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Up to $1 million in prizes coming up with Lucke-Rewards & second-chance drawings

March 26, 2021 Posted by NC Lottery at 8:44 AM

March brought us lots of luck and lots of play.

Have you taken advantage and entered into our Lucke-Rewards and second-chance drawings yet? Well, now’s your chance because time is running out.

We don’t want you to miss out on all of these chances to win, so consider this your weekend itinerary:

March 28 is your deadline to enter:

  • Tournament Cash – 10 winners will take home $100 in our last weekly drawing scheduled for Wednesday, March 31.

March 29 is your deadline to enter:

  • Millionaire Maker Points Multiplier – Earn 3X the points through the 29th just by entering in your Millionaire Maker scratch-off tickets into Lucke-Rewards.

March 31 is your deadline to enter:

  • Clover Cash – Five “Lucke” players stand to win $10,000 in our monthly drawing scheduled for Wednesday, April 7.

  • 15th Anniversary Cash – It’s our 15th anniversary and we want to share in the celebration with you! Enter for your chance to win one $15,000 prize or one of the 15 prizes for 1,500 points. Drawing is on April 7.

  • Multiply The Cash – We believe in second chances. How about you? Enter your "Multiply the Cash” tickets (game #: 659, 710, 711, 713, 714, 765, 766, 767, 768, 769, or 770) for a chance to win one $100,000 prize, one of eight $5,000 prizes, or one of 25 $500 prizes. The drawing is scheduled for Wednesday, April 7.

  • 2020 Carolina Panthers – It’s our third and final drawing. You could win the grand prize of a Fifty 3 Club Membership or one of the 25 $500 prizes.

Good luck!


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4/13/2021 05:26 - Gloria C.

Congratulations to all winners of second chances players . I wish you all many more wonderful wins.

4/10/2021 05:29 - Andrew S.

Has anyone ever won in morganton or burke country for that matter even on the scratch off games you never see anyone win the jackpot or second prize NC Lottery
Hi Andrew, we had a woman from Morganton win $1,000,000 last summer on our Red Hot Riches scratch-off. Check out her story here: A few months before that we had another lucky player from Burke County win $250,000 on the 20X The Cash scratch-off:

4/09/2021 10:02 - patricia p.

good luck to anyone that win on the 2nd chance, I been doing the 2nd chance entry for over 3 years, and haven't won a thing yet,how do they go about picking winner.NC Lottery
Hi Patricia, for Second Chance drawings a random number generator assigns each entry a random number and then picks one of the random numbers. There are no names input into the RNG. It has no idea which players have entered, who they are or if they deserve to win more than anyone else. The results are totally random and fair to everyone. I hope that helps to answer your question. Good luck!

4/07/2021 11:13 - Yatzeni R.

What time are they doing the Lucke-rewards drawing today? NC Lottery
Hi Yatzeni, we don't set specific times for Lucke Rewards and Second Chance drawings, the draw staff will conduct all the drawings throughout the day. Once the drawing is complete our team will begin contacting the winners. Good luck!

4/02/2021 06:34 - JERRY R.

how do i know if my entries for multiply the cash 2nd chance drawing have been entered NC Lottery
Hi Jerry, you can see all your 2nd Chance entries listed under "Second Chance Draw History" in the main menu. Good luck!

4/02/2021 02:20 - Linda C.

How do you know if you win on the multiply the cash second chance ticket on April 7,2021NC Lottery
Hi Linda, great question! Winners are notified within 48 hours of the draw day via email. If we don't hear back, we'll give the winner a phone call and will send a certified letter to the address on the winner's account if we need to. Since the only way we can get in contact with a potential winner is by the info on their NC Lottery account, this is a great reminder to always keep your info up-to-date!

3/31/2021 01:49 - Louis C.

When will a date be decided for the #5 Colossal Cash drawing? NC Lottery
Hi Louis, sorry that is still to be decided. Hopefully we will have an announcement for you soon. Thanks for the question!

3/29/2021 10:21 - William D.

MICHAEL B, Thanks for the date for the change for LUCKY4life.

3/29/2021 10:15 - William D.

WoW, over 25 Million in a second chance drawing must be close to a Record! Guess it's time to change games again.

3/29/2021 08:27 - Herman S.

Hello NCEL, can you confirm the name of store that sold the 03/25/2021 CASH 5 jackpot?NC Lottery
Hi Herman, the $601,956 Cash 5 winning ticket from 3/25 was sold at Rivergate Express at 12922 Walker Branch Dr. in Charlotte.

3/29/2021 03:00 - Mone S.

Dis I win

3/28/2021 03:21 - Maxzine A.

How will I know if I have won anything NC Lottery
Hi Maxzine, winners are notified by the NCEL or its designee via the phone number and/or email address that they provided in their accounts, which is why it is important to keep your profile information up-to-date. Following the validation of the winners, their names and hometowns are posted on the website. Good luck!

3/28/2021 03:09 - shirley b.

Hi I'm just glad to see some trips finally fall!!!!Congratulations everyone!!!

3/28/2021 11:15 - john a.

I have been playing the same numbers on LFL for quite a long time. It has been rare that I have won anything on it. Now that it's going daily, I'm done with it. I hope the lottery people realize that players only have so much money to spend on the lotto. Most of us don't have unlimited budgets. They keep coming up with new games, and worsening the odds when a game is changed. It is bound to get to the point that all these games are just cannibalizing each other.

3/28/2021 12:32 - Robert R.

on this page it says "March 29 is your deadline to enter Millionaire Maker Points Multiplier – Earn 3X the points through the 29th just by entering in your Millionaire Maker scratch-off tickets into Lucke-Rewards." but on the promotions tab it say " GAME PROMOTION Earn 3X Lucke-Rewards points on Millionaire Maker scratch-offs MARCH 1-31"... what date is correct ??? the 29th or 31st ???NC Lottery
Hi Robert, the promotion for 3X the points on Millionaire Maker tickets is valid through the 29th. Stay tuned though, we'll have more info on March promotions soon!

3/27/2021 03:49 - Samuel T.

Are you automatically entered into second chance drawing when you enter your second chance numbers?NC Lottery
Hi Samuel, that is correct, when you scan a ticket with a Second Chance opportunity with our app, it automatically enters you into the Second Chance drawing for that ticket. You can also check your Second Chance entry history anytime at Thanks!

3/27/2021 01:00 - Denver G.

Well dang that's not we wanted to hear. Oh well all my Apiaries are doing great and bursting with bees, so I always got lots of honey. Now just SHOW ME THE MONEY !!!!!

3/27/2021 10:13 - Michael B.

Hey Willam. According to Massachusetts lottery website Starting July 19, 2021, Lucky for Life will become a daily game, drawn seven nights a week. Same prize structure. I hope this helps

3/27/2021 08:03 - Denver G.

Good morning LZ. Under the rules of the 15th Anniversary Cash it states 15 players will get 1,500 points. Above it states 15 $1,500 prizes. I think everyone will agree $$$$ is the best prize. 1,500 points is nothing. Which is it? Please say MONEY !!!!NC Lottery
Hi Denver, our apologies, this blog was incorrect. We updated it to state the second tier prize in the 15th Anniversary drawing is for 1,500 points.

3/27/2021 03:17 - Zelda L.

hope I am one of the lucky ones to win

3/26/2021 06:16 - William D.

just wondering can you tell us the changes coming to Lucky for Life drawings? Thanks again for all the info.NC Lottery
Hi William, we don't have any information to share on Lucky For Life at this time, but stay tuned, any future game changes will be published on our blog. Thanks!

3/26/2021 03:52 - Gloria C.

Thanks for the lastest closing updates . I will enter second chances soon.

3/26/2021 12:04 - William D.

how many in the other three? Clover cash, 15th anniversary cash, and millionaire maker.NC Lottery
Millionaire Maker has 369,192 entries. Clover Cash has 4,615,289 entries. 15th Anniversary Cash has 2,730,035 entries. Good luck!

3/26/2021 10:46 - DUANE R.

followed the instructions(clear my cache and try again) given in my earlier phone call. still cannot enter lucke rewards to enter my tickets. HELPNC Lottery
Hi Duane, sorry about that! Please make sure your app is updated to the latest version, that is the most common reason the scanner isn't working correctly. If you continue to have scan issues you can contact our tech support team directly at

3/26/2021 10:25 - justin p.

What are current entries for multiple cash and panthers drawing? Thanks so muchNC Lottery
Hi Justin, 2021 Multiply The Cash has 25,616,716 entries and Carolina Panthers has 403,880 entries. Good luck!

3/26/2021 09:52 - mike w.

How do I enter my tickets for 2nd chance?NC Lottery
Hi Mike, second-chance promotions are drawings that are open exclusively to players who have purchased or entered the eligible games. If you enter a ticket with a second-chance promotion into your online account, you will receive your points and entries automatically when you scan the ticket to collect points. When you submit your entry, you will see a confirmation message identifying the ticket number of the entry and telling you that your entry has been recorded. You can also see your entries by clicking "Second Chance Draw History."

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