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Jackpots aren’t the only thing on the rise this weekend

January 15, 2021 Posted by NC Lottery at 5:24 PM

The Powerball and Mega Millions jackpots are soaring this weekend as players continue to dream about what it would be like to win.

With over $1.3 billion up for grabs, there’s plenty of excitement to go around. Unfortunately, we’ve heard reports of scammers trying to get in on the action, too.

One player told us that they had been offered $5 million and a new car. The catch? To claim the prize, they had to pay a $400 processing fee. The good news — this player recognized the scam and gave us a call.

Scammers are always trying to find new ways to fool people, but here are some tips to help you protect yourself or a loved one.

  • Never pay a fee before claiming a prize. A legitimate lottery will never ask you to spend your own money in order to claim your winnings. If you receive a call or email asking you to spend money for taxes or fees on a prize, that should be a red flag.
  • You can’t win a prize if you didn’t buy a ticket. If you don’t remember buying a ticket, you probably didn’t. Remember, the lottery doesn’t know who buys the winning ticket unless it’s purchased via Online Play.
  • Don’t give out financial information upfront. Never give your credit card information, Social Security number, driver’s license, passport, or bank account numbers to someone who is contacting you through email, social media, or over the phone. The lottery will not ask for that information in any of these ways.
  • Don’t buy winning tickets from strangers. Don’t fall victim to someone trying to sell you their winning ticket. Scammers can alter tickets to make them look like winners to the public.
  • If you win a prize, always sign the back of your ticket. Whoever signs the ticket is considered the owner of that prize.

Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Learn more about scams and how to protect yourself here.

The more you know, the more fun you’ll have playing smart!


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1/17/2021 05:27 - Dwight T.


1/16/2021 09:38 - Blair B.

I hear you Stan!

1/16/2021 08:33 - Adrienne D.

I agree with a previous author here. A winners personal identity should be just that, personal. Exposing a winners identity, exposes them to risk, and in this day and time, why place someone at risk! The other persons example is golden, just state that a person in Henderson won $500,000. That's it!

1/16/2021 05:11 - Jon W.

Cannot enter tickets. Ticket screen will not load. Have been trying for 2 days. NC Lottery
Hi Jon. Sorry you have having issues with our system. Please try deleting and reinstalling the app to make sure you are using the most up to date version. If this continues, you can reach out online support team 24/7 at

1/16/2021 11:14 - Lee S.

Great Infomation! Thank you!

1/16/2021 11:02 - stan m.

OK, I think I can fix this issue, instead of placing the persons name and their home town in North Carolina, why not just say a person from Greensboro or Raleigh just won say $400,000 by playing Carolina Cash 5. That's just an example. Personally I don't think it's anyone's business if a lottery player wins. Just my opinion.

1/15/2021 09:54 - Katherine P.

Good Advice!!!

1/15/2021 07:08 - jane b.

i still can not put tickets in NC Lottery
Hi Jane. Sorry you are having problems entering tickets. What happens when you try to enter them in?

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