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Greensboro regional office and claim center closed temporarily

February 9, 2021 Posted by NC Lottery at 12:12 PM

The N.C. Education Lottery’s Greensboro regional office and claim center closed Tuesday after staff entered quarantine due to possible exposure to COVID-19.

The closing occurred Tuesday morning after an employee called in sick and reported possible COVID-19 symptoms.

No COVID-19 cases have been confirmed at the Greensboro office, but the lottery closed the office temporarily as a precaution.

The employee worked at the office on Monday, but no close contact occurred with the public who visited the claim center. As a precaution, the lottery encourages anyone who visited Monday to self-monitor for symptoms of COVID-19.

The Greensboro office will remain closed until Monday, Feb. 15, due to staffing and to undergo cleaning.

At all lottery offices, employees assisting the public wear masks and gloves at all times while at work. Claim centers employees are separated from visitors by a glass window, talk with visitors through a microphone, and accept and return tickets and claim forms through a small opening at the base on the window. Those safety steps are taken to ensure the safety of the public and lottery employees.

All claim centers are cleaned thoroughly daily and undergo cleaning throughout the day while the center is open to the public, following state and CDC guidelines for cleaning. The lottery also limits the number of visitors who can be inside a claim center at the same time to allow for appropriate social distancing and requires visitors to wear a mask or facial covering.

While the Greensboro office is closed, the next closest claim center would be in Raleigh or Charlotte. For assistance, please call Customer Services at (877) 382-4530 or visit the lottery’s website for information on how to claim by mail at


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2/12/2021 09:15 - Melinda O.

Oh come on some of the second chance drawings the winners are still "to be determined"?NC Lottery
Hi Melinda, we love the excitement of announcing big winners, but it takes a little time for them to all accept their prizes. We'll update the list of names as soon as we've heard back from everyone.

2/12/2021 12:26 - shirley b.

Thanks NCEL for answering my question. Since it is a matter of just luck I hope trip 333 come out 5 times this year and 888 come out at least 7 times. I see that some numbers comes out 6 to 8 times and your trips barely come out at all.

2/11/2021 10:38 - Constance R.

Hello I never received my $40 that I won four days ago for hitting 3 numbers in the mega million. Can you please resend the balance back to me; so that I can cash out again?NC Lottery
Hi Constance, sorry about that. Was this an Online Play win? It can take a few days for the funds to be transferred to your account, but if you think that something might be wrong you can always call Online Play Customer Service at 1-866-934-0289 and they should be able to give you an update on your prize payment. Thanks!

2/10/2021 06:41 - Gary M.

How do you enter your ticket into the second chance drawings.NC Lottery
Hi Gary, if you have a ticket that is eligible for a second chance drawing, just scan or enter it into your Online Play account and you will be automatically entered into the drawing. To see which second chance drawings you have entered, click on your account name and then "Second Chance Draw History". Please let us know if you have any more questions and thanks for playing!

2/10/2021 03:51 - shirley b.

NCEL please explain why NC has not had a trip in 9 months. NC Lottery
Hi Shirley, great question! The odds of a particular triple coming out are 1 in 1,000. Those odds never change, no matter how recently or long ago a triple came out. It is just a matter of luck!

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