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Hundreds of lottery players win Pick 4 prizes

August 25, 2020 Posted by NC Lottery at 9:18 AM
The numbers 9-9-9-9 in Monday night’s Carolina Pick 4 drawing added up to a $9.2 million win for lottery players.
Of the 2,574 winning tickets, 1,303 won the game’s top prize of $5,000 and 1,095 won $2,500. This sets a new record of prizes won in a single Pick 4 drawing.
Lucky winners visited lottery claim centers all across the state to get their prizes on Tuesday. Following social distancing guidelines and safety precautions, they waited in line with their winning ticket in hand to get their checks.

 In Raleigh, Pauline Bordes of Bunnlevel left the office smiling with her $5,000 prize. She said she would use the money to pay some bills.

“I was a little bit surprised,” said Bordes. “I play, but when it actually came I said, ‘Wow. It happened.’”

Brenda Todd of Durham said she found out her 50 cent ticket won $2,500 when she checked the Pick 4 results Tuesday morning on the lottery’s website. She said she needed some of the money to buy new tires for her car.

“It’s a good thing,” Todd said. “It’s very special during these times.”

Have a winning ticket? You can claim your prize at any of our lottery claim centers in Asheville, Charlotte, Greensboro, Raleigh, Greenville, or Wilmington. You can get information on how to claim here. Players must bring a Photo ID and proof of their Social Security number to complete their claims. Prizes can also be claimed by mail. 

Remember, you have 180 days to claim your prize. If you choose to claim this week, expect a longer than usual wait due to the large number of winners and the safety measures we have in place at all our claim center due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

If you visit a claim center, please remember to wear a mask or facial covering and practice social distancing while in line.

Congrats to all our Pick 4 winners! 


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8/28/2020 08:58 - Nekita B.

I played it twice but been playing it for a month now. I’ve paid all my bills and working on my kitchen remodeling/floors.God is good.Won 2,700 last month on 4723.

8/27/2020 04:34 - Charles H.

My brother plays this combination and others very often. He can't drive so I usually buy his tickets for him. I was supposed to buy that ticket, but due to unforeseen circumstances I wasn't able to do so. I didn't think it would hit and it did. Since it was my fault I guess the only fair thing to do is give him the $5000 out of my own pocket. Lesson learned I guess.

8/27/2020 01:35 - otis j.


8/27/2020 12:19 - Ron M.

It’s great that when so many people need money that over nine million dollars was divided among so many winners.

8/25/2020 10:21 - Lina A.

Congratulations! Nice

8/25/2020 09:32 - elizabeth j.

Congratulations to all winners.

8/25/2020 06:15 - crystal c.

Congratulations to everyone's blessing!!!

8/25/2020 04:45 - Denver G.

Sheila, that is desktop. App, tap the 3 bars on the left top of page. Click win. The choose more. And the choices come up. Everything is easier on desk top. I still have old app which works fine for scanning and stuff.

8/25/2020 03:56 - Denver G.

Sheila, you don't even have to be logged in to view winners. I played trips today, no problem, didn't win, maybe tonight.

8/25/2020 03:52 - Denver G.

@shiela. At the top of the page hold your curser over "win". A drop down menu comes up. Click on "winners". The highlights page will show up. But above that you can click on any game you want it will show all winners in the last 60 days of $5000 and up. Some players never go past the highlights page.. Even b4 the covid-19 thing I noticed the vast majority of winners chose NOT to have their photo taken.

8/25/2020 02:52 - Sheila I.

@Denver. Where can I find that information? As for quads, I've tried many times to play 4444 and 444 its always block. So annoying

8/25/2020 01:36 - Karen w.

Wow. This is awesome..

8/25/2020 12:18 - Shawn S.

FINALLY!!! Been playing them daily for a year now! Really gonna help out with the lost money because of COVID-19.

8/25/2020 12:00 - Denver G.

@Sheila, I just checked pic4 winners that claimed last week. One guy named A. P. claimed 25 times on 8/21. That's $125,000. I often play full slips on pic3 & pic4 when there is green/red ball promo, but have never been lucky enough to win. Side bar, numbers are blocked sometime because it is so much easier to play trips or quads now. You don't even have to fill out a slip. Just say give me a $5 or $10 trip or quad.

8/25/2020 11:37 - reni s.

I lost out on them

8/25/2020 11:19 - Denver G.

actually it was $2700 & $5000 I won the same night.

8/25/2020 11:09 - Denver G.

You got me on a technical Chester. I guess I should have said there were X amount of winning tickets. And to Sheila, I am sure there was a few players that played of full play slip for $5 or $2.50. If you check the winners page often you will see players Claiming $5000 five to ten times the same day. Once I claimed $2500 & $5000 at the same time.

8/25/2020 09:49 - Sheila I.

@ncel. How wonder how many people played an entire card of 9s NC Lottery
It's certainly possible that some folks did this and had a big win! We will know more as the winners stop in to claim.

8/25/2020 09:47 - Reneta M.

Heartbroken again lost a lot for months playing quads and still walked away empty handed. This N.C. lottery is just not productive even on my lucky numbers.I had 1999 and playing for along time and here comes a quad.

8/25/2020 09:43 - Chester W.

Some people have multiple tickets so that means lesser number of winners!

8/25/2020 09:33 - Denver G.

Congrats. Fun facts- The only other time 9999 was drawn was 9 years ago. 723 players won $1,807,500. Last night 2574 players won $9,262,495. NC Lottery
Thanks for that fun fact, Denver! This is going to be our largest payout ever for Pick 4. That's a pretty nice payday for those lucky folks!

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