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Don’t miss deadlines to win nice prizes

May 21, 2020 Posted by NC Lottery at 12:32 PM
Want to win a $100,000 prize? How about a VIP trip to Las Vegas to be part of the JAMES BOND Lottery Challenge where you could win a million dollars?

If you do, you need to get your entries into those two upcoming second-chance drawings by Sunday, May 31.

That’s the deadline for the second of our 2020 Multiply The Cash second-chance drawings. Tickets from all Multiply The Cash games are eligible. Prizes in the drawing include one $100,000 cash prize, eight $5,000 cash prizes, and 25 $500 cash prizes. The drawing is scheduled for June 3.

May 31 is also the deadline for the first of three JAMES BOND Lottery Challenge second-chance drawings. Two lucky winners will get a VIP trip for two to Las Vegas, including round-trip airfare, four nights of deluxe accommodations and tickets to the JAMES BOND Lottery Challenge, where up to $1 million can be won. The drawing is scheduled for June 3.

It’s easy to enter second-chance drawings. Just enter or scan your Multiply The Cash ticket or JAMES BOND 007™ ticket through your account on or with your N.C. Official Lottery Mobile App.

Lucke-Reward members, you have some deadlines coming up too.

The deadline for a chance to win one of 25 $100 prizes in the next Money Madness is this Sunday. Entries are 10 points each. The drawing is scheduled for Wednesday, May 27.

And you have until Sunday, May 31, to get your entries in to win one of the 50 $2,500 prizes in the Picnic Prizes drawing. Entries are 20 points each. The drawing is scheduled for Wednesday, June 10.

Wow—So many great prizes ready to be won. Good luck!


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5/31/2020 11:32 - Ashley K.

I was getting really excited about the Lucke-Rewards and 2nd Chance Drawings and have been doing them since the beginning of March now, with the help of my family too! Lol! I thought I was doing good having over 100 entries in some of the drawings lol and then get on here and see comments of over 2,000+ entries! I guess I was a bit naive! I’ll just keep entering and give big shout-outs to those who do win!! Praying to be one of the second chance winners!! I’m not complaining by no means, I’m pretty much just laughing at myself because I really thought I was doing something with my entries lol! Good luck to everyone that wins on the scratch-offs and to everyone that wins on the 2nd Chance games too!! Always so good to hear/read when someone wins a big one!! Keep up the great work NCEL!!! You guys are amazing!NC Lottery
All it takes to win is having one lucky entry. Good luck!

5/29/2020 12:03 - Otis D.

for all you do for North Carolina thanks.

5/26/2020 05:13 - Dennis P.

Who won the 1st Multiply Drawing which was held on May 20 have not seen any winners yet I would like to know if I won I have a lot of entries NC Lottery
Hi Dennis, We know folks are excited to know who won these drawings. That drawing was held and all of the winners have been contacted via email. We announce a winner’s name only after they have responded to a notification and completed the claim process. We understand why folks are eager to find out who won but, until a prize is claimed, we don’t officially have a winner and can't post their names.

5/25/2020 11:49 - terry f.

Um free cheese ??

5/25/2020 10:02 - Tim S.

When is the april fools drawing? The one with 5 20 thousand dollar winnersNC Lottery
Hi there Tim, Our team plans to conduct the April Fool's Fortune drawing this week. Please keep in mind that with the volume of winners that our team is working to notify from the postponed drawings that there will be a delay in us sending the initial email notification to winners. Just keep an eye on your inbox and let us know if you have any questions!

5/25/2020 11:02 - john a.

Also, the credit card companies charge retailers, in this case NCEL, a fee for each transaction. That would cut into the lotteries profits.

5/24/2020 05:24 - Rodney W.

Why is it you cannot put your online play on a credit card ? I do not use a debit card for security reasons . I would also like to be able to play a cash five #s for a year you only go as far as 90 days why is that ? I would like to pay for the whole year to get it out of the way . You definitely do not make it easy for the long term on line player . Thanks for listening you all will have to work on it to make it better for the online players if you want online action . NC Lottery
Hi Rodney, firstly thank you for your feedback regarding some of our Online Play offerings - we'll be sure to pass it up the chain. The lottery does not allow the use of credit cards for lottery purchases, as part of our commitment to help our players Play Smarter. We want folks to only play the lottery with money that they already have that has been set aside for entertainment. If you select the "Auto-Renew feature when you check-out, you can opt-in to have your tickets automatically renewed weekly until you choose to stop.

5/23/2020 07:17 - wanda e.

Good luck everyone.

5/23/2020 03:25 - Elsie S.

It's a little disheartening to take time to enter contest here and it seems that the majority of the winners comes from particularly areas. However; I haven't given up just yet. So maybe this is the day in my area that me or someone close by is a big winner. Don't know about you but I can't believe that no matter how many times you enter is a plus. Anyway good luck everyone. I know we all are in need for a little extra cash. And oh by the way I do not believe adding a comment enhances my chances of winning. Lord help us on the Covid-19? Wear a mask, wash hands and stay healthy! Good Luck

5/22/2020 11:48 - james p.

i am ready to win one of the prizes.

5/22/2020 09:18 - Brian G.

Ita not fair that drawings are closed but drawings are not being held. I put over 200 entries in the april fool drawing and since the drawing is delayed I feel we should be able to continue putting our entries in. People like me hope and pray for the win especially being unemployed and no money coming in what so ever. Please work with the people that actually support the lottery NC Lottery
We're sorry to hear about your situation, Brian, but we are happy to let you know that our team is conducting all of the drawings that were delayed right now! They began the process last week and hope to be caught up by the end of the month. Here's more info:

5/22/2020 08:39 - ryan k.

Winner Winner Stay At Home Possibly Eat A Chicken Dinner... Stay safe all uh best of luck too me *lol*:) thank you all for the fun,an games so uh educational lottery @)---????

5/21/2020 10:28 - joanie m.


5/21/2020 02:21 - Leon S.

When is next colossal cash second chance drawing?NC Lottery
Hey Leon, At this time we have not set a date for the next Colossal Cash second-chance drawing. Once the date is chosen, we'll post an update on the website.

5/21/2020 02:15 - Deborah A.


5/21/2020 12:46 - William D.

is the winner of the James Bond trip allowed to give the trip to two other deserving family members or friends?NC Lottery
Hi William, If the winner is not able to take the trip to Las Vegas, they have the option to designate a proxy to participate on their behalf. However, if the winner does not wish to participate at all, they are not able to transfer the prize to someone else, as the prize is considered non-transferable in the promotion rules.

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