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$812 million is going to help build and repair schools

December 22, 2021 Posted by NC Lottery at 2:00 PM

We’ve got great news for all those places across our state with dreams of building new schools or plans to improve the ones we have.

Over the next two years, $812 million raised by the lottery – yes, that’s money from your play of lottery games − is in a pipeline to make major new investments toward helping our counties build and repair schools.

Our state’s new budget made some pretty major changes to school construction funds, adding tens of millions of dollars on top of what was already earmarked for school construction.

The reality is that many counties have a wish list for how they’d like to repair and renovate their schools. Others have dreams of building new schools altogether. 

Well, that $812 million means:

  • Grants of up to $30 million for a new elementary school, $40 million for a new middle school, and $50 million for a new high school. Our students deserve new, fun, safe, and engaging places of learning.
  • All 100 counties are getting $300,000 this year and $500,000 next year to renovate and repair school buildings.

Not too long ago, Harnett County school superintendent Dr. Aaron Fleming invited us to the Northwest Harnett Elementary School ground-breaking. Thanks to his invitation we shared this story and video with you. We’d love nothing more than to see more schools like this one go up all across the state soon!


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2/17/2022 09:44 - Neal G.

Yal welcome

12/28/2021 01:45 - Shirley B.

Yes help the schools and give the teachers a raise. Help the college students with there college needs. Gaston county, Pender, New Hanover etc. there is enough to go around.

12/27/2021 07:52 - Gloria C.

Congratulations to all the schools that will receive some of this money. I think is a great thing to do. Better schools for all kids to enjoy while learning.

12/25/2021 12:34 - John K.

Yayay! Finally schools are getting susubstantial funds from the NC Education lotery. Lets keep it going since that's what the lottery is supposed to do. Hohiq about teacher pay raises too? Living we

12/23/2021 11:31 - Victor C.

As I understand it the NC Lottery took in 8.5 8 Billion dollars in 2020. So where’s the rest of the money if only 812 million was spent?NC Lottery
Hi Victor, the $812 million mentioned in this blog post is money the state legislature has determined the lottery will fund for future school construction over the next two years. All lottery proceeds go toward funding multiple education programs each year, this includes school construction, school employee salaries, Pre-K, scholarships and grants. You can see more information on how that money is spent on our education section of our website:

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