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‘Lucky biscuit’ leads to $250,000 scratch-off prize

March 8, 2021 Posted by NC Lottery at 1:53 PM

An out-of-the-way stop for a bacon and egg biscuit led to a $250,000 scratch-off prize for Kevin Vaughn of Mayodan.

“It tasted pretty good,” said Vaughn on Friday as he collected his prize. “It tasted a whole lot better when I was holding that ticket in my hand. A lucky biscuit.”

Vaughn’s good luck occurred when he and a co-worker stopped for breakfast at Berry Patch Market and Grill on N.C. 8 North in Lawsonville after taking a wrong turn on the way to a job.

At the store, Vaughn said he first bought two $5 20X The Cash tickets and won $10. After his co-worker tried his luck with two tickets, Vaughn decided to use the $10 to buy two more.

He and his co-worker were eating their biscuits in their truck when he saw he had won.

“It’s crazy,” Vaughn said. “One in 1.2 million chances you will win.”

After state and federal tax withholdings, Vaughn took home $176,876. He said he planned to pay off bills and then use the money to help buy a larger home for his family.

“It’s a big deal, because we have a lot of things we need to do,” he said. “It’s a blessing.”

The new 20X The Cash game launched in February with 10 top prizes of $250,000. Six more remain to be claimed.


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3/11/2021 12:40 - Melissa M.

nice to see people people winning something in Rockingham County ??Congratulations!

3/10/2021 05:33 - Shannon M.

Yes I will claim if someone would telle howNC Lottery
Hi Shannon, here's a link to our website explaining everything about how to claim a prize: Good luck!

3/08/2021 11:51 - Sandy Geddie H.

I bought a lucky clover at a Walmart and I heard like a winning noise, and the cashier said she never heard that noise before, and I only got a free lease that was all she gave me. So it make a noise for a buy one get one free.

3/08/2021 10:09 - DL H.

Wow. Thank God for biscuit craving :-)Enjoy the win

3/08/2021 09:47 - Kimberly F.

God led you that way for a reason he is truly amazing I don't know what I would without him congrads to you and your family

3/08/2021 08:22 - Charles H.

Why not just let us know that the guy won the money instead of adding all the fluff? Lucky biscuit, lucky numbers, hairs standing up on arms, etc... All that's going to happen now is there will be an onslaught of people buying bacon & egg biscuits and tickets. I won't win though, I hate eggs. LOL

3/08/2021 05:33 - Gloria C.

Congratulations to you and I wish you many more wonderful wins.

3/08/2021 04:10 - john a.

I wouldn't call that a wrong turn. Congrats.

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