No multiplier and 1x does not give you an chance to increase your winnings when spending an extra $1. Is it possible for this new chance to be modified? NC Lottery
We appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback on our new Keno Multiplier option! We will certainly pass it along to the folks who are involved with creating our games and promotions.

3/17/2020 02:56 - Angela A.

I have seen it first hand and NCEL should be ashamed, because there is no thrill in paying a extra $1 to get a 1X when you get that on the first $1 you spend. This is bad for everything you all said in the "PLAY SMART" theme. Anytime I have Won the multiplier has been 1x and when I lose it was like 4x or 5x! Something just don't seem right with this picture.

3/16/2020 04:12 - NC Lottery

@CORIANTE S.: Hey Coriante, Our Carolina Keno drawings are conducted using a certified random number generator, so the drawings are certainly not as visual as our daily televised drawings are. We shared the odds of each multiplier number being drawn in a comment below, but we wanted to share a little more info about how the odds work. You can't base your calculations of the odds from a small pool of drawings. For example, you could flip a coin 10 times and it might land on heads 8 times and tails twice. That doesn't mean that the odds of it landing on heads is 80%--the odds will always be 50/50. If you instead try to flip a coin 1,000 times, you might see that the coins land more or less in proportion with the 50/50 odds. Hope this explains why you might have seen the 1X drawn more often in a smaller period of time.

3/16/2020 04:06 - NC Lottery

@EVGENY P.: Thanks for the feedback, Evgeny. We will be sure to pass your thoughts on to our team who works on the website. We also wanted to let you know that we attempt to contact our Lucke-Rewards winners several different ways to help ensure they know if they won a prize. In additional to email, we will call them and send a certified letter to their address notifying them.

3/16/2020 03:34 - coriante s.

Ok I understand what your saying but why we can’t see when the multiplier is being drawn why not place a 1x2x3x4x5x10x ball in a machine and then pull it that way. Similar to red ball being drawn from last month double chances of winning promotion or similar to the main powerball and mega millions main ball. Although you say the odds are what they are I have been watching this multiplier and a 1x is being drawing about 80% of the time. To me this is not fair play act you already have to beat the odds on the keno game it’s self and now you have to beat the multiplier as well. There should be changes made immediately just like you did with the cash five starting at 100,000 not 50,000

3/16/2020 02:31 - Evgeny P.

That's all cool and dandy. But the Lucke Rewards for Mardi Gras Mayhem says Winner Notified, and I still do not see the winning email in my Inbox. I even checked the the Spam folder! Was the delivery of my win quarantined or something? ;-) Jokes aside, it would have been great to have: 1. All winnings (including Lucke Rewards and Second Chance) to be added to My Account - Transactions - All Transactions (or something like that). So a winning person would know for sure they win without the need to rely on email 2. A counter of current submissions to a Lucke Rewards draw so a person could see the current chances and to rush to add more submissions :-) Thanks for the excitement and providing hope in the times of the upcoming crisis!

3/16/2020 11:33 - coriante s.

I’m confused with the keno I understand your trying to bring excitement to game but there should not be a multiplier x1 it should start with x2 that’s for starters. Now you say the odds are 1 and 1.6 of it being greater than 1 so why are most of the multiplier x1 and x2 you rarely see x5,x10 this is very suspect to me. Come on nc lottery I know you want to take in more than what you give out I get but let’s be fair and bring some real excitement to the keno game NC Lottery
Thanks for asking, Coriante. Just like you have to beat the odds to match your numbers, you have to beat the odds to get a big multiplier! While the overall odds of receiving a 2X or higher is 1 in 1.67, you can also view the odds at each Multiplier level over on the Keno How to Play page. Here they are: 1X - 1 in 2.5; 2X - 1 in 2.35; 3X - 1 in 16; 4X - 1 in 16; 5X - 1 in 26.67; 10X - 1 in 80.

3/16/2020 07:33 - Ricky S.

It's hard enough to win anything on Keno, but then you add the multiplier 1x to the additional bet? And I noticed the 1x comes out the majority of the time. With Powerball and MegaMillions the 1x is left out when using the multiplier option. So in other words, what is purpose of paying an extra dollar to win the same amount anyways? You're losing a dollar more now playing Keno. Not all Keno players will realize this. Ya'll real slick.NC Lottery
Thanks for the input, Ricky. Just like you take a chance to win a prize, you're taking a chance to see if that prize might be multiplied. According to the game rules, the 2X multiplier has the highest probability of being drawn during any given drawing at 42.5% probability compared to 40% for the 1X. Of course, folks who don't wish to add the multiplier option don't have to, but it's a great way to add some extra thrill and the chance to win an even bigger prize. Hope this helps.

3/15/2020 05:41 - Larry H.

I will be starting today, Thanks.

3/15/2020 10:54 - elizabeth j.

I sure will starting today. Thanks.

3/15/2020 09:32 - coriante s.

So is there a different multiplier per drawing or one for that day. Example I play five spot for a dollar and play five consecutive draws will there be a multiplier each drawing every four minutes NC Lottery
Hi Coriante, there is a new multiplier randomly selected for every drawing. You can see the multiplier selection occur when watching the Keno show on a monitor in retail location or on our website here: So if you played five consecutive drawings, each drawing could have a different multiplier.

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