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More drawings. More freedom. More fun. Fast-paced excitement is only four minutes away. Here, you’ll find everything you need to get the nonstop fun started with Carolina Keno. What is Keno? you ask. Well, let’s just call it the perfect companion game for a night out. Or a day out. Heck, even a morning out. After all, any time of day is the perfect time for the chance to win $100,000! Play for $10 and that becomes $1,000,000. Add Multiplier and increase your prizes up to 10X. You can play at any lottery retailer, including your favorite convenience store, pub or restaurant. For just a dollar, you can get a shot at big-time prizes every four minutes, and you can watch the drawings online or on the mobile app to find out if you’ve won in just minutes. So, take a break from the mundane and make some memories worth remembering with the game of thrilling, nonstop match-making action. Meet Keno.

How to Play

Easy To Play

Carolina Keno is a fast-paced lottery draw-style game that's easy to play, with a chance to win great cash prizes every 4 minutes. For each Keno drawing, 20 numbers out of 80 will be selected as winning numbers. You can decide how many of these numbers (called Spots) and exactly which numbers you will try to match. There are more than 300 drawings daily so you will never need to wait long until the next Keno drawing.

For Example

For example, if a 4-Spot game is selected, a total of 4 numbers from 1 to 80 would be selected. If you played that 4-Spot game for $1 and matched your 4 numbers to 4 of the winning numbers for that draw, you would win $75.

It's Easy
  1. Decide how much to play per draw. Each play costs $1. Play for $2 to double your prize; play for $3 to triple your prize and so on up to $10 per play.
  2. Select how many consecutive draws to play. Pick up to 20. Drawings happen every 4 minutes.
  3. Select how many numbers to match from 1 to 10. In Keno, these are called Spots. The number of Spots you choose and the amount you play per draw will determine the amount you could win. See the prize chart to determine the amount you could win with a $1 play.
  4. Pick as many numbers as you did Spots. You can select numbers from 1 to 80 or choose Quick Pick and let the computer terminal randomly pick some or all of these numbers for you.
  5. Add Multiplier to increase all prizes up to 10X. Multiplier doubles base ticket cost.

Play Slip

Keno Playslip

Prize Chart & Odds for $1 Play

Keno Prize Chart

Approximate overall odds to win a prize range from 1 in 3.86 to 16.63. Approximate odds to win the top prize on the 10 Spot game are 1 in 8.91 million. Overall odds of receiving a multiplier 2X or higher are 1 in 1.67. *Some prizes may become pari-mutuel under certain conditions as defined in the game rules.

So Many Ways To Win

Now with Multiplier

Keno is designed to let you pick the prize you want to play for. Just use the prize chart to decide what is fun and exciting for you. If you definitely want to play for $100,000, then you'll need to select a 10-spot. Play for $10 and that becomes $1,000,000. Add Multiplier and increase your prizes up to 10X. Maybe you are looking for the very best odds to win; that would be a 4-Spot. Check out a 6-Spot or a 7-Spot too. There are lots of great prizes to choose from. And there's more than just the top prize amount for each Spot option. A 9-Spot, for example, offers a prize for matching 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 or all 9 numbers played.

Don’t Forget

  • How much you can win is determined by how many Spots you choose and how much you choose to play.
  • A Keno ticket may be canceled at the location where it was purchased up to 6 seconds before the drawing time.
  • The ticket, not the play slip is your proof of purchase. So be sure to verify your ticket and sign your ticket immediately.
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